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E.g., Jun 20 2018

the most beautious girl in canada

You work at the pet store on hasringsm ur the girl with the green hair. today u were waring a wig. u have a saint bernard x bermeese hill dog . i love you.

When: Friday, May, 04 2018

Where: Hastings-Sunrise, East Van

Green parachute pants

You were the pretty blonde working construction in kitsilano on Tuesday I was the tall dark haired guy working at the shop next door. Didn't get an opportunity to talk but how about drinks and a show sometime?

When: Tuesday, May, 01 2018

Where: Kitsilano

99 in Kits

Saw you on the 99, we smiled at each other, first at the MacDonald stop, then on the bus, then again after I got off. Me: slim, dark skin, black curly chin length hair, carrying something. You: slim, caucasian, long & straight black hair, red lipstick, floral shirt, cute. Where did I get off and what was I carrying?

When: Thursday, May, 03 2018

Where: 99 B Line

Topeless Queen at the Roxy

I watched you do a cat walk strut while ripping off your shift. You then fell to the floor and made epileptic seizure movements. You were quickly removed from the dance floor and banned for life. I think i'm in love, can daddy buy you a new shirt?

When: Thursday, May, 03 2018

Where: The Roxy

Waiting room regret

We were both waiting to see the doctor and you overheard me talking to my brother about my age. You were so cute the way you told me that I have nothing to worry about. I was with my family and I didn't have the guts to ask you for your number in front of them.

When: Wednesday, April, 18 2018

Where: Westview Drive

Here's the old school, with the new school

We were in the same physics class one summer in BCIT. I was studying at the bench right outside our building when you passed by riding your skateboard, rocking your old school Walkman looking headphones and shoes. In lab that same day you said my new short hair looked good. Saw you again recently at the Charles Bar where we danced all night to old school tunes. I think you're pretty cool and I love vibing with you. You make me feel like 90’s RnB. I wish we were closer in school.

When: Saturday, April, 14 2018

Where: Gastown

looking for hammertime

we only met online, we were supposed to go out and for some #$%! reason my account got deleted the day of our date, and i had no way to get a hold of you! i really wanted to meet :-/ here's hoping you'll see this and i can wear my nerdy librarian glasses to dinner...

When: Sunday, April, 29 2018


I'm not a chiropractor but I can crack a couple nuts

You're a regular... but you've been skipping the gym lately and I haven't been seeing you. Now that I'm back from holidays I'd love to grab a drink with you. I'm the one with the blonde hair.

When: Wednesday, April, 25 2018

Where: Be Fresh Bayswater

Red haired beauty

I came into Starbucks on Davie, you were waiting for your coffee. You had a short black jacket and tights. You definitely knew I was checking you out. I’m pretty sure I’d seen you before at Shoppers.

When: Sunday, April, 29 2018

Where: Starbucks on davie

Steamy Bus Ride

You were wearing a blue getup and had your LOTR book out reading on the 22 bus. Couldn't help but feel some great flirty vibes from you. Usually those reverse seats are a curse, but not today. Describe what I was wearing, would love to see what you're about.

When: Friday, April, 27 2018

Where: 22 Bus

2 rushed travelers getting through security at YVR

We were both rushing through security to make our flights. You were heading to Calgary, wearing an amazing grey dress, I was in a bright yellow shirt heading to Edmonton. I wished we had more time to chat, I love a beautiful woman that is confident. Would love to have a real conversation with you. Tapas and stiff drinks?

When: Friday, April, 27 2018

Where: YVR airport

Narrow Lounge

You were sitting at the bar with two friends and I was at a table with a friend. We chatted a bit waiting for the washroom - you had just come from a cool-sounding event downtown. Your name was Sabrina or Sabina, I'm not sure. Wish I had gotten your number but you left rather quickly. You have stunning eyes, I'd love to meet for a drink sometime.

