Police Officer In Line Behind Me At Poirier Forum Getting 2nd Vaccine

I haven't posted one of these before, but wanted to give it a go! You were in line behind me wearing your police uniform at the Poirier Forum, getting your second vaccine. You had brown hair and blue eyes and were my height (5'11"). I was getting my first vaccine and was wearing a white t-shirt, light blue jean shorts, brown Birkenstocks, a blue face mask with white stars, and had a short blonde ponytail. You had struck up a convo with me about how hot it was in there and I had said it was like herding cattle. You'd said you booked your appointment last minute the night before but that you lived in Surrey and were getting the vaccine while on shift in Coquitlam. I told you I'd booked mine a few weeks prior. I had joked about how hot you would be given what you were wearing. You had also made a joke about all the millennials being on their phones. I kept turning to look at you in my chair when waiting for my time to leave afterward but was too nervous to ask for your number or if you were single. Would love to get a coffee or a drink if this finds its way to you.

When: Thursday, June, 3 2021

Where: Poirier Forum, Coquitlam