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E.g., Aug 19 2017

Skytrain from Granville!

I have never done this before, and every time I read someone post, I wonder does it ever work? I mean what is the possibility of two random strangers checking these out! But I would like to give it a shot! You: A gorgeous blonde, wearing a black dress with a denim jacket. Me: Just another guy. I saw you first on Granville station waiting for the skytrain. We happened to get in the same car and as it was very busy we were standing quite close. I was pretty annoyed by the call that I was on, and the reason was that I was distracted by you. I couldn't stop looking at your every few seconds. Pretty sure you noticed and you looked a few times too. But i think it was because you were probably just thinking, "why is this weirdo looking at me" lol. I did put my phone down, so I could start a conversation but then gave up- where do i stand a chance! Later i got off at the same station, but you went the other way. I have been kicking myself since. Honestly speaking, I have never been into blondes but you were simple beautiful! I am sure a girl like you can't be single. Well, if you read this, coffee? I work near Granville station, may be you work around there too? Please reply with where we got off?

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: Skytrain

Transit from the south terminal

You struck up a conversation about my shoes and how you had a pair and were catching flack from your friends. We talked until you had to get off after one stop on the skytrain. Wish I had given you my number but for some reason it didn't occur to me in the moment.

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: South Terminal

Blonde Sky Train

Skytrain towards Columbia . You were very attractive and charismatic . You stood in front of me traveling to surrey . It was all I could do not to put my arms around your waist and pull you into my front side and say "wow I'm stunned , I never would do this but you live close to here . I think there was some powerful sexual tension is all.

When: Monday, July, 24 2017

Where: Skytrain to Surrey

Victoria Ferry- Skytrain

I noticed you waiting for the ferry to walk on and was taken aback when I saw you get on the bus to go to the sky train station. You were wearing a jean jacket a lot like mine, beautiful eyes and a beard. I could not stop staring to the point it was getting embarrassing for me and obvious to you. I was wearing a navy hat, jean jacket and a backpack. I would love to meet for coffee sometime and maybe see you smile ?

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: 620 Bus to Bridgeport Station

Skytrain near YVR Airport

You and a friend got on the skytrain after midnight while I was sitting and reading. You made your friend blush by offering to pole dance near me and saying that I wouldn't mind. I complemented your cool shoes with laces wrapped around your ankles. I was impressed by your directness and told you that I wish I didn't have to reach my stop so quickly. I had to leave one stop before the airport. It'd be cool to talk to you more even if this is a long shot considering that you were heading to YVR Airport.

When: Monday, July, 03 2017

Where: Between Templeton and Sea Island Skytrain Stations

Patterson Skytrain Yay!

I'm the guy with the ball cap and headphones. You're the smiley woman in the sundress. Omg we should totally go on a date! That was weird and awesome and I know you're reading this! Lol

When: Tuesday, June, 27 2017

Where: Patterson Station

In a rush

I got on the skytrain from Granville and your beautiful floral dress caught my eye. In a rush I walked down the escalator past you and you caught up with me. We both ran for the skytrain doors just as they were closing and stood next to each other. Cat got my tongue and I got off shortly after at Commercial. Wish I had chatted with you.

When: Monday, June, 26 2017

Where: Granville Station

Cute cat lover on skytrain

You had an accent and a feather tattoo on your wrist, talking to your friend about how much you love cats - you captivated me.

When: Monday, June, 19 2017

Where: King Edward Skytrain

Tongue-tied on the Skytrain

We both got on at Granville. You got off at commercial, I had on shorts, a grey sweatshirt and a toque. You had short dark hair. We made eye contact and smiled at each other but I couldn't think of anything to say. If you see this lets get a drink, I'm sure I can think of something worthwhile to say.

When: Friday, May, 19 2017

Where: Skytrain heading Eastbound.

Gilmore Guy on the Millennium Line

Noticed you first on the skytrain platform at Commercial/ Broadway. Then when getting into the skytrain you ended up sitting facing me on the opposite side. You were wearing a red hoody, a cap, (jeans?) with a backpack. I was in a bright salmon coloured sweater, black capri pants and had a tan purse. I avoided making eye contact because I thought you were super attractive and I'd be too obvious. Not sure you're the type to ever read one of these posts but in the off chance you do we should grab coffee sometime.

