Writing woman in black, at the IV clinic

Today, there was a young woman, about 30, dressed in black jeans and a black sweater, but not mysteriously, or ostentatiously. She is a white woman. We are, for all intents and purposes, immobilized in a chair, during the infusion. She had on her lap, a bound hardcover notebook, of light blue coloured cover, with lined pages. I would guess, about 7” x 10”, or less. For about ½ hour, she wrote quickly, continuously and effortlessly, line after line, page after page. She stopped only once, as if to think, and then resumed her uninterrupted writing. She wrote quickly, as if from memory. From where I sat, it appeared that her handwriting, was uniform and legible. I have no idea what she was writing. She wrote in sentences, so it wasn’t a list. It did not have the appearance of a letter. I wanted to ask her about her writing, but it seemed like such an atrocious invasion of her privacy, that I did not.

When: Wednesday, December, 27 2023

Where: Richmond IV Clinic

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