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E.g., Feb 24 2018

Saturday evening on the Skytrain

I saw you on the Skytrain, you sat across me. You were wearing black clothes and shoes. I looked scruffy (coming back from my soccer game) . I had a cap and headphones on. A drunk guy got on the train and said something to me I guess he wanted to sit next to me by the window? I got up and looked at you, smiling. You smiled back. Love your smile

When: Saturday, February, 17 2018

Where: Expo line

Beautiful Classy Brunette with the Enchanting Smile

Friday December 15 helped to guide me on to the correct skytrain to downtown from Commercial. You were wearing a beige trench coat carrying two personal bags a black purse and a milk chocolate leather bag. (Winners Fab Finds!!!!) I wished you a very personal merry Christmas heard by most on the train. I can't believe I didn't continue on the line with you. Now I need you to imagine this "I Saw You works"! Enchant me with your smile!

When: Friday, December, 15 2017

Where: millenium line between Holdem and Commercial and Expo to Stadium

Cupcakes on skytrain

You sat across from me, had a pair of pink/purple headphones on and had a glass tray of cupcakes on your lap. You looked out the windows for a while then dived into your Kindle. I was too scared to talk to you; I'm sure those cupcakes were delicious and I hope I can try one sometimes! :)

When: Friday, December, 08 2017

Where: Skytrain towards vancouver

Skytrain glance

Tuesday Nov 14, you were wearing a black jacket and I was wearing a black hat with a beige scarf. We both got on the Skytrain at Joyce Stn. You sat down and I waited a bit to sit down just across so I could see you better. I was thinking on getting closer and then you changed your seat and I hesitated a few times to seat with you, but I'm shy and not of those that approach strangers. I'm sure you will remember who I am if you read this. I got off on Granville, while you were putting on your touque. You looked perfectly handsome. I'm Latino, you are Asian. Hit me up and let's go for coffee!!

When: Tuesday, November, 14 2017

Where: Skytrain - Expo Line

Eyes on the Skytrain

I was just off work, I was still in my scrubs and you were wearing a black toque with a pompom on top, you had amazing eyeliner. I could swear you were looking at me and if thats true, feel free to say Hi

When: Sunday, October, 01 2017

Where: The Skytrain from Burrard to Lougheed

dog on skytrain

u got on the expo line at Nanaimo with your dog. we chatted till my stop. I should have stayed on the train. your dog was a beagle. if u see this we should take our dogs for a walk.

When: Monday, September, 11 2017

Where: skytrain

Gorgeous woman in turquoise

It was around 8pm on the skytrain, you had originally been standing in the center of two train cars, when I noticed you make your way to an available seat by the entrance. I wish I had spoke up and tried to start a conversation, because now I have that gorgeous smile of yours etched in my mind.

When: Sunday, August, 27 2017

Where: Strain -expo line

Asian girl on the Skytrain

You are the most adorable Asian girl I have ever saw. I borded on Granville station and noticed you so quickly. You looked at my eyes and made me follow in love with you badly. Sorry I was on my cellphone answering clients emails most of the time but you got off at Metrotown station and we exchanged a very cute smile. I have never tried this website but I'm really hoping to find you again. If you read this by any chance, tell me how do I look like and let's go for a nice date.

When: Friday, August, 25 2017

Where: Skytrain

Today on the skytrain

We kept smiling at each other :) you had sweet hair and the cutest smile. You were listening to some wicked music and jumped off at commercial, wish I talked to you. If you see this you'll know who I am. Let's me up, message me :)

When: Friday, August, 25 2017

Where: Skytrain

Walmart was on fire?

You stood beside me waiting to get off the 22nd St Skytrain station. You were wearing a bandana covering your nose and face cuz it was smokey outside. I couldn't take my eyes off of you as you stood right at my side. You finally looked at me and asked if the Walmart was on fire cuz you saw a fire truck. I snapped out of my stare, you were about to say something else, but an old lady decided to wedge in between us... I literally haven't been able to stop thinking of you.

When: Thursday, August, 03 2017

Where: Skytrain

skytrain flirting

i was sitting on the canada line skytrain when you sat next to me we glanced at each other and watched as the couple in front of us had a curious little child ,we kept looking at eachother. I was lost for words and the best thing i could come up with is asking you if you had any kids you shook your head and after a few more minutes you got off at the broadway stop. this was earlier in the month and i wish i got your number or name. If you read this i would love to take you on a date!!

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: canada line skytrain

I told you my hopes and dreams on the Skytrain

We met after you asked me how many stops to take to get to Yaletown on the Canada Line. I think I started blushing immediately when we started talking on the train, we talked about my life goals for some reason and you encouraged me, making time for what you love, and made a cute joke about always dating ballerinas (I had just come from Ballet). I kicked myself afterwards for not asking for your number or something after you got off.

When: Monday, July, 03 2017

Where: Vancouver City Centre Station

Skytrain from Granville!