When: Wednesday, April, 25 2018


JJ Bean on Cambie

Every day I come in and order a mocha, snd occassionslly piut about the lack of butter tarts. You smile at me and always engage me with that amazing Australian accent. If its not too cliché, I would like to coffee!

When: Thursday, April, 26 2018

Where: Cambie and 18

Cloverdale Gym Stares

If you miraculously read this then you know who you are... just talk to me already. We could go on a lovely summer night out and finally see each other out of our gym clothes.

When: Wednesday, April, 25 2018

Where: Cloverdale Rec Center

Mount pleasant library chat

I was checking out books when you said that you had read one of them. I asked you where it was set and you told me it was never mentioned. Thought you had great hair and would be down to grab a drink sometime :)

When: Wednesday, April, 25 2018

Where: Mount pleasant library

Railtown Romance

You caught my eye as soon as I walked in. We kept exchanging glances as I ordered and walked to the till. You were wearing a light burgundy pullover with tights and blundstone boots. Your had your hair down, your smile and eyes effortlessly captivated my attention. I was wearing a blue sport sweater and black sweat pants. I would love to take you to dinner or even just a nice walk with a hot beverage.

When: Tuesday, April, 24 2018

Where: Railtown Cafe - Railway Street


In front of Waterfront st. while waiting for transit, you passed by and gave me a beautiful smile, you made my day! I'd love to buy you lunch/coffee. Beautiful hair btw.

When: Tuesday, April, 24 2018

Where: Waterfront

Sloan Concert at the Imperial

You stood in front of me on the floor at the Sloan concert at the Imperial. You were worried I couldn't see so, you bent down a little. I said you were a gentleman for doing that. I thought you were nice looking, fit, and had a great hair-cut. I have long black wavy hair, brown eyes, and was wearing black. You chatted a bit to me and my two girlfriends and made a remark about the guy in the band with the beard and the striped shirt playing the tambourine. You went to get drinks and we moved closer to the front...didn't see you after that. Wish I had given you my number.

When: Monday, April, 23 2018

Where: Sloan Concert at the Imperial

At the Doc in West Van this morn

Both of us tall. You dark and handsome. Me forgetful of my name. Saw you outside Starbucks afterwards. I'm too old for you, but would love to play with that hair.

When: Monday, April, 23 2018


Handsome black guy at Yaletown Brewery

I was dancing with a friend on Despacito when you arrived with your buddy. You had a beautiful smile and a nice skin tone. You looked at me but I'm not sure if you really saw me. I'd love to chat with you. Coffee maybe?

When: Sunday, April, 22 2018

Where: Yaletown Brewery


I was waiting for my girl friend near the bathrooms & you were in line. Then you sat at the window. You’re tall, dark hair, dark eyes, camo trucker hat, & shorts. Margaritas sometime?

When: Friday, April, 13 2018

Where: Chipotle on Howe, Vancouver

Starbucks Willingdon guy on laptop

You (tanned skin, shaved head, tatts on both arms) were seated at a long, high table, on a laptop. I (brunette, raincoat, jeans) breezed in for a coffee with just enough time to rustle up a too small of a shy smile. Maybe I can sit with you next time?

When: Friday, April, 20 2018

Where: Starbucks in Lougheed & Willingdon, Burnaby

such commitment

we raced down granville today after 420. you had two pigtails but the right side of your head was shaved. asymmetry is underrated.

When: Friday, April, 20 2018


Polygon Gallery, Sunday 15 April 2018

You sat in the back row for the Dislocating N. Vancouver lecture- black top, shoulder-length hair, grey eyes, wicked smile (you seemed to be amused). I was sitting 2 seats over: salt & pepper hair, black metal glasses- wish I had said hi after...if you see this, make a noise...testing testing 123...

When: Sunday, April, 15 2018

Where: Polygon Gallery


Another Day In The Neighbourhood

I'm going down to start a protest out front of the Vegexpo. Those vegans are so judgemental....