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2017

Where: East Van/Burnaby

You noticed my blue blue eyes

Locked eyes on the skytrain to Granville station, held the door for you and we talked but I never asked your. AMe or for more of your time... can't get you out of my head nor stop kicking myself for just walking away...

When: Tuesday, May, 02 2017

Where: Granville Station

Gorgeous brunette on the Skytrain at Broadway Station

We both jumped on the skytrain at Broadway and I couldn't help but sneak a couple of cheeky glances. You, gorgeous, long dark hair, yoga pants and boots were with your friend (who was wearing woollen gloves even though it was warm out). Me, not quite as gorgeous, shaved head, nose ring and jeans jacket with the sleeves rolled up. We exchanged a couple of smiles and I'm kicking myself I didnt give you my number before you jumped off at Yaletown. Drink sometime?

When: Friday, April, 28 2017

Where: Skytrain

Weird Skytrain Moment

We shared a weird moment as you were getting off the train. You made eye contact, smiled, and - to my absolute bewilderment - waved hello. I've been scratching my head ever since, wondering if that was a romantic attraction thing, or simple a case of mistaken identity. You: in black, bent the laws of physics with the huge violin-like instrument on your back (it's actually bigger than you are). Me: asian, thick framed glasses, dumbfounded jerk who was (kind of) in the way of the train doors.

When: Wednesday, April, 26 2017

Where: Broadway Skytrain Station

Smiling skytrain Italian

We got on the expo line at Main and Science World. I was carrying a very heavy box and you graciously let me sit down. You then sat down opposite me, next to an elderly Albanian gentlemen, who shared some of his life with you. All the way through you laughed, asking polite questions. You mentioned that you are of Italian background, but were born in Canada. He left, and then you rode the train all the way to Surrey. You would not stop smiling, even with the rain and the delays. It was as if you had discovered a hidden secret. I dearly wanted to ask you what had made you so happy - I had never seen someone look so lively on public transit. Towards the end, you pulled a dog-eared copy of Spinoza's Ethics out of your beautiful old leather satchel, and I was head over heels. I desperately tried to think of something to say, but was too shy. We smiled at each other as I left the train. If you weren't smiling about a partner, perhaps you could tell me what you were smiling about some time?

When: Saturday, April, 08 2017

Where: Main Street-Science World Skytrain station

Beautiful girl on the Skytrain

I asked you if that was the 106 bus that stopped at the stop I was waiting at, even though I knew it was, and I just thought you were so beautiful. We got on the skytrain together and felt so good when I noticed you smile at me. I wanted that dude sitting next to you to get off so I could sit next to you, but he never did and I never worked up the courage to talk to you :( You smiled and waved as I got off the train, and I wanted to go back into the train to ask you for your phone number but I never did, and I'm kicking myself for not doing that. Wherever you are, Pretty skytrain girl, you definitely made my day.

When: Tuesday, April, 04 2017

Where: New west bus stop, skytrain

Starbucks / City Hall Skytrain "Meet Cute" encounter

I was leaving the City Hall Skytrain station. You were walking in and I turned around and smiled and waved, thinking I knew you. I walked across the street into the Starbucks at Cambie and Broadway…you followed me and came and sat across from me in the Starbucks. YOU: Have a wonderful smile, work for an electrical company (Mott Electric), have dark hair and great style. ME: Short with brown hair and work for a Project Management company – we figured out our companies have worked together quite a bit. You said my smile made your day and took my number to schedule a real coffee date. I haven’t heard from you and am worried that you wrote down my number wrong OR think I gave you a fake number (not the case) . A “meet cute” is rare and I want to take you up on that coffee!

