Curly-Haired Italian Girl seeks Blue-Eyed Gentleman from Bosa Foods (Victoria Drive) Checkout Line

We were both in line at the checkout counter at Bosa Foods on Victoria Drive around 4-4:30pm. I have dark brown, curly hair and it was in a pony tail. I was wearing a leopard print jacket and was with my friend. You, a handsome, gentleman next in line with blue eyes, in your early-mid 40s, about 6'1, with grey(ing) hair and I *think* a bit of an Eastern European accent? You wore jeans and a blue and white (striped?) dress shirt. I spent enough money to get a free BOSA reusable bag, to which I remarked, "I have a problem, how did I do this every time?" You joined the conversation with, "Well, does it make you happy?" And I said, "Yes!" And you replied with, "Well that's all that matters". We made eye contact a few times after that, and I would have liked to connect with you somehow, but the timing and opportunity got away from me. So now, I'm writing this post in the hopes that maybe you'll see it, or someone you know will. Stranger things have happened :D

When: Monday, May, 3 2021

Where: Bosa Foods Victoria Drive