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E.g., Oct 17 2021

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Riding next to you in Traffic beside the PNE

PNE block of Hastings, we caught eyes in traffic, I think both of us were a little taken back by eachother. Your grey Honda civic slowly rolled by at the turn off onto the #1 at Cassiar and you mouthed "You're hot" as you went by...very cute blonde eyeing up a biker :)

When: Friday, September, 24 2021

Where: PNE block of Hastings

Rad Power Bikes a few weeks ago....

Hey - I was admiring your lovely e-bike & getting advice on my faulty battery; you were waiting in line behind me. Fancy a coffee?

When: Saturday, September, 11 2021

Where: Rad Power Bikes


Came in to your with a friend yesterday evening for the first time after the changed.. you were our super cute server.. if the connection was mutual coffee?

When: Thursday, September, 23 2021

Where: Amsterdam cafe

Crosstown liquor store bike gal

Hey. You were exiting Crosstown liquor store on Abbot street yesterday evening, around 6 or 7pm. Presumably packing a 6 pack into your bike side saddle. You’re female, late 20’s, had on shorts (bike shorts I think), you have a few cool leg tattoos, no helmet so as to accentuate your hair that blows in the wind like William Wallace on the battlefield. Pretty sweet road bike. I was wearing blue touque, headphones overtop, black jeans, blue denim jacket, really big backpack, no helmet, was locking my bike up just as you were leaving. We exchanged like three glances. You definitely seem like my kind of human, I knew I should’ve said hi as soon as you biked away but it was all too fast. So this is me asking: hey, what’s your name?

When: Tuesday, September, 21 2021

Where: Abbot st, outside crosstown liquor store

Cute blonde flagger, Richmond.

You were our cute blonde flagger, Natasha. I was the charming (I hope) guy on the crew you thought (or hoped) was the foreman. Yes I'm married, but bored - long shot, maybe you're interested in a casual physical thing?

When: Monday, September, 20 2021

Where: Slow swampy side street in Richmond / Queensbourough

Nice new bike

You were riding your bike, I assume to visit a friend of yours in my apartment building. I saw you at the front door and commented "nice bike", and you said "thanks, I just got it today actually!". We ended up riding in the elevator together and had a very brief chat. Anyway, it's a long shot, but if you see this, want to get coffee sometime? Maybe ride our bikes somewhere?

When: Saturday, September, 18 2021

Where: Richmond, near Canada line bridge

Horseshoe Bay B.C. Ferry Worker Missed Opportunity

I was walking out of the long-term parking lot in Horseshoe Bay when you surprised me when you said "Hi" to me. Asked me how I was and wished me a good shift at work. I was very taken aback by this because you seemed so genuine and kind to a total stranger. I think you could see on my face I was stressed. Thank you for making my day. I regret not stopping to talk to you longer. My wish is that you see this & we can go for coffee! Maybe Horseshoe Bay again?

When: Sunday, September, 12 2021

Where: Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver

You Thought My Name Was Mia at Main Street JJ Bean

I was sitting outside the Main and 14th JJ working on my computer. You walked out of the cafe and we looked at each each other. You walked away, but a minute later you came back. You asked if my name was Mia. I said no, and you said I was the wrong person. I thought you were cute and was stoked that you came back to talk to me, even though I wasn't who you were looking for. If it doesn't work out with Mia, next time try me!

When: Monday, September, 06 2021

Where: JJ Bean Main and 14th

Fiat parking at Whole Foods - Robson

Enjoyed your smile as you pulled into the parking lot, as I was walking up Robson. You , a pretty blonde driving a little sports car. Me, the guy with the hat and grocery bag. Coffee ?

When: Wednesday, September, 08 2021

Where: West End - Whole Foods Parking

Liberty cafe

I was standing outside Liberty cafe Early Saturday afternoon as you were walking by and I couldn’t keep my eyes off your beautiful smile and eyes. You crossed over and headed to front & company. You had a yellow/mustard?? Top on. Cutoffs and blundstones. I had some beat up denim and boots with a vest. Couldn’t do what I felt compelled to do as I was waiting for a friend but I think we should cross paths again so I can indulge this compulsion ;)

When: Saturday, September, 04 2021

Where: Liberty cafe Main St


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