Sexy salt and pepper Costco Sunday Oct 4

This is the second time I saw you at Costco and I am pretty sure we are checking each other out. I went back today hoping you would be there around the same time. The first time I saw you we were all over the store at the same time. I had my wagon and you noticed I put flowers in it. This time I was with my friend and again we were all over the store at the same time. You are probably in your mid to late 30s with salt and pepper hair. Even with the mask I can tell you are super cute. I am hoping you find me, but if not, I will continue going around the same time (even though I hate Costco on weekends) with the hope I will run into you again and make some sort of conversation. If a miracle happens and you find this post, tell me something about myself that isn't in here.

When: Sunday, October, 4 2020

Where: Costco Downtown

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