A Shared Smile that Made My Day

It had been a doozie of a day, so when I noticed that you were mirroring my sort of something-suppressing smile — in response maybe to the whole bus environment, but I think especially to the couple standing between us, blessing us with some good ol’ PDA — we made eye contact that gave me some pleasure of my own. You’d stood out to me since the wait at the bus stop, and your gracefulness while standing, and light load, in contrast to my squished-into-a-seat, piled-with-stuff role, was an honour and delight to view. I got off at Cypress, thinking that I wished I’d had a chance to talk to you. You'd moved to take a seat further back. I’d love to intersect with you again, and I’d love to present my lighter side, communing over a cup of life. Who wouldn't? But The Straight’s giving me a chance to state it. Thank you, TGS. And thank You Whom I Saw for that experience.

When: Thursday, December, 14 2023

Where: Granville and Nelson Bus Stop, 16 Bus