Sylvie - we shopped for Muji notebooks - drop me a line?

Which one of us started a conversation about notebooks for writing in, then little travel bottles, working in Yaletown, and your plans to visit a southern place? I wished I'd spoken up, given you my card, asked you to write me a line. I felt appreciated by you, and I was so surprised to feel that, that I "lost track of my toes" so to speak, such that I missed the little leap needed to make better contact right then. Thank you for those little moments when we exchanged an idea nor two, and shared a knowing smile. I would think you're partnered but still it seems important to be in touch, drawing indication from the light and the look in your eyes and mine. I hope somehow the right connections are made, and that you might write. Ciao and I wish all readers a fine day!

When: Tuesday, February, 7 2023

Where: Muji shop, Robson Street