Park puncher

You, punching your trainer, it looked hot... and sounded loud! Wow, you put in power! I was being silly (had a whole internet marketing plan to make you a YouTube star off that punch) and you didn't run away, I didn't expect that, got self conscious and moved on. I listened to a message from afar after, turned and saw you watch me. I should have came back and asked you for "coffee", but wasn't sure if the look was curiosity or... um... curiosity. Still not sure (maybe you were just being kind, indulging in some light banter, maybe not and I didn't know I was successfully flirting and not used to success?) but here you can say yea or nay more freely without putting you on the spot in public. Here's hoping you at least see this, now I'm curious... and, um, curious. :) PS time was somewhere between 5:30 -7:15pm, not sure but it was end of the day, very scenic place to throw a punch!

When: Tuesday, August, 18 2020

Where: Viewpoint by the Teahouse, Stanley Park