Chris on West Jet Flight from Calgary

I over heard you say your name was Chris, you are a co-owner for a commercial restaurant supply business on Industrial Ave. (I think), and you were coming from a Christening. You are tall, handsome and kind with brown hair and brown eyes. Fashionably late for boarding with one to many margaritas at the airport bar, you charmed the stewardess (and me) with your humour and wit. I was sitting across the aisle in 2D while you chatted up your neighbor. I wanted to join the banter, but was hesitant to talk across the aisle. Wish I was sitting next to you and regret not stopping you to exchange numbers as you darted past me for the skytrain. I was wearing a toque with braided red hair and blue eyes I felt a mutual attraction and I have no doubt we would hit it off. You like food trucks? I like food! ;) Would love if you (or someone who knows you) might see this so we can meet up and connect.

When: Monday, January, 2 2023

Where: West Jet Flight 135 from Calgary to Van