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E.g., Jan 28 2023

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jean jacket beanie lower lons

I was finishing work on a Friday night, heading to the bus to get home. passed you walking by (you tell me so I know it's you) and you gave me a big smile. you were wearing a black beanie, white tee, jean jacket and black jeans. your smile was more than a friendly smile, but perhaps a flirty smile. let me know if this was you? would make a funny story of how we met. describe me and where we passed.

When: Sunday, January, 15 2023

Where: lower Lonsdale

Chris on West Jet Flight from Calgary

I over heard you say your name was Chris, you are a co-owner for a commercial restaurant supply business on Industrial Ave. (I think), and you were coming from a Christening. You are tall, handsome and kind with brown hair and brown eyes. Fashionably late for boarding with one to many margaritas at the airport bar, you charmed the stewardess (and me) with your humour and wit. I was sitting across the aisle in 2D while you chatted up your neighbor. I wanted to join the banter, but was hesitant to talk across the aisle. Wish I was sitting next to you and regret not stopping you to exchange numbers as you darted past me for the skytrain. I was wearing a toque with braided red hair and blue eyes I felt a mutual attraction and I have no doubt we would hit it off. You like food trucks? I like food! ;) Would love if you (or someone who knows you) might see this so we can meet up and connect.

When: Monday, January, 02 2023

Where: West Jet Flight 135 from Calgary to Van

Thursday, Dec 22, 8:00 PM Downtown Bay bus stop.

Thursday, Dec 22, 8:00 PM. Vancouver Downtown Bay. You had asked whether the bus was going to Park Royal. I replied that yes, it does, but also the bus behind -you chose to take the second bus. I hope your Park Royal adventure was a success! You are a cute blonde girl wearing a toque and a backpack. I would love to meet up with you again for coffee. If you find this, please reach out to me at duron83@yahoo.com or Instagram duron83. I hope you had a lovely Christmas in Vancouver. Thank you!

When: Thursday, December, 22 2022

Where: Downtown Bay bus stop heading to Park Royal

Lo with our bikes on the Seabus Saturday morning

This Saturday morning we both got on the Seabus headed to Waterfront. You had a well equipped and ready for gravel bike, and mentioned you had moved to the North Shore recently. We both talked bikes and bikepacking adventures to be had around the region. Lo, it was great to meet you and ride with you to Gastown. I only wish I had asked your number when we met. Let's go for coffee and a ride sometime, happy to show you all around the area.

When: Saturday, September, 24 2022

Where: Seabus: Lonsdale Quay to Waterfront

Matching Doc Martens Moment

We were both wearing lowtop Doc Martens on the 16 bus today. I got on in South Granville sat at the back across from you. You: white tee and trousers. Me: lowkey summer goth in a mini skirt. You have beautiful eyes and I loved your tattoos. We exchanged a few glances, but I'm shy and public transit is a weird venue for conversation. Grab a drink sometime?

When: Friday, September, 02 2022

Where: 16 Bus

Bus #14 to Blanca

We took the same bus at Georgia + Granville this afternoon. You were wearing beige pants + light blue shirt. You did look at me quite a few times, but the bus was a little too full and you were using your earbuds so I couldn't even wish you a good day when I dropped off. If you see this and feel like going for a coffee/walk, let me know. ;) Say what I was wearing so that I know it's you.

When: Wednesday, July, 06 2022

Where: Georgia + Granville

Woman with luggage on 84 who got off at Main St (Lorne)

You were on the 84 bus heading East with your luggage. We got off at the same stop on Main (officially Lorne). This must have have been on June 1, (plus or minus a day). You exited right after me. You looked very familiar, and I think we attended the same university (in the States). You look a bit like the daughter from Gilmore Girls. If you happen to be this person please reply with your initials and the name of the university you attended to mymysteriousemail@protonmail.com. Thanks!

When: Wednesday, June, 01 2022

Where: 84 Bus heading to Main St

Carson Seeking Chloe

Crowded Commercial Drive bus, both wearing tights, nice long conversation, but must have made mistake in email address. Please get in touch.

When: Thursday, June, 23 2022

Where: Downtown bus, Commercial Dr to Hastings

Main st. and East king Edward

we were sitting across from each other at the back of the bus around 4pm . let me know if you see this

When: Monday, May, 02 2022

Where: Main st. and East king Edward


Hey YWShitA

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