Breka on 4th. Eyes locked more than once

I think it was B.C. day around 8pm. I was riding my bike up from the beach to Breka Bakery on 4th close to Alma. You were sitting at a table with your notebook open. As you got up to walk up the stairs our eyes locked, it was as if time stopped. When you came back down the stairs our eyes locked once again. As I was walking out with my food we smiled at each other and you did a little nose twitch that I will probably remember for the rest of my life. I deeply regret not engaging you in conversation. I went back to Breka the following Monday around the same time to see of you were there. Here's hoping you see this and reach out.

When: Monday, August, 3 2020

Where: Breka Bakery 4th ave and Alma.