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E.g., Nov 14 2018

Vintage bag

Hey, we chatted on the bus when you asked me where a certain thrift store was. I cut our conversation short by putting my head phones back in. I realize now that it was rude, and I am sorry. Maybe we can be thrifting buds? Did you find the car you were looking for?

When: Tuesday, November, 06 2018

Where: 8

We met on the #7 bus to downtown.

We met on the #7 bus going downtown on Tuesday Oct. 30th. Your stop was before mine and we didn’t get enough time to exchange numbers. You are 1/2 German and do photo editing. I’m a nice guy that likes you. Let’s get together for a coffee or lunch soon. I hope you see this ad.

When: Tuesday, October, 30 2018

Where: #7 bus downtown

Missed connection on the bus

We almost sat next to each other on the 14 to Richmond today, you remarked on the spanish girls that were on the wrong bus. Coffee?

When: Sunday, October, 28 2018

Where: BC bus 14 to Richmond

Brown Haired Boy on Bus

You caught my eye from the back of the bus. I walked toward you and we stole a couple glances. You were sitting right before the exit in the back and stood up at 16th St. I thought you were going to get off so I decided to as well, I live on 18th. Just kicking myself for not saying hello.

When: Tuesday, October, 16 2018

Where: Main St. 3 Bus Broadway-16th

Pink camo pants at coquitlam bus loop

Beautiful girl blonde hair pink camo pants smoking a vape at coquitlam bus loop this morning I wanted to talk to you but my bus pulled up I would love to talk to you and this might be a long shot so if by chance you read this plz reply

When: Friday, October, 12 2018

Where: Coquitlam central bus loop

Party bus?

I was driving my black Dodge truck on the 1 going west. I noticed you in some mini party bus? Whatever it was, it looked fun. You were at the front of the bus where the steps were. I looked twice and we exchanged a couple smiles and glances. You drank some beer. I was the blonde singing along to tunes, wearing the blue plaid jacket. Perhaps we could have a beer together?

When: Tuesday, October, 09 2018

Where: Highway 1 eastbound, after Kensington turn off.

#3 main st bus every morning between 9am-920am

I see you almost every morning. You get on at main and Broadway and go to king Edward . You Vietnamese with black hair and beauty mark on your face. You always have in wireless headphones or else I would introduce myself.

When: Thursday, October, 04 2018

Where: Main and Broadway

Cute Smile, turning heads.

25 King Edward Station; I feel like we kept stealing glances and the few smiles we shared made me feel like an idiot for not saying something. We rode the bus and got off at the same stop but when we got off, we went our separate ways but I wasn’t sure if I caught a half glance as I was stealing one myself. Either way you’re beautiful and have a great day. I should’ve said Hi.

When: Friday, September, 28 2018

Where: #25/King Edward Station

Tall and handsome biker on #33 UBC

Have been crushing on you for months now, Mr. tall dark and handsome with dimples and an amazing smile. You get on the #33 UBC bus at oak street and usually have a messenger bag ride a vintage yellow-ish bike. I wish I wasn’t so tired in the morning or i’d say hi! I’m the shy strawberry blonde girl, usually dressed in all black creeping on you from behind my phone. I think we’ve shyly exchangd smiles a few times, but i’m not 100% sure. Let’s grab coffee?

When: Thursday, September, 13 2018

Where: #33 bus to UBC

Fraser and Broadway

I saw you the most beautiful woman I have ever seen on Broadway and Fraser at 3:30 on the Holiday Monday of Labour Day I was going to approach you at the Bus Stop but the B Line picked you up before I could get your number. Me: Black Dress shirt and brown dress pants and wearing a fedora. You: Asian with blonde hair wearing an all black outfit. I need a date for my holiday in Hawaii and next year and I would love to bring you with me. Get back to me.

When: Monday, September, 03 2018

Where: Fraser and Broadway

You only live once

We both chose to end our long weekend at Funky's Metal Mondays. It seemed like you came alone; I found it endearing (and attractive) how you boldly took to the stage to sing your heart out to Wheatus. We locked eyes a few times and I got the sense you were lingering at the bar for a reason... When my friend and I left, you were standing at the crosswalk light directly outside the doors however it did not seem like you were intending to cross. In a flurry emotions (my being anxious to miss my bus and nervousness to talk to you) I rushedly complimented your song choices and bolted across the street. Sorry for the bizarre exit - perhaps we can sing together next time? If by any chance you see this and are interested, let me know what other song you sang and we can connect. I was the one singing "You Only Live Once" by the Strokes - so here goes :)

When: Monday, September, 03 2018

Where: Funky Winker Beans

Smile on 257 Horseshoe Bay bus

We were sitting in the back of the bus as we shared a few really nice smiles while three funny drunken people were chatting together in the last row. You said something to me before you got off the bus (Park Royal) but I couldn't catch it because of a podcast I'd listened to. I'd like to see you again.

