White TACOma truck - black ice and rubber ducks on the dash

We were both driving North on the Kensignton overpass, you were driving a white 4 door king cab Tacoma, me a silver Mazda b3000. I saw on your dash you had rubber ducks lined up above your radio (the kind with different costumes) and above that, you had several Black Ice car freshener trees stacked hanging from the rearview. You seemed cute and funny whoever you are and then you advanced past me to reveal you had painted in black the letters T-A-C-O of the imprinted 'Tacoma' on the tailgate - I laughed pretty hard because on the back of my truck I've scratched out 'Coquitlam Langley, Port Moody' to read 'Le Mood'. (yours is funnier though) I was hoping we'd hit a red light for me to wave hi but I turned onto hwy 1 going west and only had time to honk and blow you a kiss. You were mid-yawn so I got on the highway wondering if you saw me at all. Wanna be truck friends?

When: Thursday, January, 14 2021

Where: Kensington overpass - Burnaby