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E.g., Oct 27 2020

Smiling Cyclist on a Side Street

You were on your bike on the corner of Dunbar and 4th, in a white cardigan, stopped at the red light. I was sitting drinking a coffee outside Aphrodite's and accidentally made eye contact. Your smile was so genuine, and so unexpected, that it caught me off guard. This week has been terrible, but you (inadvertently) made it a bit brighter. Not expecting you to see this, but on the off chance - thank you, I needed that. I regret that I was too nervous to say something.

When: Friday, October, 02 2020

Where: 4th and Dunbar

Elevator Ride with pretty Australian

We shared the elevator, socially distanced and masked, the other day. A very brief conversation that would be fun to continue, having shared a few observations.

When: Tuesday, September, 29 2020

Where: Coal Harbour area

Exchanged glances at Joe’s Cafe

I was sitting at the window at Joe’s Cafe with my girlfriend on Wednesday September 23rd around 4pm. I was wearing my hair down and was wearing a black blouse. You walked in and sat down with a female friend or colleague (I’m presuming). You were roughly 5’10, wearing black and for whatever reason you caught my attention. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee on the drive sometime.

When: Saturday, September, 26 2020

Where: Joe’s Cafe

Denman @ Davie

I was a customer at the restaurant that you work at. There was a bit of a mix up in our bill but you handled it very gracefully. You are a beautiful girl and even the mask that you wore could not hide how pretty you are. I saw your face very briefly without mask and never did wish so much that the whole corona mask thing had never happened. I would love to take you out for coffee or food perhaps. It’s highly unlikely that you will ever see this but if you do, please respond with the name of the restaurant you work at to be sure I have the right person. Wishing on a shooting star!

When: Friday, September, 25 2020

Lakewood and Dundas

You: The prettiest girl I've ever seen. Short shorts. Burgundy hair. Hourglass bod. Kind of a resting bitch face. Boots. Kind of in a rush. Me: Lost in the 90's. I took a left turn somewhere and you gave me directions back to my home. Only thing is, I don't have a home. You are my home and I love you to bits.

When: Thursday, September, 24 2020

Where: Lakewood and Dundas

Grey pullover - City Ave Market on Commercial

I only saw your dark hair, grey pullover, and the most beguiling eyes above your mask at City Ave market (though I still want to keep calling it Donald's!) market, on Commercial, Tues at 3. Nothing really else to add, I wont pretend there was 'a moment', I don't think you noticed me especially. But sometimes, like a beautiful sunset, or being touched by music, some things are wonderful to behold and enjoyed as an experience with no motive or expectation .And seeing you, in such a mundane setting was a delight, and lifted what was already a pretty nice day.

When: Tuesday, September, 22 2020

Where: City Ave Market -

Quick hello

I was walking down Ontario street, minding my own beeswax, when I look over to see a beautiful person with a big happy smile greet me with a hearty hello! I was taken off guard and can’t remember how I responded, but I would like to be around you again. Coffee? Tea? Walk around gabbing?

When: Friday, September, 18 2020

Where: Ontario/14th

Outside the tiki bar

I was the brunette with a striped shirt and a flower in my hair. You were dressed in a 50s, rockabilly style. We kept looking over at each other, wish I stayed behind to chat.

When: Saturday, September, 05 2020

Where: Main and 28th

PG Tim Hortons

You asked me what I just called myself. It was lactard. I told you it was offensive. You had a theatre union lanyard hanging from your pocket. I think toronto’s. You ordered a iced coffee with almond milk and an apple fritter which we had to wait eons for because they were a bit scrambled behind the till. You spoke up asking for our orders. No cheese croissant for my gang! You drove off in an suv car with a tiny tear drop trailer. You were so tall and it was sooo small!!

When: Sunday, September, 13 2020

Where: Tim Hortons in Prince George just off the highway.

North Vancouver Camper van compliments

I drove my orange VW bus past your sweet van, in the parking lot of Lynn valley center. We were hyped on each other style. I was pretty distracted as I just bought my van that very second, maiden voyage(!), and was trying to remember how to drive stick again. You were super cute! We should do van stuff

When: Friday, September, 11 2020

Where: Lynn Valley Center (mall)



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