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Tim Horton Renfrew skytrain

Attractive blond female in line at Tim horrors this am. I was waiting for my order as you were waiting to place yours. Our eyes kept meeting but you could it see my smile to you know see my mask Wish I said something . I was in a blue hoody with shorts . You were obviously on way to work . Would love to get you your order next time and chat.

When: Friday, June, 04 2021

Where: Tim hortons Renfrew

Cute Redhead On the Skytrain

You got on at Commercial Station (I think) and we were exchanging glances for the duration of the ride. You had tall boots and a black sweatshirt with white lettering, though I couldn't quite make out what it said. You got off at Main Street and walked by the window I was sitting by. I regret not saying something or at the very least waving. Here's hoping you see this.

When: Saturday, March, 13 2021

Where: SkyTrain

Dunbar #7

You were assisting the bus driver because he is new to the job. You are either a supervisor or a bus driver as well. I got on your bus at 2 pm at Nanaimo skytrain station today (March 2). I love how focused and careful you were while doing your job, and I guess you're pretty handsome behind that mask. Not really sure if you noticed me, but if you wanna go for a walk or grab a coffee, let me know. ;)

When: Tuesday, March, 02 2021

Where: Nanaimo skytrain station

Laughed skytrain

I was in the skytrain and you were waiting for the other one. We both locked eyes and you gave me a gesture. I thought you were cute! Hope you see this!

When: Saturday, January, 30 2021

Where: Lougheed skytrain station

Skytrain brunette, at Edmonds station this morning

You: Brunette, white pants, brown sweater and a black down coat (that you removed for the ride). You got on, somewhere downtown Vancouver; sat directly across from... Me: Very tall, dark hair, black wool toque, glasses, black jacket and pants with grey nike runners. You got off at Edmonds station. Say hi. I'd love to get to know you. :-) M.

When: Thursday, January, 21 2021

Where: Skytrain, downtown Van to Bby.

Cute guy on skytrain

You got on the train with your bike around Royal Oak, got off at commercial. Tall in a green hoodie, medium length dirty blonde hair and Red Racer hat I believe. We kept making eye contact and you were making me blush under my mask. If you read this and remember me message me something about myself.

When: Monday, October, 12 2020

Where: Skytrain

Dark Haired Dream Girl on Skytrain

I saw you on the skytrain last night, Friday July 17th, around 10:30-11pm. We both got on at Burrard station and I sat across from you after transferring to the Millennium line. You had a black dress on and have long black hair and lips I wanna kiss. I was racking my brain, trying to think of something clever to say, but couldn't think of anything appropriate, at the time, and didn't want to be a creeper. So, if you're reading this, I just want to smile at you and say, "Uh... You read any good books lately?"

When: Friday, July, 17 2020

Where: Commercial-Broadway

Working dt

I Showed you where Burrard skytrain Station is. Your first initial is J, and you have long brown hair. Sorry, I would have asked for your number, but you caught me off guard, and I ended up kicking myself the rest of the week. In case you see this, maybe you can get lost again while I’m working and ask for directions again?

When: Thursday, February, 20 2020

Where: dt near Burrard Skytrain Station

Commercial to Production Way, Catching glances?

Hi, I'm not sure if i'm reading more in to this than it actually was: I got to the skytrain platform and you stood next to me at commercial. I could feel you staring, I think. You were flipping through your phone. You: -Navy hat with a blue embroidered tiger, seems like it was a sports logo -Black double breasted peacoat -Collared shirt -Dark pants, slightly tapered -Dark shoes with some red detail Your hair was a bit long! Very handsome fellow. We seemed to catch a few glances on the train and you got off at production way university. I wasn't sure if you were taken and I didn't want to be overbearing by saying hello but I did make sure to smile. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

When: Thursday, February, 20 2020

Where: Millennium Line

You punched me in the face

rush hour, skytrain sardine can, we were shoved in. your hand flew up and punched me in the face, you then held my face and apologized. I thought it was cute, I thought you were cute. but there was too many people around. holler at me.

When: Wednesday, February, 19 2020

Where: main & terminal skytrain station


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