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we were in line at the bus stop and you said hi.

this was ages ago, but i was wearing an orange shirt and i was with my friend waiting for the 214 in the summer. we kept looking at each other while we waited even though you were by the edge of the sidewalk and we were by the steps so you had to turn to look back at us. you got in line for the bus before we did and while we were in line you said hi to me. i swear i meant to say hi back, but in what is inevitably cheesy to say i was so taken aback by how pretty your eyes were that i didn’t say hi back. my phone was dead that day otherwise i would’ve asked for your number during the ride. posting this is the longest shot in a billion ways but i haven’t stopped thinking about you since… i doubt you’ve thought about this interaction but you’ve kind of become my roman empire.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2023

Where: phibbs exchange, bay 9, we both got on the 214

Guy who participated in Chinatown parade (lion dance)

I work nearby Chinatown and where I work was crazy busy after Chinatown parade on Sunday. You came for lunch with your four other friends (two pairs of couples I assume) and your group was being super nice and patient with me despite I was the only server and the service was really slow. You had most smiley face among your group and when I ask you guys about if you saw the Chinatown parade, your friends told me you are in one of lion dance teams and I told you I am also joining other athletic club with my dragon boat team. I wish I had more time to chat with you but I couldn't. Let me know if you don't mind to catch up and become a friend ;D

When: Sunday, February, 11 2024

Where: Chinatown

20 Years Ago - Annacis Island Bus

It was the morning and we were riding the bus to Annacis Island. Right before your stop you approached me and started talking, but I had my headphones on and didn't take them off and just stared at you blankly till you got off the bus. I have always wanted to apologize for my rude behaviour, I had had an unpleasant encounter with someone else on the bus previous to that and was afraid of what you might be saying. Whether it was good or bad, I am truly sorry for being so rude.

When: Friday, March, 15 2002

Where: Annacis Island Bus

Denman Place Mall with Little Black dog on Snowy Thurs

I was walking up the stairs with my little black (very shy) dog in a plaid coat.. Me petite brown wavy long hair, wearing a tweed driving cap-black coat/snowboots-all bundled up! You, tall, all in black, business casual. You bent down to pet my dog and surprisingly she came right into you and almost leaned in..just as I was saying she's not normally that friendly! Definitely not her usual with men she doesn't know. You must have some good vibes according to her..care to walk and talk sometime? Maybe you can tell me what you said after that? :)

When: Thursday, January, 18 2024

Where: Denman place Mall-North entrance-on steps

A Shared Smile that Made My Day

It had been a doozie of a day, so when I noticed that you were mirroring my sort of something-suppressing smile — in response maybe to the whole bus environment, but I think especially to the couple standing between us, blessing us with some good ol’ PDA — we made eye contact that gave me some pleasure of my own. You’d stood out to me since the wait at the bus stop, and your gracefulness while standing, and light load, in contrast to my squished-into-a-seat, piled-with-stuff role, was an honour and delight to view. I got off at Cypress, thinking that I wished I’d had a chance to talk to you. You'd moved to take a seat further back. I’d love to intersect with you again, and I’d love to present my lighter side, communing over a cup of life. Who wouldn't? But The Straight’s giving me a chance to state it. Thank you, TGS. And thank You Whom I Saw for that experience.

When: Thursday, December, 14 2023

Where: Granville and Nelson Bus Stop, 16 Bus

Smiling eyes on the 99

You sat in back row of the bus, in a dark blue puffy jacket, airpods, and eyes that caught mine then looked away with a smile. I sat by the stairs and smiled back. We both got off at UBC. Don't look away next time ;)

When: Friday, December, 01 2023

Where: 99 to UBC

7 bus writing in your notebook :)

On the 7 bus today around 3 or 4pm. I was sitting in the back wearing my fluffy parka jacket, vibing to some tunes. You were right beside, wearing brown boots and writing in your notebook. You're cute, and I saw you listening to Fleetwood Mac too! We should go thrifting or get coffee sometime :)

When: Wednesday, November, 29 2023

Where: Kitsilano on 7 bus

Shuttle bus 170, Port Coquitlam

This is a way past call, reaching back to the fall of 2017. I am desperately seeking a nice looking female of around 40 at that time, who happened to become my poetry inspiration. She would leave the West Coast Express coming from the direction from Vancouver, to board the shuttle-bus 170 every working day at about 4 to 4:30pm and getting off at the bus stop 53733, Kelly Ave and Shaughnessy in Port Coquitlam. Despite of colder days coming, she was wearing nice and colourful dresses every day, looking more than awesomely. Nobody could have missed that blond, fashionable woman. That's why she caught my attention and me, being very much impressed by her look, I wrote a piece of poetry about her. She was traveling with her female friend, always taking their seat behind the bus driver, chatting and having their laughs while traveling a few stops for max of 10 minutes. In this way, I am giving it a chance to find her in this forum. I know it works. Anybody's assistance who may know that lady is highly appreciated.

When: Wednesday, October, 18 2023

Where: West Coast Express station and shuttle bus no. 170, Port Coquitlam

Bus 33

Friday Sep 8 afternoon, I saw you on the bus 33. I promised myself I would say hi to you if we got off the bus at the same stop. You were dressed with style, I noticed you. You noticed me I thought. Instead of saying hi, I said bye. You replied with a mix of surprise, quite excitement. You looked at me, as I was walking away, with what seemed like sadness, but felt like wisdom. Like we’ve known each other, like you will see me again. Soon. I will be on the same bus, same time, often. Until I see you again. Until I live up to my promise to myself and I say “Hi”

When: Friday, September, 08 2023

Where: Bus 33

R2 Female Driver - Phibbs Exch - Seabus

To the attractive female driver this morning around 8.00, thanks for the nice smile while boarding @ Phibbs, and the little wave while walking to the Seabus entrance. Thanks! It put a lift in the step of the guy in the black windbreaker with a logo.

When: Wednesday, August, 30 2023

Where: R2 Bus - Westbound along Main St - North Van


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