Whistling "Fly Me to the Moon" on Harwood...

I was waiting by my car on Harwood (by Burrard) this afternoon and saw a VERY cute guy in funky glasses happily whistling away, listening to music walking towards me. We caught each other's eye and smiled. I asked him what he was whistling, and he said "Do you know Oscar Peterson Trio? (I nodded) Well, it's Fly Me to the Moon... just love this song." As he spoke, I detected a gorgeous Aussie accent (apologies if it's kiwi!) and immediately wanted to go to wine bar and listen to more jazz music over a few bottles with this lovely fellow. ;) But of course, I didn't act on it, probably because he was just being friendly (which is awesome) - and I was waiting for someone to bring down an item to me, so we just kept smiling and wished each other a great eve. If you, the gorgeous lover of Oscar Peterson's music ever happens upon this "I Saw You", know that you made my day and I hope you continue to be such a bright light in the world. Connect if you'd like to Jazz it up sometime! ;)

When: Thursday, June, 10 2021

Where: Harwood & Burrard, Vancouver