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R2 Female Driver - Phibbs Exch - Seabus

To the attractive female driver this morning around 8.00, thanks for the nice smile while boarding @ Phibbs, and the little wave while walking to the Seabus entrance. Thanks! It put a lift in the step of the guy in the black windbreaker with a logo.

When: Wednesday, August, 30 2023

Where: R2 Bus - Westbound along Main St - North Van

Lo with our bikes on the Seabus Saturday morning

This Saturday morning we both got on the Seabus headed to Waterfront. You had a well equipped and ready for gravel bike, and mentioned you had moved to the North Shore recently. We both talked bikes and bikepacking adventures to be had around the region. Lo, it was great to meet you and ride with you to Gastown. I only wish I had asked your number when we met. Let's go for coffee and a ride sometime, happy to show you all around the area.

When: Saturday, September, 24 2022

Where: Seabus: Lonsdale Quay to Waterfront

Seabus to Shipyard Festival

Okay so here goes...first off, I should have said hi. I saw you walking down the ramp to get to the seabus on Saturday evening heading to the Shipyard Festival (I assumed). I was behind you, then passed you in the corridor. You were not with anyone as was I. You wearing jeans and tan ankle high boots with a super cool leather jacket (maybe it was pleather?) and having long brown colour hair with curls. I noticed you had a great smile, nah just kidding, we were all in masks. Maybe you saw me check you out? I had a black concert shirt on and blue jeans. Did you notice? Maybe name the band? If you notice this post or if anybody may know of this person described above and knows that they did go to the Shipyard festival on Saturday night, please pass along. I really should have said hi. Maybe I missed the only opportunity, maybe not. I lost sight of you after arriving in Lonsdale (lost in the crowd). If you would like to go for a coffee / tea or something along those lines, I would totally setup and say 'hi'. Regards, I should have said hi.

When: Saturday, September, 25 2021

Where: Vancouver Seabus

Seabus smiles & cycling adventures!

We were both with our bikes and getting off the Seabus around 5p at Waterfront Station. We shared an elevator to get from the Seabus to the street level and talked about bikes, bikepacking, and summer adventures, and that you had to go to work on this beautiful weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you ever so briefly, and I hope we can meet again. You have a beautiful smile and an adventurous spirit. I'm glad we had time for a brief chat and I caught your name - Rachel the RMT who lives in Kits and works on the North Shore. It would be nice to meet you again, for coffee, bike ride, or a fun adventure date. If you see this, I'd love to hear from from you.

When: Friday, May, 14 2021

Where: Seabus Waterfront Terminal - Elevator

This evening on the Seabus

You were wearing a long pink coat and had long dark hair. We sat on the bow of the Seabus. We caught each other's eyes at the terminal. I wish I said something to you.

When: Tuesday, November, 26 2019

Where: Seabus

Really tall guy on seabus

I saw the most handsome and SUPER tall guy on the seabus. Black cap, tattoes in his arms, green jacket. Where are you?!

When: Friday, February, 08 2019

Where: Seabus to north van

Blonde haired czech girl on Waterfront Station

You went with your friend from North Vancouver with Seabus, both overtired and didn't like the guy's long hair :D I was wearing grey winterjacket and black winter cap. I went to the skytrain platform, you straight to the station and we both smiled at each other. Coffee?

When: Saturday, March, 03 2018

Where: Waterfront Station

Red umbrella

You used to take an early morning seabus. You always seemed to know when I was really down and would smile like you were sending me the best wishes. No agenda, I just wanted to say it meant (means) a lot. Even though I couldn’t smile back you really gave me hope that good people were around. I hope life is kind to you as you were to me.

When: Monday, May, 01 2017

Where: Seabus

On the seabus back to North Van on Wednesday

Sat across from you on the 6:15 seabus back to North Van on Wednesday evening. You were wearing a sleeveless back top, black jeans, sandals. I was the guy with glasses and longish hair reading a book across from you and admiring your stylish glasses and cute pink toenails. We walked up the gangway, you to your bus and me on my short walk home. Wish I had said hello. Would love to chat over a coffee sometime. Do people really read these things?? Hopefully you can let me know. ;)

When: Wednesday, September, 27 2017

Where: On the seabus going the North Van

stunning on the Seabus

You sat across from me on the 10:45pm seabus heading to North van, you in black skirt, sexy black heels, a pink shawl and pearl earrings. We shared a couple of glances before we got off and shared a laugh at the bigger girl getting stuck in the turnstile at Lonsdale Quay. I wanted to tell you how stunning you looked but was afraid you would have thought I was a dirty old man, I'm only 46. You got on the 228 and got out on 3rd and St Andrews, we glanced again as the bus drove away, cant stop thinking of how beautiful you looked.

When: Friday, September, 15 2017

Where: Seabus to North Van


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