Manitoba gentleman who held your umbrella for me at Main/East 5th bus stop!

SUMMARY: Looking for the cute & sweet guy who just moved here from Manitoba. Caucasian, 5'9 - 10. Genuine eyes and smile. Help a girl out, please share!!! I am still kicking myself today for not asking for your name before hopping on the #3! We met last night Fri March 19th ~10:50pm. I was running to catch the bus at Main/E 5th stop and you came up to me with your umbrella and shielded me from the rain. You were waiting at the stop with your two friends who were arguing what take out food to order (hilarious btw). We chatted for ~20 seconds. You told me you just moved here from Manitoba and I said I moved from Ontario. Then my bus arrived and I hopped on with almost instant regret. I rode for 3 stops and actually got off, ran back to our spot but you guys have left : ( I really want to find you!! Praying for the power of the internet to work some magic.

When: Friday, March, 19 2021

Where: Main & East 5th Ave Bus Stop for #3 route (Mount Pleasant)

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