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E.g., Aug 17 2017

Forebidden crushes, aren't sexy

There was a large window stretching across an entire wall, most of the time, but the rooms kept moving about. I sat next to the sky usually, silently exploring rooftops, and trying to respect the privacy of others in the room. At first, you were a stranger among many in a lifetime of attending, until you weren't. I didn't expect the change, it's never come about before. There aren't many settings, I find myself in, that are less arousing. I noticed the intensity in your eyes first, your furrowed thinking brow. Later on, I was fascinated by how turned on I felt sitting next to you. I wonder if you felt anything of the sort, early on. Can chemistry be one sided? Was that really a double-take in the hallway? Regardless, eventually the intermittent smile that crept across your face weeks later offered evidence of a shared spark. You seemed to light up when I spoke, with that small grin of yours reacting to my words. I hope you didn't invalidate those sparks in the manner your profession dictates. I don't fit the profile in that dated narrative, do I? If you think so, there must be a hell of a lot of assumptions distorting your image of me. I'm just attracted to you, and consider you a person I would like to get to know. Who knows if anything "more" would come of it - frankly I don't care. Fun and lust are worth pursuing for their own sake. Sparks don't fly everyday. So, if this cryptic description resonates...you're probably a tall white guy with broad shoulders and glasses... Clark Kent, basically. Give me a shout, I respect your work, and I promise I'll protect your identity.

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: Robson


You were sitting behind me at the Orpheum and we hadn't seen each other in years. I am the blind girl with purple and pink hair. I overheard you telling someone about the fact that if you had contacted me 3 weeks earlier all those years ago that you would be the one sitting with me, not my current bf. I was in tears and wanted to talk to you, but you never got up the nerve to say hi either did I. I have never forgotten you nor forgiven myself for choosing him over you. I have any way of contacting you, so I hope that you read this and contact me. I am sorry, please forgive me.

When: Friday, July, 14 2017

Where: Orpheum

Kits London Drugs

I was picking up a photo at London Drugs. You were waiting in the Canada Post section and you had a 4-band tattoo on your right arm. I noticed you. I think you looked up to see me during my transaction. I was too nervous to do or say anything. Maybe you'll read this.

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: London Drugs on Kits

Roxy Sunday

Met at Roxy Sunday. Exchanged glances in the queue. You bought me yam fries, and told me I scared you because of my honesty. I took off a bit too early in the morning like a true 21st century woman. Let me make it up to you and buy you coffee sometime. Signed, the midnight drifter.

When: Monday, August, 07 2017

Where: Roxy Cabaret


Saw you on the bus this morning. There's a nice person behind your eyes and I think in your head too. I like your glasses.

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: #19 to stanley park

I tried to let you cross

I've never posted anything like this but I couldn't believe how cute you were. I feel like such a freaking desperate idiot but here goes nothing. Saw you in Superstore as I was B-lining it for the bagged salad section in a black and white dotted dress. I thought, oh that guy was cute ... But then I saw a sale on spiralized beets and forgot to turn around to see if I was just imagining you. BUT then I was driving out of the parking lot and saw you about to cross, I tried to let you cross even though I had the right of way but like the dumb idiot that I am, I just blocked the road. You let me drive off as you should have. If you aren't completely freaked out by my seemingly desperate post...tell me what colour or type of car was i driving?

When: Tuesday, August, 08 2017

Where: Superstore Grandview east can

Looks at Matchstick

You: Handsome, wearing all black, waiting for your coffee (I'm assuming). Me: Short dark hair, glasses, waiting for an iced herbal tea. Our eyes met a few times and now I'm kicking myself for not saying hi! Maybe next time I will :)

When: Friday, August, 04 2017

Where: Matchstick Chinatown

Kitsilano Dog Beach

We ran into each other at the dog beach in Kitsilano on Wednesday. You'd come in from New Westminster to watch the fireworks, and I was actively trying to avoid them. It didn't occur to me that you may have been there for the evening by yourself! We didn't exchange names or numbers, but you seemed really great. Get in touch if you're up for a proper doggy date with Jack and Marley :)

When: Wednesday, August, 02 2017

Where: Kitsilano

23rd street safety skater

You were cruising down 23rd on your board sporting a helmet (nothing sexier than safety). We made eye contact as I drove past you in the opposite direction. I saw you look back too from my rearview mirror. This is a crazy long shot, but Id love to meet up for a beer and a chat.

When: Wednesday, August, 02 2017

Where: 23rd and Main

Head over handlebars in Granville Island

Me: Blond hair, blue eyes, I was helping a woman who had taken a spill off her bike. You: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'8"?? (I'm very bad at judging heights). You were the firefighter who showed up at the scene after the paramedics were there and helped lift the woman into the ambulance. You seemed very kind and attentive. I don't even know if you noticed me but here's hoping!

When: Sunday, July, 23 2017

Where: 2nd and Fir

Saw you sleepy at Roxy Burger

You were sleeping at a booth across from your friends and the waitress came by to wake you up. You had a blue Winnipeg Jets hat on and an adorable beard. I was sitting at the bar – tall brunette with glasses and a floral dress. I wanted to come over and talk to you but couldn't work up the courage. I am a huge Winnipeg Jets fan myself, love listening to trap rap and can cook a killer steak. I’m also into philosophy. Meet me at the Cambie at 8:30 pm next Friday. Let's chat. I'll be wearing the same dress.

When: Tuesday, July, 25 2017

Where: Roxy Burger - Granville

Longboard bail

You: bearded, bald, riding your longboard on Edmonds Street. Me: tall, short dark hair, just getting on the bus after work. We made eye contact, we both smiled, then you bailed on your board. We both laughed. If you see this, let me know. Maybe I can find you a bandaid.

