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E.g., Oct 21 2019

Really tall guy on seabus

I saw the most handsome and SUPER tall guy on the seabus. Black cap, tattoes in his arms, green jacket. Where are you?!

When: Friday, February, 08 2019

Where: Seabus to north van

Blonde haired czech girl on Waterfront Station

You went with your friend from North Vancouver with Seabus, both overtired and didn't like the guy's long hair :D I was wearing grey winterjacket and black winter cap. I went to the skytrain platform, you straight to the station and we both smiled at each other. Coffee?

When: Saturday, March, 03 2018

Where: Waterfront Station

Red umbrella

You used to take an early morning seabus. You always seemed to know when I was really down and would smile like you were sending me the best wishes. No agenda, I just wanted to say it meant (means) a lot. Even though I couldn’t smile back you really gave me hope that good people were around. I hope life is kind to you as you were to me.

When: Monday, May, 01 2017

Where: Seabus

On the seabus back to North Van on Wednesday

Sat across from you on the 6:15 seabus back to North Van on Wednesday evening. You were wearing a sleeveless back top, black jeans, sandals. I was the guy with glasses and longish hair reading a book across from you and admiring your stylish glasses and cute pink toenails. We walked up the gangway, you to your bus and me on my short walk home. Wish I had said hello. Would love to chat over a coffee sometime. Do people really read these things?? Hopefully you can let me know. ;)

When: Wednesday, September, 27 2017

Where: On the seabus going the North Van

stunning on the Seabus

You sat across from me on the 10:45pm seabus heading to North van, you in black skirt, sexy black heels, a pink shawl and pearl earrings. We shared a couple of glances before we got off and shared a laugh at the bigger girl getting stuck in the turnstile at Lonsdale Quay. I wanted to tell you how stunning you looked but was afraid you would have thought I was a dirty old man, I'm only 46. You got on the 228 and got out on 3rd and St Andrews, we glanced again as the bus drove away, cant stop thinking of how beautiful you looked.

When: Friday, September, 15 2017

Where: Seabus to North Van

Monday 10:45PM Seabus leaving Waterfront.

We exchanged glances when I boarded and sat down across from you. However, I was in total blank iPod stare mode and not too quick on the uptake. Would love to connect and maybe meet up for coffee, should you be interested. You were a stunning brunette wearing a black dress, with glasses and several tattoos. Please describe your headphones and hairstyle to confirm ID.

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: Seabus to Quay

To the seabus cutie who caught my eye

Now, believe me when I say I never do this. But after today, I absolutely had to. I'm kicking myself for not saying anything to you earlier so I guess this is my best bet... I was getting the vibe that the attraction was mutual but I can't be too sure, so, here I am. walked past you and sat down on the seats along the back window, nervously shuffling through my backpack trying to make myself look busy. This is a complete long shot, but if you're out there and you read this... Well, I guess you know what to do.

When: Thursday, November, 24 2016

Where: Seabus

boy from the seabus

you: tall, tan colored coat and black hoodie, black skinny jeans in holes on both knees, curly dirty blond-brown hair, and doc martens. me: tall, wearing a coat with a faux fur collar and an old new yorks knicks hat, doc martens. i tried to make eye contact but our eyes never matched up .. until the end. i smiled and so did you then we parted ways. i thought you were really handsome and i wanna get to know you!

When: Tuesday, November, 01 2016

Where: lonsdale quay seabus

Petite Brunette Lady,Seabus-Friday Night

Wasn't in a good mood,in a rush,and you and your friend were having a great conversation and didn't want to interrupt you. But sitting beside you with your sparkly personality made me feel better. I'm the tall 6'+ dark haired guy.

When: Friday, August, 19 2016

Where: Seabus Going to Vancouver

Skytrain facepalm

You asked me directions on how to get to the seabus and I told two different ways you could take. The train you ended up taking was the extra 5 min ride but no transfers. As you were getting on the train we both looked at each other smiled and waved goodbye anyway I really should have continued a conversation with you and asked for your number because you have the most beautiful blue eyes and amazing smile! If for some cosmic luck of a chance you see this I would like nothing more than to take you out to dinner

When: Friday, March, 25 2016

Where: lougheed


Old knowledge

I figured something out..lol ...


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