Crosstown liquor store bike gal

Hey. You were exiting Crosstown liquor store on Abbot street yesterday evening, around 6 or 7pm. Presumably packing a 6 pack into your bike side saddle. You’re female, late 20’s, had on shorts (bike shorts I think), you have a few cool leg tattoos, no helmet so as to accentuate your hair that blows in the wind like William Wallace on the battlefield. Pretty sweet road bike. I was wearing blue touque, headphones overtop, black jeans, blue denim jacket, really big backpack, no helmet, was locking my bike up just as you were leaving. We exchanged like three glances. You definitely seem like my kind of human, I knew I should’ve said hi as soon as you biked away but it was all too fast. So this is me asking: hey, what’s your name?

When: Tuesday, September, 21 2021

Where: Abbot st, outside crosstown liquor store