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Seabus to Shipyard Festival

Okay so here goes...first off, I should have said hi. I saw you walking down the ramp to get to the seabus on Saturday evening heading to the Shipyard Festival (I assumed). I was behind you, then passed you in the corridor. You were not with anyone as was I. You wearing jeans and tan ankle high boots with a super cool leather jacket (maybe it was pleather?) and having long brown colour hair with curls. I noticed you had a great smile, nah just kidding, we were all in masks. Maybe you saw me check you out? I had a black concert shirt on and blue jeans. Did you notice? Maybe name the band? If you notice this post or if anybody may know of this person described above and knows that they did go to the Shipyard festival on Saturday night, please pass along. I really should have said hi. Maybe I missed the only opportunity, maybe not. I lost sight of you after arriving in Lonsdale (lost in the crowd). If you would like to go for a coffee / tea or something along those lines, I would totally setup and say 'hi'. Regards, I should have said hi.

When: Saturday, September, 25 2021

Where: Vancouver Seabus

Beautiful 99 Bus Driver

We both stopped at the light on Broadway at Abbott. I caught you singing along to my radio. You blushed and gave me a beautiful smile. You had pretty orange nails, glasses and gorgeous curly hair. I was driving the blue F250. Would love to get together for drinks and see what's behind that beautiful smile of yours!

When: Saturday, August, 28 2021

Where: 99 B line

on earth we're briefly gorgeous

you were reading this in the back of the Horseshoe bay town bus. you have those kind of eyes that can flip ones stomach into knots, and you radiated a lovey calm beneath that mask . Delight comes in the most incongruous locations, and it it was a delight. I am both 2 old and 2 bruised to seriously consider anything other than to say the pass of a transient moment such as this, can feel bitter sweet, It amazing how beauty, in all its forms, can delight a lift a dull moment to something that lingers way beyond the existence of the moment its self

When: Wednesday, August, 25 2021

Bus Vibes

We didn’t talk but I wanted to say how much I loved your tattoos! I was sitting near you in the red dress. Hope I can tell you in person

When: Thursday, July, 15 2021

Where: 8 bus

Rude bicycle guy by Richmond Public Market

I'm the white guy in blue shorts/white t-shirt on a blue bike who did a double take when he saw you at the intersection of Buswell and Saba. I didn't move out of the crosswalk and you had to walk around behind me while I waited for the light to change. Any other time I'd have gotten out of the way but the plain truth is you (and your 10/10 top) knocked me out and I forgot to move! Mea culpa. I immediately felt ridiculous but didn't want to yell "Sorry for being a dick!" at you.

When: Tuesday, July, 13 2021

Where: Richmond

Black Kettle Brewing Attraction

My friend and I came in on our bikes to Black Kettle Brewing and sat on the far side of the pizza oven by the food truck. I was wearing a blue cycling jersey and my friend's was orange and black. You were our server and have the most radiant smile, petite, beautiful body, and an electric laugh and energy. I was quite attracted. We exchanged some fun conversation and I'm glad we got your name, Alicia (sp), which opened up the conversation. You were showing my friend and I how during the downpour the other day you had to dance between the tents to stay dry. I wanted to ask you out right there, but it would have been quite difficult to do at that time and I didn't have any business cards on me. If you see this and remember me, I'd like to meet you again when you're not working. I hope you were just as interested too.

When: Saturday, May, 15 2021

Where: Black Kettle Brewing

Seabus smiles & cycling adventures!

We were both with our bikes and getting off the Seabus around 5p at Waterfront Station. We shared an elevator to get from the Seabus to the street level and talked about bikes, bikepacking, and summer adventures, and that you had to go to work on this beautiful weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you ever so briefly, and I hope we can meet again. You have a beautiful smile and an adventurous spirit. I'm glad we had time for a brief chat and I caught your name - Rachel the RMT who lives in Kits and works on the North Shore. It would be nice to meet you again, for coffee, bike ride, or a fun adventure date. If you see this, I'd love to hear from from you.

When: Friday, May, 14 2021

Where: Seabus Waterfront Terminal - Elevator

To the girl waiting for a bus yesterday

You were waiting on lougheed for a bus, beautiful bright red hair and smoking a vape. I was in a car with a friend and somehow we both caught each other's eye. Coffee?

When: Thursday, May, 13 2021

Where: Shaughnessy


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