I helped unjam your chain one evening on Powell St.

I was cycling home from work along the cycle path on Powell Street, you were on the sidewalk with the chain of your bike jammed. I offered to help, as working on bikes is what I do. You are from Newfoundland, and I have an accent. We chatted while I had your bike upside down, and I may be wrong, but I think there might have been a bit of an attraction between us. There was for me. And then a few weeks later we passed in the opposite direction, and you waved. It was morning, and I was half asleep. I thought " Why is this woman waving at me?" until it clicked. I think I rang my bell though. I thought it best just to help and go, but I've been thinking about you since. If you read this, maybe say hello.

When: Tuesday, June, 27 2023

Where: Powell Street.