When: Monday, March, 13 2017

Where: City Hall Skytrain & Broadway/Cambie Starbucks

Skytrain to Waterfront Station

You - tall, cute, well dressed, glasses, brown boots. Me - blonde hair, bangs, green glasses, bundled up. We both got on at Main Street Skytrain Station and shared a few glances back and forth until I got off at Burrard. I turned back and smiled at you before I left... hopefully, I'll bump into you again on our morning commute :)

When: Tuesday, January, 24 2017

Where: Main Street–Science World station

Beautiful Woman with a nose ring on Skytrain (Canada Line) to Downtown

Taking the skytrain was never the favourite part of my daily commute to work - until - a week ago. Last Tuesday I saw you in an overly crowded train. I remember I simply couldn't stop looking at you the moment I laid eyes on you. I think you got on the train at the Olympic Village Station. We caught eyes for a moment and continued to exchange eye contacts. At one point you looked down and had your eyes closed for a brief moment and looked at me after your opened your eyes. I have been hoping to run into you again ever since. You were a stunning woman with a nose ring (left), I was the guy with glasses wearing a black peacoat and I got off at the Yaletown station. I wish I hadn't gotten off the train and had stayed behind to talk to you. I may very well never see you again, that's regret.

When: Tuesday, January, 10 2017

Where: Canada Line Skytrain (Going to downtown)

oak ridge skytrain direction downtown

We both boarded the skytrain at Oak Ridge around 6pm, saw you peeking at me few times, you were Asian 20s, light beige jacket, black leggings, gray sweater and a pair of uggs color cream... you stayed standing by the door till I had to get out at granville station... I was the guy listening music, blue umbrella, with camo joggers, short hair and a blue jacket... im sure you remember - we locked eyes few times ;) holla back!!

When: Sunday, January, 08 2017

Where: oak ridge station

dropped your compass card

I was walking on Vanness toward the Skytrain station and you came out of an apartment a few blocks from the station. i was a few steps behind you and you dropped your compass card and i made a comment to you. Would like to continue the conversation and go for a coffee or a drink. Before i had a chance to say anything you crossed the street and we walked opposite each other to Joyce would like to see you again

When: Saturday, December, 03 2016

Where: Vanness

Brentwood Skytrain Wink November 2nd

You: Blond, shortish hair with a cute toque on. We traveled on the skytrain towards lougheed station exchanging glances and smiles but this time i got off at production way and as the train clicked close you gave me the sexiest wink ever, can i see it again?

When: Wednesday, November, 02 2016

Where: Brentwood Station

Anchored at 29Th Avenue Station.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I was waiting on the platform of the Skytrain at the station 29th to go to work when I saw you arrive, the time was frozen when we locked eyes a few seconds, thats around 8:15 am and I could only pay attention to your movements, you took a number from "The Georgia Straight", then while you reading it I could see that you wear a red bracelet with an anchor and other with this: TAAB. You were very rushed and that's why I did not approach, however I know you read this newspaper and it will be my big opportunity to find you again. I can't get you off of my mind, and Im very intrigued to meet you. I count on this publication to make an appointment I only ask you to wait for January, when I come back from Mexico and it will be just to look for you. "Andabamos sin buscarnos, pero sabiendo que andabamos para encontrarnos"Julio Cortázar. P.S. I hope it was not a dream and I can see you again.

When: Thursday, November, 17 2016

Where: Skytrain, 29Th Avenue Station.

Focus Group & Skytrain

After the focus group we got on the Skytrain and chatted for 2 stops. The Edmonds station came too soon! I wanted to give you my phone number, but was too slow. I was delighted by our conversation; would be nice to meet again!

When: Tuesday, November, 15 2016

Where: Skytrain Metrotown

new west skytrain platform

I was getting off the train, you were with your friend and your skateboard. You stopped in front of me, I pretended not to see you because I'm shy. I think that's enough info? Was barely even an interaction.

When: Tuesday, November, 08 2016

Where: New Westminster

Cute smile grey knit sweater

On the skytrain this evening, you got on the train with your friend, you : nice dark blue jeans, grey knit sweater very sweet smile Asian guy, you kept yawning. Me : all black, shorts, tattoos, bear. didn't want to bother you :) your friend got off at science world we transferred at commercial. Would like to grab a drink/dinner some time

When: Friday, September, 30 2016

Where: Skytrain


I wanted to believe

that we were good friends. That we had each others backs. That we were honest with each other....


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