Secret Crushing at Main St. Brewing

Valentine's Day in the middle of the damn-demic, 2021. I was posted up at the bar at Main St. Brewing in Mount Pleasant enjoying a pint and trying to forget the fact I was alone again for V-Day. You walked in, pink toque on, with a bunch of girlfriends fresh off the slopes. Eyes locked. Eventually you came up to the bar and asked me what I was drinking. "A Secret Krush Lager" I said. "Great name," you said. I panicked and said "Great toque." You said 'Yeah. It's pink". I said "I can see that." And you laughed and said "Well, thank god. You're not colour blind. Such a turn-off." You got your beer and went back to your table. More glances. You went to the bathroom and as you passed by I said "Still pink" and you laughed. At one point the bartender slides another pint of Secret Krush my way and tells me 'from the pretty gal in the pink toque'. I turned around and you and your friends were paying your bill and heading out. You waved and pointed at your toque before you left and threw me one more looooong look. One year later, want to come grab a Secret Krush with your Secret Crush on Valentine's Day and see if that toque is still pink?

When: Sunday, February, 14 2021

Where: Main St. Brewing