Delightful Almost meet at the post office pick up

Hi, we were both waiting for errant mail in the Post office collection place in East Van - We got chatting about where we are from, you from Morocco, I guessed 'close' - But as I was being seen I had to skip out, to keep numbers down in lobby, while someone else came in. Possibly the most tedious set up, but bear with me. I was wanting to head back in to say bye at least, but it got busy there, and it was just a polite chat so :- maybe inappropriately weird to but back in , to say bye . And kind of ( to put it mildly) am kicking my self I didn't really, as all I saw was your eyes, and a brief talk, so all I have to go on is your energy, and your eyes. Both of which are beautiful. And kicking my self, as life is short, whats wrong with asking if youd like a coffee?. So, in the crazy unlikely chance you see this, or a you know a Moroccan girl who lives around Hastings who this might be. iI you recall any of this, didnt get weirdo vibes from me, and might want to risk a coffee?

When: Wednesday, April, 6 2022

Where: woodland drive