Two Car Karaoke

We had a fun karaoke session while waiting in tunnel traffic today! Hi, we didn't really meet but we exchanged more than a few glances. Both belting out our best hits in our vehicles. Me, a long-haired guy in a silver Honda Civic. You, the most energetic singer in traffic, sporting a toque in the vehicle behind me (I remember what you were driving, tell me the type/colour and I'll know it's you ;) Your amazing smile -its infectious btw ;) caught my attention and I couldn't help but smile back. Glad you kept close as long as you did even though I drove ahead just before the tunnel -my bad. I missed you after I took an exit but I'd love to connect on the chance you come across this and want to see about harmonizing to the same song next time :)

When: Thursday, April, 21 2022

Where: Steveston Hwy Traffic