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Sun kissed paddle boarder with ride along pup

Coming off an amazing paddle sesh in deep cove and bumped into a beatific fellow paddler complete with her ride along cute doggo. We briefly talked about the choppy day and how awesome it was your pup joined you. I’m kicking myself for not getting your number, your gorgeous and have amazing style. Hoping you see this, would love to hear from you and set up a paddle date

When: Saturday, June, 25 2022

Where: Deep cove

Woman with luggage on 84 who got off at Main St (Lorne)

You were on the 84 bus heading East with your luggage. We got off at the same stop on Main (officially Lorne). This must have have been on June 1, (plus or minus a day). You exited right after me. You looked very familiar, and I think we attended the same university (in the States). You look a bit like the daughter from Gilmore Girls. If you happen to be this person please reply with your initials and the name of the university you attended to mymysteriousemail@protonmail.com. Thanks!

When: Wednesday, June, 01 2022

Where: 84 Bus heading to Main St

The Wailers Show

You: Blonde, dancing, sparkle eyes, great energy! Me: Blonde, black hat and red lips I hope you see this. You went for water and I went to buy a sweatshirt... I couldn't find you after that... want to grab a coffee with me?

When: Thursday, June, 23 2022

Where: Commodore ballroom

Carson Seeking Chloe

Crowded Commercial Drive bus, both wearing tights, nice long conversation, but must have made mistake in email address. Please get in touch.

When: Thursday, June, 23 2022

Where: Downtown bus, Commercial Dr to Hastings

The Wailers @ Commodore Ballroom

We spent pretty much the entire concert besides each other. You're tall and has this beautiful mustache! Mid/late 20s and wearing a white tshirt, shorts and sneakers. We walked back home together for many blocks, but kept it to ourselves. If you see this, I'd love to go on a walk with you again. This time, sharing a coffee and getting to know each other. Say what I was wearing so that I know it is you. <3

When: Friday, June, 24 2022

Where: Commodore Ballroom

West End - Crossing Barclay at Nicola

You were just opening your umbrella as I passed by this afternoon. We made some quick comments about the weather. Let's have a real conversation !

When: Thursday, June, 16 2022

Where: West End, Vancouver

Cute guy with beard and Chihuahua at Havana's

You kept smiling at me at Havana's on Commercial drive. I was sitting outside on the street patio with some friends wearing a pink and black striped dress and little black sweater with a black flower in my hair. Just before you were leaving I felt we were both wanting to say something to each other but didn't....am I wrong?

When: Saturday, June, 04 2022

Where: Havana's

Pouring rain, late night, wave

Was walking home late tonight and passed you on 1st and Burrard. We were soaked but smiled. About a block up I turned around and we waved at each other. Let’s continue it.

When: Saturday, June, 04 2022

Where: 1st and Burrard Street

Grouse skyride

I’ve seen you several times for years. You’re an athletic gorgeous woman with short blonde hair and amazingly toned legs. I have brown hair, red Salomon running vest, 45.

When: Sunday, May, 29 2022

Where: Grouse skyride

Following me at Save on lol

Leaving Grandview Save on today (26/5 7:20pm) we exchanged smiles. You said you weren't following me to which I replied "you can follow away". You hopped into a white BMW suv and I kind of regret not asking for your number?

When: Thursday, May, 26 2022

Where: Grandview Save on


The hobbler

Apparently 38 years old isn't as agile as 9. My ankles were mostly fine while I was playing...


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