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E.g., Sep 23 2019

Black Mountain

Hot, tall guy with the long dark hair and good style who said ‘I like what you have going on’ then disappeared before I could give you my number. I wanna give you my number!

When: Saturday, September, 14 2019

Where: The Vogue theatre

Malkin Bowl

I spoke to you at the last 2 shows at Malkin Bowl. Because you were working, I did not want to ask if you were interested in meeting later. I should have asked... I'm asking now...

When: Tuesday, September, 10 2019

Where: Malkin Bowl

i’ve never wanted to find someone this bad

i was with a large group of friends at a & w and you were wearing a red shirt and pink hat. you were with three of your friends and i was standing with three of my friends at the counter. my friends told me you were checking me out and i wanted to get your number but i was too shy. i was wearing an oversized button down shirt with my hair in a bun. on your way out the door i smiled at you and you smiled back and you waved at me as you passed the window i was sitting at. you will probably never see this but you made my whole day and i regret not asking for your number. i’ve never seen someone as perfect as you !

When: Saturday, September, 14 2019

Where: A & W on E Hastings St

Grouse Gondola Tall Man

My sister and I asked how tall you were while exiting the gondola and had a short conversation. After a slightly awkward goodbye, I wished I had asked your name.

When: Sunday, September, 15 2019

Where: Grouse Mountain

2X's Smiles on Main Street

I walked passed you twice on Main Street with a friend. We were two girls, one blond straight hair and one curly light brown/blond hair (me) with white glasses. We exchanged eye contact and smiles :) You had a blue shirt and blue pants on, ginger hair and a nose ring. The second time you had a coffee, in your own tin cup you had been carrying, probably walking back from Matchstick. Maybe we can go for coffee together next time?

When: Friday, September, 13 2019

Where: Main Street between 29th and 32nd

#20 Victoria Bus

Ok, never done this before, but what the hell. Around lunchtime on Saturday, we both got on the #20 bus at the same stop on Commercial and stood next to each other for part of the ride before you got off... and I’m kicking myself for being too uncharacteristically nervous to strike up a conversation, given the amount of opportunities to do so. You were wearing a North Face jacket, and Nike shoes. Hopefully you see this, and if so, respond with what I was wearing.

When: Sunday, September, 15 2019

Where: Commercial Drive

tyler /bobby/ rhett

Hey I met you at fortune sound club for blackalicious, didn't say too much to you but damn, your a hell of a kisser. I'm not to sure why you abandoned me instead of collecting your 50$ (haha) but I'd like meet you again.

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: fortune sound club

EMT at Sport Chek (marine drive)

I was in the middle of the women’s section of the Sport Chek on Marine Dr browsing around. I saw the back of you at first, petite but strong, dark brown hair tied in a messy bun and wearing an EMT uniform. Saw you were carrying an orange box, seemed important. You looked really good in that uniform- really good. You have a confidence in your walk with a hand in your pocket. I got really flustered, I wanted to smile and acknowledge you but I got so nervous. I wish I could at least say that I appreciate what you do. And then you were gone.

When: Friday, September, 13 2019

Where: Sport Chek (Marine Dr)

Cute woman on a longboard

You were super attractive at science world riding a longboard! Never seen a woman like you! I love your style, if your single get back to me! Would love to go skate with you.

When: Saturday, September, 07 2019

Where: Near science world


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