Bonsai at Safeway. Who knew?!

Feb 17 at the Safeway at 25th and Oak at about 7:00pm. We were at the checkout.  You were a tall man seated in a manual wheelchair with fantastic shoulders and gorgeous eyes which crinkled when you laughed. You were buying a bun, slice of pie, a random fruit and a bonsai. I couldn't resist asking about the plant and we LAUGHED about your choices that evening. I haven't laughed that hard in ages! It felt so good! I really wanted to stay and talk some more but I had to run and pick up some takeout . I have no idea what your situation is but I would love to meet up, share some more laughs and at the very least, get an update on the bonsai!

When: Thursday, February, 17 2022

Where: Safeway, 25th and Oak