Salmon Pink T-shirt

It was uncanny how aware of your presence I was. Without looking up I could sense you coming up the isle. Within the narrow space I stepped aside to make way, and you kindly said thank you. As I made my way through the market I would sense you coming to pass and without looking I would weave around you. Maybe this is what dancing is meant to feel like. To be so comfortable and intuitively aware of another persons movements. When I lined up for a register I caught myself scanning for a bright salmon coloured Tshirt. Oh. There you are. And soon enough you came to wait in line behind me. I awkwardly sweep my items up the conveyor to make space for you. Such a funny thing. A desire to make space for another person - even in small ways. Well, thanks for the dance. It was a surprise to notice another person so keenly.

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2022

Where: Supermarket 88