I have never done this before, and every time I read someone post, I wonder does it ever work? I mean what is the possibility of two random strangers checking these out! But I would like to give it a shot! You: A gorgeous blonde, wearing a black dress with a denim jacket. Me: Just another guy. I saw you first on Granville station waiting for the skytrain. We happened to get in the same car and as it was very busy we were standing quite close. I was pretty annoyed by the call that I was on, and the reason was that I was distracted by you. I couldn't stop looking at your every few seconds. Pretty sure you noticed and you looked a few times too. But i think it was because you were probably just thinking, "why is this weirdo looking at me" lol. I did put my phone down, so I could start a conversation but then gave up- where do i stand a chance! Later i got off at the same station, but you went the other way. I have been kicking myself since. Honestly speaking, I have never been into blondes but you were simple beautiful! I am sure a girl like you can't be single. Well, if you read this, coffee? I work near Granville station, may be you work around there too? Please reply with where we got off?

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: Skytrain

Transit from the south terminal

You struck up a conversation about my shoes and how you had a pair and were catching flack from your friends. We talked until you had to get off after one stop on the skytrain. Wish I had given you my number but for some reason it didn't occur to me in the moment.

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: South Terminal

Blonde Sky Train

Skytrain towards Columbia . You were very attractive and charismatic . You stood in front of me traveling to surrey . It was all I could do not to put my arms around your waist and pull you into my front side and say "wow I'm stunned , I never would do this but you live close to here . I think there was some powerful sexual tension is all.

When: Monday, July, 24 2017

Where: Skytrain to Surrey

Victoria Ferry- Skytrain

I noticed you waiting for the ferry to walk on and was taken aback when I saw you get on the bus to go to the sky train station. You were wearing a jean jacket a lot like mine, beautiful eyes and a beard. I could not stop staring to the point it was getting embarrassing for me and obvious to you. I was wearing a navy hat, jean jacket and a backpack. I would love to meet for coffee sometime and maybe see you smile ?

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: 620 Bus to Bridgeport Station

Skytrain near YVR Airport

You and a friend got on the skytrain after midnight while I was sitting and reading. You made your friend blush by offering to pole dance near me and saying that I wouldn't mind. I complemented your cool shoes with laces wrapped around your ankles. I was impressed by your directness and told you that I wish I didn't have to reach my stop so quickly. I had to leave one stop before the airport. It'd be cool to talk to you more even if this is a long shot considering that you were heading to YVR Airport.

When: Monday, July, 03 2017

Where: Between Templeton and Sea Island Skytrain Stations

Patterson Skytrain Yay!

I'm the guy with the ball cap and headphones. You're the smiley woman in the sundress. Omg we should totally go on a date! That was weird and awesome and I know you're reading this! Lol

When: Tuesday, June, 27 2017

Where: Patterson Station

In a rush

I got on the skytrain from Granville and your beautiful floral dress caught my eye. In a rush I walked down the escalator past you and you caught up with me. We both ran for the skytrain doors just as they were closing and stood next to each other. Cat got my tongue and I got off shortly after at Commercial. Wish I had chatted with you.

When: Monday, June, 26 2017

Where: Granville Station

Cute cat lover on skytrain

You had an accent and a feather tattoo on your wrist, talking to your friend about how much you love cats - you captivated me.

When: Monday, June, 19 2017

Where: King Edward Skytrain

Tongue-tied on the Skytrain

We both got on at Granville. You got off at commercial, I had on shorts, a grey sweatshirt and a toque. You had short dark hair. We made eye contact and smiled at each other but I couldn't think of anything to say. If you see this lets get a drink, I'm sure I can think of something worthwhile to say.

When: Friday, May, 19 2017

Where: Skytrain heading Eastbound.

Gilmore Guy on the Millennium Line

Noticed you first on the skytrain platform at Commercial/ Broadway. Then when getting into the skytrain you ended up sitting facing me on the opposite side. You were wearing a red hoody, a cap, (jeans?) with a backpack. I was in a bright salmon coloured sweater, black capri pants and had a tan purse. I avoided making eye contact because I thought you were super attractive and I'd be too obvious. Not sure you're the type to ever read one of these posts but in the off chance you do we should grab coffee sometime.

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2017

Where: East Van/Burnaby

You noticed my blue blue eyes

Locked eyes on the skytrain to Granville station, held the door for you and we talked but I never asked your. AMe or for more of your time... can't get you out of my head nor stop kicking myself for just walking away...

When: Tuesday, May, 02 2017

Where: Granville Station

Gorgeous brunette on the Skytrain at Broadway Station

We both jumped on the skytrain at Broadway and I couldn't help but sneak a couple of cheeky glances. You, gorgeous, long dark hair, yoga pants and boots were with your friend (who was wearing woollen gloves even though it was warm out). Me, not quite as gorgeous, shaved head, nose ring and jeans jacket with the sleeves rolled up. We exchanged a couple of smiles and I'm kicking myself I didnt give you my number before you jumped off at Yaletown. Drink sometime?

When: Friday, April, 28 2017

Where: Skytrain

Weird Skytrain Moment

We shared a weird moment as you were getting off the train. You made eye contact, smiled, and - to my absolute bewilderment - waved hello. I've been scratching my head ever since, wondering if that was a romantic attraction thing, or simple a case of mistaken identity. You: in black, bent the laws of physics with the huge violin-like instrument on your back (it's actually bigger than you are). Me: asian, thick framed glasses, dumbfounded jerk who was (kind of) in the way of the train doors.

When: Wednesday, April, 26 2017

Where: Broadway Skytrain Station


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