Ferry Tale

What do I have to lose ? Well, nothing so here we are. This rainy day was supposed to keep me warm and dry inside my house today but then I decided to head to Lonsdale Market and something happened. I « saw » you. We were downtown near the station when you saw me under the rain and smiled at me. I was petrified while smiling back. We both realized we were gonna spend the 15 minutes ride to North Van and yet we did nothing besides stare at each other with a big smile on our faces. Between the whole crowd we managed to sat in front on each other (obviously we were looking for each other) and every time our eyes crossed we smiled like we were hypnotized. I was too shy to say anything, I guess you were too. If you ever read this message feel free to contact me. It will be a shame to miss that second opportunity to meet :)

When: Saturday, September, 23 2023

Where: Waterfront Seabus Terminal