Smiles behind the mask on the Skytrain

Me in the white Canucks jersey with Luongo on the back, heading to Rogers Arena on the Skytrain, on one leg standing up leaning on the glass by the door. You got on at Commercial-Broadway and sat down in view of me. Smiles behind the mask directed my way 1,2,3,4+..times as we pass Main St Station and into Stadium. You with the beautiful unique black coat with designs I want to study, red-orange colour eye shadow above your gorgeous eyes, healthy black wavy hair with a matching black mask. Thoughts of offering you the 2nd ticket I had to the game so we could get to know each other crossed my mind... but I froze and didn't. Silently I stepped off the train for the game, passing in front of you for one last smile, doors shut and you continued on your journey. It's been a long time since anyone has looked at me like that and I would like to get to know you.

When: Wednesday, February, 9 2022

Where: Skytrain heading westbound on the Expo Line between Commercial-Broadway and Stadium