we were in line at the bus stop and you said hi.

this was ages ago, but i was wearing an orange shirt and i was with my friend waiting for the 214 in the summer. we kept looking at each other while we waited even though you were by the edge of the sidewalk and we were by the steps so you had to turn to look back at us. you got in line for the bus before we did and while we were in line you said hi to me. i swear i meant to say hi back, but in what is inevitably cheesy to say i was so taken aback by how pretty your eyes were that i didn’t say hi back. my phone was dead that day otherwise i would’ve asked for your number during the ride. posting this is the longest shot in a billion ways but i haven’t stopped thinking about you since… i doubt you’ve thought about this interaction but you’ve kind of become my roman empire.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2023

Where: phibbs exchange, bay 9, we both got on the 214