English Bay, Walking by Starbucks, Apprx 8pm, Monday Night

I was in a brown toque and striped scarf, outside the Starbucks having a lively and funny conversation with an acquaintance. You suddenly walked by, looking very dapper in your jeans and corduroy blazer blue jacket and boots. To be honest, you did not look from around these parts. A very British air to you. Or Irish...? You smiled at me, as we exchanged glances. I was so struck by you and of course, only thought afterwards I should have said hello. It was a fleeting moment, but a most pleasant one for me seeing someone so intriguing looking in Vancouver. I hope you ARE from around these parts. Would love the opportunity again to say hello.

When: Monday, November, 14 2022

Where: English Bay, Out front of Starbucks Coffee shop