Shuttle bus 170, Port Coquitlam

This is a way past call, reaching back to the fall of 2017. I am desperately seeking a nice looking female of around 40 at that time, who happened to become my poetry inspiration. She would leave the West Coast Express coming from the direction from Vancouver, to board the shuttle-bus 170 every working day at about 4 to 4:30pm and getting off at the bus stop 53733, Kelly Ave and Shaughnessy in Port Coquitlam. Despite of colder days coming, she was wearing nice and colourful dresses every day, looking more than awesomely. Nobody could have missed that blond, fashionable woman. That's why she caught my attention and me, being very much impressed by her look, I wrote a piece of poetry about her. She was traveling with her female friend, always taking their seat behind the bus driver, chatting and having their laughs while traveling a few stops for max of 10 minutes. In this way, I am giving it a chance to find her in this forum. I know it works. Anybody's assistance who may know that lady is highly appreciated.

When: Wednesday, October, 18 2023

Where: West Coast Express station and shuttle bus no. 170, Port Coquitlam