Looking for organic yogurt after a workout, whole foods kits

Whole foods kits. Almost closing time. Long jacket? Dark hair. You were looking for organic Greek yogurt. It was right where I was standing. I pointed it out. You got some yogurt. I got some yogurt. Ah, 17 grams of protein you said. Are you training for something I asked. You had just come from the gym said you. More chat in bulk foods as I scoured the walls for dried dates. He seems interesting I thought. I wanted to ask about the long shopping list on your large notepad, and what sports you liked. You had said you did a lot of sports. Instead, I headed home. Try again? Meet you in the yogurt section? I always wonder if people actually see these. Or their friends see it.

When: Friday, February, 24 2023

Where: Whole foods kitslano