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E.g., Jun 22 2019

Green Jacket Girl after Kevin Morby

After seeing Kevin Morby at The Imperial, I was walking past the bus stop on Main Street and East Hastings. I locked eyes with a gorgeous girl in a green jacket waiting for a bus heading up Main Street. I walked by you twice and we met eyes. Me: beard and medium-long hair with a black hoodie. You're a babe... maybe you felt the same?

When: Wednesday, May, 15 2019

Where: Main and East Hastings

Hugs- Why don't oysters ever donate their pearls?

I was waiting for my bus, #7, singing a song, and this little old lady with a walker and a ziplock bag, told you to take two sheets of paper out of the bag she was holding - one was a piece that said 'hug' with a cartoon character on it & one was a joke. You crouched beside me and asked me what my joke was. I told you and you replied, 'shellfish'. I asked if you looked at my paper and you said, 'no', showed me yours and smiled. They were the same. :) Then you asked me if I wanted a hug. I said yes. We hugged and chatted for a minute. You asked me how my day was and what I did. My bus arrived. I hopped on, hoping it was your bus too. I got off two stops later because I regretted not staying to talk to you some more. So, I walked back and by then you were gone...I missed you. I hope you see this so we can tell each other more jokes and hug Haha. You were a good hugger fyi:)

When: Friday, May, 17 2019

Where: WEST 4TH AVE Bus stop across from Wholefoods (Kits)

Driver of Eastbound 33 - 5-6pm

You drive the 33 eastbound between 5 and 6pm. You're not the best bus driver - running over curbs and slamming on brakes - and your glasses are silly. But I can look past all of that because you're ridiculously good looking. I can't help but stare at you in the rear view mirror, bobbing your head to whatever you may or may not be listening to. I want to say hi, but I'd prefer you keep your eyes on the road....

When: Tuesday, May, 14 2019

Where: Eastbound 33 bus

Girl outside Kits Beach who smiled from Bus#2

This was a Wednesday, around 9:15 AM right outside Kits beach waiting for a bus. I was with a couple of friends and you were on your own. You had glasses on, were listening through your headphones and pacing back and forth. We locked eyes a couple of times. We took the bus #2 and when I got off at W 10 Ave., you smiled at me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.

When: Thursday, May, 02 2019

Where: Closer to Kits Beach, Yew St. bus stop

The beautiful lady on the Epic Rides Bus

Saw you on the Epic rides bus on April 28/19 from downtown vancouver to whistler on the 1:00 pm bus. I picked up you Brisk drink off the floor behind you. You were looking very pretty in the sunlight that afternoon. It seemed like you weren't feeling in the happiest of moods, it almost seemed like you were arguing with the guy you were with and wish I had said something. It felt like you were giving off a not so happy energy and I really felt it when we past lions Bay. Hope you outing in whistler turned out ok.

When: Sunday, April, 28 2019

Where: Epic Rides Bus

Dark hair Green top

You, working your second shift. Me, in search for a specific (rumoured) piece of wall art which we couldn’t find. Eventually the place became to busy to ask you for your number. Would love to grab coffee with you sometime.

When: Monday, April, 29 2019

Where: Fir & Broadway

You cut me off!

We literally bumped into each other on Denman St. After a much too fast mutual apology and a quick smile, you were gone a half block away. As fate would have it, I caught up with you at a bus stop on Davie. We smiled at each other again and I joked that I was fine. I wanted to ask if you’d care to get coffee but somehow my words came out as “enjoy the rest of your day”. So....coffee?

When: Sunday, April, 21 2019

Where: Denman/Davie

How many times?

We met eyes repeatedly in the few seconds involved in a walk past on on a busy street. We may even have tracked each other; I know I was tracking you, and you always seemed to notice. Then, I was off for a dinner engagement, and you, your life. I first spied you dropping something in the bin on the NW corner, with your chopped, blond bob and irreverent cat-eyeshadow, red top and blue-gray pants, amoungst the masses. Your expression, in deed and choice, reflected your beauty and shone through it all. I, in black hat, jacket and jeans, salty beard and glasses, was transfixed. So my answer is, that in a given life, not many times can one expect to feel something that strong. So I owe it to myself, and the world, and especially a certain someone, to reach out in the hope of sharing some joy. I want to meet you for a berverage, and maybe compare playlists if it comes to that. Or ??

When: Saturday, April, 06 2019

Where: Georgia and Granville

The Beautiful Blonde with the accent

I rode the #16 Arbutus bus with you. You advised me to take the #14 bus to UBC. I should have listened to you, because it would have given me the time and courage to ask you out. Hopefully there is a next time ♥️

When: Monday, April, 08 2019

Where: #16 Arbutus Bus

The Friday night beauty

I saw you first on Broadway around McDonald. You had dirty blonde hair, and was wearing a light blue jean jacket. I was wearing a black zip up jacket, with Jean's. We got on 2 different buses together, and got off in Strathacona at the same stop. I was too shy to ask, but will hope you read this ♥️ You are amazing.

When: Sunday, April, 07 2019

Where: #9 Bus, followed by the # 16


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