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E.g., Oct 27 2020

Kaylie at Matchstick cafe

As I got up to leave you offered a smile (all too uncommon in this town). I came over expecting a comment about our sweaters but you blindsided me by saying you remembered me from somewhere. Then it clicked. We talked but I got the impression it wasn't going in a romantic direction and wished you a good day waiting for your (boy?) friend to show... Am I mistaken?

When: Sunday, October, 25 2020

Where: Matchstick cafe near Fraser

You walking, me talking, both smiling

You walked past me your way to the beer and wine store on the drive as I stood in the coffee shop doorway with my bicycle, talking on my flip phone… and then you returned on your way back. We caught eyes, acknowledged, and smiled both times, both of us with brown hair, mine pulled back under a toque and yours pulled up by your ears. I’d love to put down the phone and pick up a conversation with you.

When: Saturday, October, 24 2020

Where: 1st and Commercial

Short Hair Beauty at Robert Lee Y

You were at the Robert Lee YMCA on Saturday afternoon, working out with your friend. Caught eyes a few times, but I wasn't interrupting your workout. Aside from being incredibly attractive, loved your short hair. If you're single, hit me up. #MustLoveBeards

When: Saturday, October, 24 2020

Where: Robert Lee YMCA

Novex Courier biker

I work at an architecture office in Gastown and you came to drop off an envelope today in the afternoon. I couldn't stop looking at your beautiful fair eyes and I noticed you smiling back at me too. It was a little awkward and I actually loved it. The whole interaction only lasted a few seconds and all I know is that you are responsible for the deliveries/pick ups in the DT area. I'd love to meet you for a coffee or something, if you're interested.

When: Friday, October, 23 2020

Where: Gastown

Our community bike shop

You were hanging at our community bike shop on main by broadway perusing the parts section and grabbed a water bottle holder. Fancy a drink? You: maroon corduroy long sleeve , vans shoes and a Nalgene bottle hanging off your pack Me: purple and grey scrubs, vans and a hat that said “get in loser” with a UFO on it.

When: Thursday, October, 22 2020

Where: Our community bike shop

I fixed your car

Kay - you're a welder. You were at my shop and we chatted about your dogs little short legs among other things. I should have asked for your number - coffee? Dog walk perhaps?

When: Monday, October, 19 2020

Where: Burnaby

Dreamy eyes

you were a paramedic named Shane who attended too me when I had a medical emergency in July of 2017 at my former residence on Burnell st in richmond bc. You had dark eyes which were dreamy...you said u liked me as u looked into my eyes...i never forgot u shane your kindness, and gentleness, and friendly demeanor...if you see this can u contact me please? I'm single...

When: Sunday, October, 18 2020

Where: storeys

Twice yesterday

I walked by you two,and you complimented me twice. I was smiling underneath that mask ;) I wanted to say the same about you as well ;)

When: Thursday, October, 15 2020

Where: Abbot mainland

Kitsilano Beauty with English Shepherd

We crossed paths on the seawall at the top of Trafalgar off Point Grey. You... brunette, pony tail, black vest, blue hoodie, burgundy backpack and a yellow phone case... You were walking your black and white collie which I think is an English Shepherd? You stopped beside me to film the waves crashing into the seawall. Me... blue hoodie, black pants, camera and headphones... in my photography zone and focused. It wasn't until you spoke to me that I realized I had the most beautiful woman standing beside me. You asked about my camera and totally threw me off-guard. Breathless and speechless, I tried to carry on a conversation without exposing my nervousness. It ended with you saying we'll probably see each other around... I don't even remember how I responded to you but I've since thought of a million responses like "only in my dreams", "only if I'm lucky"... but I really should of asked you out to dinner so we could talk some more! Watching you walk away and the bond you have with your dog really stirred up a lot of emotions. How sweet you are. If the "I Saw You" gods are out there, you'll be guided to see this message and respond to me with a "Yes... YES" Abracadabra Kalamazoo *POOF*

When: Tuesday, October, 13 2020

Where: Kitsilano Foreshore at Point Grey & Trafalgar



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