Petite Blonde with a killer smile and a pixie cut.

We were sitting at adjoining tables during the relaunch of karaoke. Our eyes met and locked on to each other more than once during the evening. I’m no damn good at flirting with women, and Covid restrictions don’t allow us to go from one table to another, otherwise I might have approached you. I’d love to buy you a beverage and get to know you better. You: Drop-dead gorgeous petite blonde with a killer smile and a great haircut. You were in black and white, sitting in the middle of the huge long curved table, on the opposite side. Me: Petite redhead with glasses, and my vape pen around my neck on a lanyard. Wearing a velvet top and leggings and sitting at the table that was next to the front window.

When: Thursday, July, 8 2021

Where: Rusty’s Pub