Gorgeous Asian Girl with a White Civic on West Broadway - July 12

I was heading Eastbound on Broadway and Encountering You... We had a little fun and we shared some moments.... "driving together" ;) Honestly... it was totally amazing You were amazing... Foolishly tried to play it safe as cool and straight with You at the end but I Wanted to and or Woulda liked to pursue further... I could chase You around town all day and all through the night beautiful! You were amazing and amazingly... and whatever happens or the outcome of this... it was great sharing the moments with You and it was a stellar and spectacular fun experience... (and almost worthy of being one of those Youtube "driving" video's... lol) You Rocked (and kicked my a... lol)and I bet getting to know You... would be as awesome and just as much of a Rush and just as amazing I bet too! Care to try me again... I'll even let You Win again... lol There's a little bit more and better to Me than driving as well as well and also just as well! :) P.S. I hope You see this... I was the guy with the little black car and I hope we can connect but either way Cheers was fun and I wish You all the best!

When: Monday, July, 12 2021

Where: Eastbound on West Broadway - Vancouver

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