Shipyard festival , tan colour top with blue jeans , open hairs

Hi everyone I saw a girl yesterday at shipyard festival wearing a tan colour top and blue jeans , little pink coloured flowers embroidered on the jeans ! You was with 2 of your friends and drinking a lager from a 6 pack ! Your friend was wearing blue jeans and blue shirt. You was chatting with your friends in your mother tongue which was not English but cute to hear ! I just wanna say you was the most beautiful girl at the festival ! I am the guy from the concert standing next to you for an hour ish ! I was wearing a check shirt and blue jeans ! I could not gather the courage to talk to you due to my social anxiety but I’m regretting more now . I wish I could see you second time in my life and ask you for a date ! Thanks

When: Saturday, September, 25 2021

Where: Shipyard festival North Vancouver , next to booth in front of stage