shared a smile at lougheed mall

I saw you before we talked. I must have been smiling as I saw you because you stopped and turned around to say I have a beautiful smile. I replied I wish I could see yours, then you took off your mask and smiled. You are gorgeous and your confidence and energy took me by surprise. We wished each other and went our way ( you went into Purdy's) . On my way I saw you leaving the mall as I was and wish I had the courage to run up to you and ask you if you wanted to exchange number, but I got shy. I hope we meet again! If anyone recognises his description please let him know about this I saw you. Me: 5'6 dark curly hair, olive skin tone wearing a brown long skirt with a grey Carhart jacket. You: Tall, dark and sturdy build a smile that made me melt and you drive a tesla.

When: Wednesday, December, 22 2021

Where: lougheed mall