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E.g., Feb 20 2020

Sweet Pharmacist at the MacDonald’s Pharmacy on Broadway

You are a pharmacist at the MacDonald’s on Broadway and helped me out by putting a rush on my order. I thought you were really cute and chatting with you made my day. Was it just me, or was there a spark? If yes, give me a shout. I’m the red head with the big smile who’d love to hear from you.

When: Wednesday, February, 12 2020

Where: Macdonald’s Pharmacy

First Ave Brunette

You're a tattooed brunette walking down first near Red Truck Tuesday morning. We shared a smile as I rode past on my bike. Reply with a detail you remember if you'd like to meet for a beer or something!

When: Tuesday, February, 11 2020

Where: First Ave near Main


Very nice smile exchange at Starbucks upper Lonsdale Then smiled while you drive past in white SUV

When: Tuesday, February, 11 2020

Where: Starbucks

Guy in black from guy in orange at Choices

You were in all black and I was in orange. You showed up in several aisles I was in, but I was running too tight a schedule to figure things out. If you're still interested, gimme a shout...

When: Sunday, February, 09 2020

Where: Choices Yaletown

Marcus King Band Commodore

We danced beside each other and chatted briefly about Marcus King. Loved your style (super cool hat!), interested in going for coffee or a cocktail to continue our conversation?

When: Sunday, February, 09 2020

Where: Commodore

Olive Oil and Soy Protein- Sunday Superstore

We 'coincidentally' bumped into each other three times at Superstore Sunday afternoon. You approached me twice about two different items you were looking for. You were dressed in black, I was wearing a grey coat and a headband. You asked me if I was vegetarian. I wish I would have given you my number when you pulled out your phone to show me what you were looking for. You had a lovely accent. I'm sure you won't read this as I get the sense you might be a newcomer here and probably don't know the existence of this but if you do, let's meet up and share vegetarian recipes ;)

When: Sunday, February, 09 2020

Where: Superstore

Coquitlam TD

I walked in to the bank, we saw each othed. You were at the front of the line. You left your spot in line, walked over to the ATM, and then got back in line beside me at the back. I was trying to think of something witty to say about how much longer you were going to have to wait, then the lady next to me started talking to me. Once she finished i tried to think of something again, and next thing i know, it was my turn for a teller. If you see this and are interested, get back to me.

When: Wednesday, February, 05 2020

Where: Coquitlam

Colour nails on Hastings

You were a gorgeous curvy Asian waiting to get your nails redone at Color nails on Hastings. I commented on you nails. I was with my daughter and you gave me helpful info for her. I thanked you again as I was paying . I should have gave you my number . Would love to see you and your nails again

When: Tuesday, February, 04 2020

Where: Colour nails Hastings

Compliment at Starbucks

I was standing waiting for my cappuccino- couldn’t help but notice that had the most handsome smile I had seen in quite some time. My order was ready before yours, and I was surprised buy that since you ordered before me, so I commented. Then our food orders were called - both by our first names. Before we both left you looked at me and said that you really liked my name. You made me smile and made my Monday. I’m going to be forward and say that I hope to run into you again soon.

When: Monday, February, 03 2020

Where: Starbucks - Burnaby Heights

Lighthouse Park

Hey - I'm pretty sure you circling back to the lookout to ask me to take your photo has a subtext. It's so hard to know these days. I made light conversation about Vancouver's conversion into a branch plant for the tech industry; you work in the sector and are new to the city. You shook my hand. I should have given you my number. If you're the kind of person who goes to Lighthouse Park alone, we'll get along.

When: Sunday, February, 02 2020

Where: Lighthouse Park


Brain Fried

I have ruined my brain. I click on something, and I can't wait more than five seconds until...


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