Tanned dude with hazel eyes

You were riding your skateboard down the sidewalk of the main road. You stopped on your way to show me how berry picking would be done (properly) at the farm - lay down some boards and get it all in. You were amazing at first because you asked me for my name. Later, I asked you to show me your hazel eyes under your sunglasses. We walked around the shrubbery, passed the basketball court, and stopped at the dog park - another outdoor amenity of my apartment. I thought I had missed the opportunity (which I did) to give you frozen Heinekens ready to come out of the freezer back home. I just wanted to thank you and apologize that you were perched from the scorching sunlight. You are super tall, facially bushy, likes beer, and go by the name T, and I go by A, just waiting for another time, if you'd care to meet me for a drink.

When: Friday, July, 21 2023

Where: Richmond