Dear Megan, I'd heard your voice from across Chapters. You'd been talking on the phone with a friend. Simply put, you and that black dress made my heart skip. Your near flawless made-up around those pretty green eyes of yours has me guessing you just had Artona pictures. Am I right? After a hug I gave you my orange T-shirt so you could wear something more comfortable. Then out you walked, the cutest lil' carrot I'd ever seen. We spent the night holding hands on the bridge and looking at the lights of Downtown. Thank you Megan. I really enjoyed being with you. I wish it hadn't been so late so I could've stayed longer. Care too spend another night with me? For a few moments longer? You're one of my favorite people in the whole-wide world. I mean it Megan, I really do. And I would've asked you to Prom, but I got beat to it. :S . If you're willing to go to a second, let me know. Because I'd love to be there with you. Strictly personal, none of my "business" shenanigans, I promise. Otherwise, can we please hang-out before another 17 years slip by? Many groovy hugs -E P.S. I've a secret... I love you!

When: Friday, November, 30 2012

Where: Chapters