Sleaford Mods at The Rickshaw

You were an instigator. Charging into the crowd in front of centre stage you blasted everyone one around and initiated the show-long mosh pit. I thought you were someone I knew because of the familiar brutality. Sharp elbows and a solid hit--didn't expect that from a hot woman with long dark hair and fringe (NO!, bangs!), a crocheted net top over some other orange-y/brown shirt and 70's jeans. I continued to wear a black mask all show and a black hoodie for part of it. I don't think you are from around here--and by "around here" I mean this planet--so get in touch with me because I'd like to learn more about where your kind gets their power. You may be my spirit animal.

When: Saturday, May, 7 2022

Where: The Rickshaw: Sleaford Mods show