When: Thursday, July, 27 2017

Where: Edmonds St & Canada Way bus stop

Eagle Mask !! Spirt Gallery!!

We talked about native carvings and that we shared an interest in art. I bought the eagle mask and you wanted to know about the other pieces that I liked. Never got your name I would love to meet again !!

When: Saturday, July, 22 2017

Where: Spirit Gallery in Horseshoe Bay

You: Red Mazda | Me: Silver Elantra

You: cute and smiley male driving a red Mazda down HWY 1 eastbound, you took the 200th exit in Langley. I was driving the silver Elantra - dark brown hair, blue eyes.... you probably caught me 'hand dancing' as you drove by me. You slowed down, made eye contact and we played eye tag until we both took the 200th exit. You signalled for me to follow you but I lost you.

When: Monday, July, 24 2017

Where: Langley 200th exit

White Tshirt On The Patio @ Tap and Barrel Olympic Village

You were sitting at the table behind me and my girls friends. I kept trying not to look at you, but it was kind of hard because you were so beautiful! Honestly you looked familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I can't stop thinking about how gorgeous you were!

When: Sunday, July, 23 2017

Where: Tap and Barrel Olympic Village

In Hot Pursuit

You, and I assume your brother and dad saved me and my friends when our bbq boat broke down! I tried to be clever with the title...Cuz the name of your boat was 'Pursuit', get it? You were the brown-haired one. I was wearing a black dress with brown/blonde hair. Thought you were cute and funny and basically you saved my life. I should have given you my number when you suggested we all go for that discounted boat ride...But hopefully you see this instead!

When: Monday, July, 24 2017

Where: False Creek


you walked by as i was having a birthday beer at cinema's patio on grandville st, you told me i looked cool and kept on going your way...you came back and had a couple of beers with me, hehehe. we ended up hanging out the whole day, i would love to see you again before you leave to your next destination!!!! I hope your phone screen is now fixed.

When: Thursday, July, 20 2017

Where: cinema public house

We sat beside eachother waiting for Trooper to play at Rocky Point Park

On Canada Day, you and your son were sitting on the grass beside me (long haired brunette) and my blonde girlfriend and her fiance, while we waited for the show to start. I struggled with the selfie stick and you took our picture for us. I was sickened that a male client/acquaintance/friend that took me out for a birthday dinner the previous night, thought he would let me know he cared about me by being very attentive. I couldn't shake him. You and I didn't speak anymore...and I wanted to give you my phone number...

When: Saturday, July, 01 2017

Where: Rocky Point Park, Port Moody

Sweet Bus Driver

You - handsome bus driver who was sweet as hell Me- nice bus rider gal who wished you a 'hope your day is over sooner rather than later!' I wish I had given you my number!

When: Saturday, July, 22 2017

Where: 25 To UBC - going west

Mary Poppins under the stars

The whole play was marvellous, but I noticed you right away when you entered on the stage. Though you didn't play a big role, you had a presence that I seemed to have always been drawn back to, wether it was in the yellow vest during Jolly Holiday, or the bright orange hat in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You probably wouldn't have seen me; I was the one, well, in the white rain poncho. Bravo on a great!

When: Saturday, July, 22 2017

Where: Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park

Don Miguel Ruiz and the 236 to Park Royal

You helped an elderly lady pay her fare, the bus driver and I told you there should be more men like you in the world... We talked about the agreements, and life. I was sad when I got to my stop, but didn't find the courage to ask for your number. You said you were certain we'd meet again.. Sadly I rarely take the bus.. It's been over a month, and for some reason, I'm still kicking myself. I need people like you in my life.. Sometimes fate needs a little help.. I hope you agree and happen to be reading this today.

When: Saturday, June, 17 2017

Where: On the 236 from Lonsdale to Park Royal

Coconut Chips

We were in line at winners / homesense on Cambie ...you a tall handsome guy with an arm and leg tattoo, me a brunette wearing a hat and gym clothes. You caught my eye so I made small talk in line. You helped me pick out the best ever coconut chips that your friend that owns a health food store recommended. Not wanting to be rude and not knowing if you are single or not, I chickened out and didn't just ask you for your number. I kicked myself afterwards as you seemed genuinely nice and have a great smile. It would be nice to know either way if you are single or not and if you are, maybe I'll share some of my coconut chips with you. If not I can at least stop kicking myself for not asking and just enjoy the awesome recommendation.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: Winners / homesense

"Lovely" Cyclist on Point Grey Road - Vancouver Folk Music Festival

I was working Folk Fest, wearing my traffic vest, when I said, "Hey lovely!" to someone in the car behind you as you cycled between the car & I. I noted that you were also lovely but I happened to be talking to them. You replied & we smiled at each other as I blushed. I saw you one other time during the day, when we smiled at each other again, but I didn't get a chance to stop working to chat. I was wearing a green dress, have longer brown hair & was wearing a traffic vest & radio. This may have happened on Friday, not Thursday, & unfortunately I haven't a clue as to what time you cycled past me.

When: Thursday, July, 13 2017

Where: Point Grey Road by Jericho Beach Park

Victoria Ferry- Skytrain

I noticed you waiting for the ferry to walk on and was taken aback when I saw you get on the bus to go to the sky train station. You were wearing a jean jacket a lot like mine, beautiful eyes and a beard. I could not stop staring to the point it was getting embarrassing for me and obvious to you. I was wearing a navy hat, jean jacket and a backpack. I would love to meet for coffee sometime and maybe see you smile ?

When: Monday, July, 17 2017

Where: 620 Bus to Bridgeport Station



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