Dark haired mullet babe at Uncle Abes

You: wearing a black long sleeve and had a light blue (corduroy?) coat; you had a real hip punk vibe. I think there was white writing on the sleeve arms. Brown eyes. You were with a couple (I believe a brunette masc person and a lighter brown/maybe blonde femme) and you three left a bit after 11. Your table was by the bar facing the window. Me: Sitting at the bar with half blonde half brown hair, big pink glasses and a black tshirt with acid wash sleeves. My friend had the bar seat right next to your table. I wanted to give you my number but I had been awake too long (night shift gang) and thought I'd butcher it. If u see this, let's get a drink!!

When: Monday, May, 9 2022

Where: Uncle Abe's, Main St