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Seabus smiles & cycling adventures!

We were both with our bikes and getting off the Seabus around 5p at Waterfront Station. We shared an elevator to get from the Seabus to the street level and talked about bikes, bikepacking, and summer adventures, and that you had to go to work on this beautiful weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you ever so briefly, and I hope we can meet again. You have a beautiful smile and an adventurous spirit. I'm glad we had time for a brief chat and I caught your name - Rachel the RMT who lives in Kits and works on the North Shore. It would be nice to meet you again, for coffee, bike ride, or a fun adventure date. If you see this, I'd love to hear from from you.

When: Friday, May, 14 2021

Where: Seabus Waterfront Terminal - Elevator

To the girl waiting for a bus yesterday

You were waiting on lougheed for a bus, beautiful bright red hair and smoking a vape. I was in a car with a friend and somehow we both caught each other's eye. Coffee?

When: Thursday, May, 13 2021

Where: Shaughnessy

Cute girl on the 49

I got on the bus at Doman, you were already on it, I sat across the accordion section from you. You were really cute but I was too shy to say anything so I pulled out my book. You were wearing a greenish dress, I was all in black. I hope to see you again, maybe I won't be so shy next time

When: Saturday, May, 01 2021

Where: 49 to Metro

Manitoba gentleman who held your umbrella for me at Main/East 5th bus stop!

SUMMARY: Looking for the cute & sweet guy who just moved here from Manitoba. Caucasian, 5'9 - 10. Genuine eyes and smile. Help a girl out, please share!!! I am still kicking myself today for not asking for your name before hopping on the #3! We met last night Fri March 19th ~10:50pm. I was running to catch the bus at Main/E 5th stop and you came up to me with your umbrella and shielded me from the rain. You were waiting at the stop with your two friends who were arguing what take out food to order (hilarious btw). We chatted for ~20 seconds. You told me you just moved here from Manitoba and I said I moved from Ontario. Then my bus arrived and I hopped on with almost instant regret. I rode for 3 stops and actually got off, ran back to our spot but you guys have left : ( I really want to find you!! Praying for the power of the internet to work some magic.

When: Friday, March, 19 2021

Where: Main & East 5th Ave Bus Stop for #3 route (Mount Pleasant)

Dunbar #7

You were assisting the bus driver because he is new to the job. You are either a supervisor or a bus driver as well. I got on your bus at 2 pm at Nanaimo skytrain station today (March 2). I love how focused and careful you were while doing your job, and I guess you're pretty handsome behind that mask. Not really sure if you noticed me, but if you wanna go for a walk or grab a coffee, let me know. ;)

When: Tuesday, March, 02 2021

Where: Nanaimo skytrain station

Eye Contact and a Wave

You, sitting near the rear of the bus. Black scrub-like pants, some android phone and strikingly red sneakers. Me, sitting by the window at the very back. Bangs, glasses, grey winter parka and big blue headphones. We kept making eye contact and when you got off the bus (Cambie/Bdway) you smiled and waved. Socially distanced Coffee?

When: Tuesday, December, 22 2020

Where: #9 Bus Bdwy Comm'l

Greatful Hat on #14 bus

You were wearing a hat that said "Greatful" (or Grateful?) riding my bus when some jerk kicked the door and broke the glass. I dropped you off on Granville street and it was very sweet that you checked on me before walking away. I'd love to repay you with a coffee perhaps? Hoping you or a friend of yours that recognizes your hat will see this!

When: Tuesday, December, 08 2020

Where: #14 bus

22 Knight Bus & Pink Streaks!

I saw you on the 22 Knight Bus- You were reading and seemed like you were in your own world but we shared a few glances... Just wanted to say hi and I thought your hair was super cool! If you see this I'd love to know what you were reading!

When: Thursday, October, 08 2020

Where: Vancouver, 22 Knight Bus

North Vancouver Camper van compliments

I drove my orange VW bus past your sweet van, in the parking lot of Lynn valley center. We were hyped on each other style. I was pretty distracted as I just bought my van that very second, maiden voyage(!), and was trying to remember how to drive stick again. You were super cute! We should do van stuff

When: Friday, September, 11 2020

Where: Lynn Valley Center (mall)

Apollo 12 Buddies

Umm, hey- it was really nice getting to know you waiting for the bus from the ferry. I know you have a partner, which is I think why we were hesitant to exchange info, but I'm actually really not in a relationship place, I just think you're a real sweet human who is into a lot of the same stuff (and has the same bike). You're great- let's connect if you're feeling it.

When: Sunday, August, 16 2020

Where: Horseshoe Bay


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