Marble Canyon Motorcycle man, lady with the butterfly tattoos

We met at Marble Canyon, near little town Clinton, I was driving a new Volkswagon, I asked you if we could swim at the lake there. You were very friendly and sweet, and I was attracted to you right away. Though, you may be too old for me and I may be too young for you. You talked about being sober and that was appealing to me. You said you worked in metal fencing.. I can't remember what company. I was mesmerised by your kind spirit. For some reason I said see you later when you rode off slowly on your motorcycle, thinking I'd just see you again. For some reason. Really kicking myself for not getting a name or number. You had a beard and were wearing an orange tank shirt. Said you'd moved to Hope recently. Not expecting you 'd read this sorta' thing but maybe someone who knows you will. Really kicking myself for this missed connection. Maybe you felt the same.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2020

Where: Marble Canyon, BC