Black Kettle Brewing Attraction

My friend and I came in on our bikes to Black Kettle Brewing and sat on the far side of the pizza oven by the food truck. I was wearing a blue cycling jersey and my friend's was orange and black. You were our server and have the most radiant smile, petite, beautiful body, and an electric laugh and energy. I was quite attracted. We exchanged some fun conversation and I'm glad we got your name, Alicia (sp), which opened up the conversation. You were showing my friend and I how during the downpour the other day you had to dance between the tents to stay dry. I wanted to ask you out right there, but it would have been quite difficult to do at that time and I didn't have any business cards on me. If you see this and remember me, I'd like to meet you again when you're not working. I hope you were just as interested too.

When: Saturday, May, 15 2021

Where: Black Kettle Brewing