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E.g., Oct 23 2019

Denman Street where u almost got hit by a car Trying To Talk To Me

I passed by u and ur crew on the corner of Denman and Pendrell but walked into a restaurant with my girls - España ... Came out for a quick vape to say hello and u crossed a busy street (Denman), almost getting hit by a cab on the way. I remember ur name Foster, but I regret not getting ur number. Hope Parlour was fun! I like how my first recommendation was exactly where u were starting off ur friend’s bday outing :D

When: Saturday, October, 19 2019

Where: West End

On the 257 bus on Thanksgiving Monday

Can't stop thinking about our bus ride together today. We were both standing in the aisle and my ring caught your eye. We chatted heirloom rings, travelling Europe & Scandinavia, discussed music from Chet Baker to Rachmaninov. You sing alternative rock and brew craft beer. I play piano. Haven't had a conversation like that in a long time. Would love to keep chatting.

When: Monday, October, 14 2019

Where: 257 Bus to Vancouver from Horseshoe Bay

On the bus on grandville street

I saw you in the bus. We gazed at each other across the bus many times. As you got up to leave you stood in front of me waiting for me to say something. I said hi. Yiu got off and looked disappointed that I didn't get off. I regretted not getting off.

When: Friday, October, 04 2019

Where: On grandville street downtown the bus

We shared a brief moment

Buses are awkward. Your smile is beautiful. And if you reply, it could be more plentiful. I felt a little bit sad when I saw the back of your brown coat disembarking at Fraser. But not overly so. Enough to write a cheesy poem and give you a second chance to connect anyways. Hope you are well.

When: Sunday, September, 22 2019

Where: B-Line

Vital encounter on the 99

We were sitting on the bus—you, in the back row, facing forward, reading The Straight. My friend and I were sitting to your left, conversing loudly. We glanced at each other a few times. You have long hair and knitted socks. I was looking 90s Gap in a white sweatshirt and khakis. I lamented my dry spell to my friend. As you got off, somewhere in Kitsilano, you reassured me of my lasting vitality. Want to talk about sex with me?

When: Wednesday, September, 18 2019

Where: On the Eastbound 99 bus from UBC

#16 Arbutus Bus

We traded glances and then you stared at me intently from the front of the bus. You saw me fiddling with my light blue shirt. You then walked past me and I smiled at you as you left the bus. If you happen to see this, specify at which street you got off the bus. I wish we could have chatted, but I had an event to catch.

When: Wednesday, September, 18 2019

Where: Arbutus Street

Soulmate From A Past Life

I told you I loved you too and that's all that matters. Our encounter was short but sweet. I met you on my first day at a new job. You saw my handwriting when I wrote my name on my business card. You asked me if I was an artist. We kissed in the backseat of your car and I lost my earring at some point too. I hope you'll find my earring and come find me.

When: Monday, September, 16 2019

Where: Kerrisdale

#20 Victoria Bus

Ok, never done this before, but what the hell. Around lunchtime on Saturday, we both got on the #20 bus at the same stop on Commercial and stood next to each other for part of the ride before you got off... and I’m kicking myself for being too uncharacteristically nervous to strike up a conversation, given the amount of opportunities to do so. You were wearing a North Face jacket, and Nike shoes. Hopefully you see this, and if so, respond with what I was wearing.

When: Sunday, September, 15 2019

Where: Commercial Drive


I'm sad about the election

There were only 6 Parties running in my district. There should have been one more candidate so...

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