Woman having Sbux drink by youself tonig

You - the woman sitting at the round table you I think wearing a reddish jacket, long hair, sitting at a round table by yourself. Me - Tall fellow with wearing glasses, black hat, white t-shirt with design, sitting by the window at tall table. I noticed you when you came in & noticed you taking a few glances at me as I walked by you. I left before you did & went down to the beach for few minutes & walked past the Starbucks, then I noticed you getting up & leaving. I wished I said even hi to you but I was chicken, if I was a brave guy I could of asked to buy a coffee for you, but like I said I didn't have the courage. You are very beautiful & if you have a partner then I apologize to you, but hopefully we will come across this & maybe I can buy you that coffee.

When: Tuesday, November, 6 2012

Where: Sbux Davie/Denman