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E.g., Jun 26 2022

I Saw Yous

Main st. and East king Edward

we were sitting across from each other at the back of the bus around 4pm . let me know if you see this

When: Monday, May, 02 2022

Where: Main st. and East king Edward

Delightful Almost meet at the post office pick up

Hi, we were both waiting for errant mail in the Post office collection place in East Van - We got chatting about where we are from, you from Morocco, I guessed 'close' - But as I was being seen I had to skip out, to keep numbers down in lobby, while someone else came in. Possibly the most tedious set up, but bear with me. I was wanting to head back in to say bye at least, but it got busy there, and it was just a polite chat so :- maybe inappropriately weird to but back in , to say bye . And kind of ( to put it mildly) am kicking my self I didn't really, as all I saw was your eyes, and a brief talk, so all I have to go on is your energy, and your eyes. Both of which are beautiful. And kicking my self, as life is short, whats wrong with asking if youd like a coffee?. So, in the crazy unlikely chance you see this, or a you know a Moroccan girl who lives around Hastings who this might be. iI you recall any of this, didnt get weirdo vibes from me, and might want to risk a coffee?

When: Wednesday, April, 06 2022

Where: woodland drive

Pink Haired Girl At Churches

We made small talk about the wait times on orders and buying bus passes. Very intricate stuff. I wish I could have thought of something more interesting to say at the time, but there it was-my poor attempt at flirting. Here's hoping you see this and I get a second chance.

When: Saturday, March, 26 2022

Where: Churches on Nanaimo//Hastings

Cooks life, Columbia station

I got on the train at China Town station and you were already busy scrapping the silly anti Vax stickers from the seats, wall and door in the train car. The knife bag was a giveaway that you had just worked a Saturday night service in a kitchen. We exchanged a couple sharpies for candy canes and we both got off in new west. I appreciate your efforts to remove those ridiculous stickers so much. It's a small world and I hope to run into you again someday. Thank you!!!! -purple jacket guy

When: Sunday, February, 06 2022

Where: New Westminster

Fabulous Fluevog boots

Fabulous Fluevog boots! We met on Bus 9 and chatted. I know your name Br……. I’m Pe….

When: Friday, December, 03 2021

Where: Bus Number 9

Saw you on the 49 Eastbound around 3:45

You got on the bus near Langara, probably around 25F, green Sesame Street sweatshirt, very curly hair and a white GAP hat. Just wanted to say hi and if you ever see this feel free to say hi. I was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans.

When: Sunday, October, 10 2021

Where: 49 Bus near langara

Seabus to Shipyard Festival

Okay so here goes...first off, I should have said hi. I saw you walking down the ramp to get to the seabus on Saturday evening heading to the Shipyard Festival (I assumed). I was behind you, then passed you in the corridor. You were not with anyone as was I. You wearing jeans and tan ankle high boots with a super cool leather jacket (maybe it was pleather?) and having long brown colour hair with curls. I noticed you had a great smile, nah just kidding, we were all in masks. Maybe you saw me check you out? I had a black concert shirt on and blue jeans. Did you notice? Maybe name the band? If you notice this post or if anybody may know of this person described above and knows that they did go to the Shipyard festival on Saturday night, please pass along. I really should have said hi. Maybe I missed the only opportunity, maybe not. I lost sight of you after arriving in Lonsdale (lost in the crowd). If you would like to go for a coffee / tea or something along those lines, I would totally setup and say 'hi'. Regards, I should have said hi.

When: Saturday, September, 25 2021

Where: Vancouver Seabus

Beautiful 99 Bus Driver

We both stopped at the light on Broadway at Abbott. I caught you singing along to my radio. You blushed and gave me a beautiful smile. You had pretty orange nails, glasses and gorgeous curly hair. I was driving the blue F250. Would love to get together for drinks and see what's behind that beautiful smile of yours!

When: Saturday, August, 28 2021

Where: 99 B line

on earth we're briefly gorgeous

you were reading this in the back of the Horseshoe bay town bus. you have those kind of eyes that can flip ones stomach into knots, and you radiated a lovey calm beneath that mask . Delight comes in the most incongruous locations, and it it was a delight. I am both 2 old and 2 bruised to seriously consider anything other than to say the pass of a transient moment such as this, can feel bitter sweet, It amazing how beauty, in all its forms, can delight a lift a dull moment to something that lingers way beyond the existence of the moment its self

When: Wednesday, August, 25 2021


Not a Robot but a Ghost

I put a post it note on my mirror right beside my face. ‘You are Enough’. I try to say it out...

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