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King George SkyTrain station

Was waiting outside the gates of the train station for a friend to get off the elevator (west side exit) and we both did a triple take you seemed to be interested in what I was doing looking over the gates at the elevator around 6:45 pm

When: Thursday, December, 14 2023

Where: King George SkyTrain station

Chris on West Jet Flight from Calgary

I over heard you say your name was Chris, you are a co-owner for a commercial restaurant supply business on Industrial Ave. (I think), and you were coming from a Christening. You are tall, handsome and kind with brown hair and brown eyes. Fashionably late for boarding with one to many margaritas at the airport bar, you charmed the stewardess (and me) with your humour and wit. I was sitting across the aisle in 2D while you chatted up your neighbor. I wanted to join the banter, but was hesitant to talk across the aisle. Wish I was sitting next to you and regret not stopping you to exchange numbers as you darted past me for the skytrain. I was wearing a toque with braided red hair and blue eyes I felt a mutual attraction and I have no doubt we would hit it off. You like food trucks? I like food! ;) Would love if you (or someone who knows you) might see this so we can meet up and connect.

When: Monday, January, 02 2023

Where: West Jet Flight 135 from Calgary to Van

Smiling Vancouver SkyTrain Beauty

I saw you last night around 11:30 PM, Friday, August 19, traveling on the SkyTrain (expo line leaving downtown toward KG or PWU). We looked a few times into each other's eyes. You had your headphones on over your dark braided hair and a neck tattoo on the right side. Your smile was the cutest and most beautiful I have seen in a long time. You were sitting while I was standing with my friends, carrying a cooler box. I left at 29th Avenue Station. None of us took the opportunity to get in touch. I regret missing that chance.

When: Friday, August, 19 2022

Where: Vancouver SkyTrain (expo line)

Cute girl with black beret and sunglasses on skytrain

You sat beside me on the Skytrain. You were wearing a black coat, Wayfarer style sunglasses and a cute black beret. At Chinatown Station you stood up looked at me and said goodbye, I just smiled and said bye back. I would have loved to have a conversation, but my reaction was too slow and the train closed its doors before I could react. I only hope you read this and answer back!

When: Wednesday, May, 11 2022

Where: Skytrain

Smiles behind the mask on the Skytrain

Me in the white Canucks jersey with Luongo on the back, heading to Rogers Arena on the Skytrain, on one leg standing up leaning on the glass by the door. You got on at Commercial-Broadway and sat down in view of me. Smiles behind the mask directed my way 1,2,3,4+..times as we pass Main St Station and into Stadium. You with the beautiful unique black coat with designs I want to study, red-orange colour eye shadow above your gorgeous eyes, healthy black wavy hair with a matching black mask. Thoughts of offering you the 2nd ticket I had to the game so we could get to know each other crossed my mind... but I froze and didn't. Silently I stepped off the train for the game, passing in front of you for one last smile, doors shut and you continued on your journey. It's been a long time since anyone has looked at me like that and I would like to get to know you.

When: Wednesday, February, 09 2022

Where: Skytrain heading westbound on the Expo Line between Commercial-Broadway and Stadium

Tim Horton Renfrew skytrain

Attractive blond female in line at Tim horrors this am. I was waiting for my order as you were waiting to place yours. Our eyes kept meeting but you could it see my smile to you know see my mask Wish I said something . I was in a blue hoody with shorts . You were obviously on way to work . Would love to get you your order next time and chat.

When: Friday, June, 04 2021

Where: Tim hortons Renfrew

Cute Redhead On the Skytrain

You got on at Commercial Station (I think) and we were exchanging glances for the duration of the ride. You had tall boots and a black sweatshirt with white lettering, though I couldn't quite make out what it said. You got off at Main Street and walked by the window I was sitting by. I regret not saying something or at the very least waving. Here's hoping you see this.

When: Saturday, March, 13 2021

Where: SkyTrain

Dunbar #7

You were assisting the bus driver because he is new to the job. You are either a supervisor or a bus driver as well. I got on your bus at 2 pm at Nanaimo skytrain station today (March 2). I love how focused and careful you were while doing your job, and I guess you're pretty handsome behind that mask. Not really sure if you noticed me, but if you wanna go for a walk or grab a coffee, let me know. ;)

When: Tuesday, March, 02 2021

Where: Nanaimo skytrain station

Laughed skytrain

I was in the skytrain and you were waiting for the other one. We both locked eyes and you gave me a gesture. I thought you were cute! Hope you see this!

When: Saturday, January, 30 2021

Where: Lougheed skytrain station


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