When: Friday, August, 24 2018

Where: 257 Express Horseshoe Bay - Vancouver

Friday night on GeorgiaStreet Bus

You asked me if I wanted to sit down...I am older...our eyes kept locking...I got off at Denman before Stanley park while some idiot was talking about acres and hectares...let's wrap..contact me

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: On city bus on West Georgia

Liz: chatting on the 95 coming from Pride...

I put my book away and we started chatting on the bus: you were on your way back from Pride. You are an Anthropology student as SFU, and I think you missed your stop to keep chatting. Very much regret not asking for your number...

When: Sunday, August, 05 2018

Where: 95 B-Line, between Commercial and Kootenay Loop

falling off your seat on a double take on the #9

I was standing on the corner of kingsway and broadway outside ourtown around 9pm waiting for a friend. The #9 drove past and we locked eyes, you almost fell off your seat trying to keep eye contact as the bus kept going. I think you gestured something, but I couldn't make it out. A part of me wished you got off for a second to introduce yourself.

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Kingsway and Broadway

Super Hunk in the West End

I saw you in the Safeway on Davie, before closing, a long time ago. I said hi in passing. After checking out at the same time, you asked me if I needed a ride upon approaching your car (car-to-go). I said no, as I was nervous. I've seen you around the West End two more times since then (at different businesses: last night being one.) Perhaps now the opportunity is lost, but every time I see you, it takes quite awhile to get you out of my head.

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: West End

Double glance on 14 Granville

We exchanged eye contact twice as I was getting off the 14 Granville bus. Dark hair, bob cut (I think), sharp chin, and wearing earphones. I had puffy dirty blonde hair, with a dark jacket and grey patterned shirt. Wish I had stayed on so I could've said something. I picked up a friendly vibe, and you're v cute. Coffee? :)

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Kitsilano

Gorgeous Save-On Shopper

You: gorgeous tattooed lady ahead of me in line just came from a workout? Me: gentleman patiently waiting to buy lemons in regular line as express lanes were super busy & slow going. Clerk made a comment and I said I'd been watching the lines and they were comparable. That's true but I was also happy to be in line behind you. Hesitation got the best of me as I was going to comment about the wonderful "messages" you had etched on your skin and was going to offer to carry your groceries to your car for my random good deed for the day. You're too fast. "Thanks" and smiles were all that were exchanged but the off-chance you 1) read this 2) are unattached 3) are intrigued I'd love to take you to dinner. I see you eat healthy so Whole Foods Food Bar it is!! LOL Seriously, though, let's have a nice dinner somewhere.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Save-On Cambie

Next to me Bus#10

You sat next to me this morning, and we were checking out each other while peeking out the window. Yes I noticed, you have the most beautiful eyes I've seen. I should have said 'Hello' before you got off on 14th. I'd love to invite you out for drinks/coffee.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Back of Bus #10

Simply Beautiful

We were both waiting for the 19 on Main. You were speaking with some of the people of the neighbourhood in a relaxed manner. Someone was crossing the street and asked you if you were grabbing 'a coffee'. You told her 'a beer' jokingly. I hope I remember that right. We both got on the bus. You, on, the middle and I was the last one at the front. I was the Asian with the dark turtleneck. I thought you were simply beautiful. Thank you for having good energy.

When: Wednesday, August, 15 2018

Where: Main Street

Park across holy rosary cathedral

Blonde business women who sat in the park near jj bean at one of the tables. You looked like you wanted to talk, but i couldnt get between you and your lunch, i am hoping you might see this

When: Thursday, August, 09 2018

Where: Holy rosary cathedral

The cute PRIDE girl arguing with street preacher

I first noticed you with a group of friends arguing with some obnoxious street preacher at Surrey Central station. First caught off guard by how beautiful you were but then realized how outspoken you were too and was doubly swooned! Not sure if this narrows it down but your hair was dyed green and you were standing with a small group right in front of the 320 bus stop. I was in line for the 501 bus, the guy with the white iPhone earphones and striped dark grayish t-shirt--not sure if you noticed me eyeing you or if I just imagined our eyes locking while I was in the bus but I now regret not walking over and saying hi.

When: Sunday, August, 05 2018

Where: Surrey Central Bus/Skytrain Station

I started running for the bus

I had big round sunglasses on, you had a grey shirt and shorts (I think. I was too busy checking out your face!) You were looking right at me and I was looking right at you. I was going to say hi but I saw my bus and started jogging. Can I have a do-over? Ugh!

When: Friday, August, 03 2018

Where: Hastings just past Granville

Smiling Asian woman on the 99 bus

Sunday evening, July 29, I got on the 99 at Cambie and sat beside a somewhat weird guy who then got up and offerred you his seat. You played with the tassle on another girl's purse -- she was standing in front of you. You smiled at me a lot and we both looked over our shoulders at each other when I got off at Alma. Coffee and chat?

When: Sunday, July, 29 2018

Where: 99 B-Line bus


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