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E.g., Nov 12 2018

Missed connection on the bus

We almost sat next to each other on the 14 to Richmond today, you remarked on the spanish girls that were on the wrong bus. Coffee?

When: Sunday, October, 28 2018

Where: BC bus 14 to Richmond

Future member of the CAG

You wandered into the bookstore at the Contemporary Art Gallery, while waiting to sign up for a membership with the gallery. I remarked that the books looked prettier than the art exhibit. Me: purple jacket and purple backpack. Let's wander in museums?

When: Sunday, October, 28 2018

Where: Contemporary Art Gallery

Glasses on the 180

Dark long brown haired woman who took the 180 from Burquitlam Station on Sunday October 28th around 1400. You were wearing thick-framed glasses, long black coat, and brown-red leather gloves, and had a laptop bag. You were an elegant lady. I was wearing a purple jacket and a purple backpack. I was scrambling to come up with a pretext to talk to you because you looked like the type who likes to read books as well.

When: Sunday, October, 28 2018

Where: 180 bus from Burquitlam Stattion

Hey, bunny from roosters cabaret, it’s mummy girl!

You immediately complimented my mummy costume and how much work I put into it, I quite enjoyed your full bunny suit equipped with a cute bunny nose! We danced to cruise by florida georgia lines, you spun me around and waltzed me! We were talking to eachother and by the end of the night. I said you were gorgeous, you returned to compliment, you told me you were staying in the hotel across the street. My phone was dead so I never asked for you number, and I’m kicking myself for it now. Even if we don’t end of connecting, I wanted to tell you: You look a lot like David Walton, and I’m loving it.

When: Saturday, October, 27 2018

Where: Roosters Country Cabaret

Spider man drop

I dressed up as spiderman dropped down off the roof of a bar and at the end of the night you approached me saying you missed it and asked me to do an encore I'm sorry I was so tired that I didn't anyways I should've got your number I know this is a long shot and I hope you see this post and contact me I would love to get to know you

When: Saturday, October, 27 2018

Where: New Westminster

Johnny in the Skeleton Costume with Hiccups at Junction

You: Johnny in the skeleton costume with hiccups. Me: Tim dressed as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. You were sitting in the booth with hiccups, and I gave you a drink and tired to scare your hiccups away. You didn’t like your costume because of the skull mask. We then danced and you left, but I never got your number. Would be great to meet up for drinks and get to know you better.

When: Saturday, October, 27 2018

Where: The Junction

Commercial Dr. smile

You: beautiful, dark ( with a tiny hint of salt) shoulder- length hair, purple outdoor vest, grey-ish patterned leggings. You were about to cross the street westbound at around 3rd (?) around 4:00pm. Me: orange-ish leather jacket, curly dark ( with hint of salt) curly hair, beard. You turned around and we shared a beautiful smile. I should have stopped and said hi. Coffee sometime?

When: Friday, October, 26 2018

Where: Commercial Dr around 3rd-4th

Election Day

Saw you on the Saturday of the election at finch's having a coffee. You had a skirt and leggings on, probably about five foot 8 brunette with long natural hair and you were chatting with a dark handsome man about politics and writing. I found it difficult to tear my eyes away from your long legs.

When: Saturday, October, 20 2018

Where: Finch's Strathcona

Stars Aligned at Starbucks

I was the tall brunette with glasses wearing a black coat and white turtleneck. You were tall with dark hair wearing a dark jacket. Our eyes met while I was waiting in line and you were waiting with a friend for your drink. I saw you look again but I was shy and not yet caffeinated. Coffee sometime?

When: Friday, October, 26 2018

Where: Starbucks at Georgia and Granville

Beautiful Girl/ White Jeep St Johns and Kyle Street Port Moody

I was in my blue sweat jacket walking my dog; you were in your white Jeep Cherokee waiting to turn right. I didn’t mean to cut you off with my dog; if I had realized how stunning you were I would of let you run me over! Your smile is imprinted in me head.... Coffe, tea, walk?????

When: Wednesday, October, 24 2018

Where: Intersection St Johns and Kyle

Walmart Lougheed Mall

Wednesday October 24th at Walmart Lougheed Mall. You blonde; blue jeans; nose ring: We shared glances and a smile. I finally had to come over and say hi to you! Would like the opportunity to chat...

When: Wednesday, October, 24 2018

Where: Walmart Lougheed Mall

Vancouver Canadians World Series Game 1

Blonde Dodger fan I was chatting with. You told me what sport you played back home. You left after the 8th inning before I had a chance to ask for your contact info. Drinks at Chaise before the Series ends?

When: Tuesday, October, 23 2018

Where: Nat Bailey Stadium

Matt White Vs. Matte White Pipe

I've been sitting on two broken ass pipes for a very long while. I figured with the new legalization, what the heck, let's get a new one. I walked up Main St to Puff close to closing time and asked to see the pipes designed by Matt White and pointed to them out to you. You were confused and started pulling out matte white pipes instead. It was an innocent mistake, but things continued to progress in a funny manner until the end of the sale. I ended up $0.50 cents ahead buy some nag champa and screens in addition to my new pipe. Your name was Jordan, mine Dave..

When: Monday, October, 22 2018

Where: Puff on Main.

Bartender at Di Beppe Café

We joked around about Nonna making us “eat, eat!” The lasagna was great, but the goat cheese and tomatoes were to die for. You made my evening memorable. I could probably spend hours talking with you. Drop me a line?

When: Thursday, October, 18 2018

Where: Di Beppe Café Gastown.

Cute boy walking on South Burrard

We walked past one another and smiled, I had a long black and silver skirt on, we then both rubber-necked and looked back at eachother once more. I should have said Hi!

When: Friday, October, 19 2018

Where: Near Burrard bridge and 5th street

Blonde at the Produce Aisle on Independent

You had blonde hair, a black Arc'teryx jacket, and black Blundstones. Looks like you just bought them and you were just breaking them in. We chatted about living in the West End, your recent trip to Israel, and trying the Whole30 and Keto diet. Me: I had black jeans, white converse and a black Arc'teryx jacket. Would love to chat about travel stories again, let's go grab food at Thai Basil.

When: Tuesday, October, 16 2018

Where: Independent Grocery Store on Davie St.

I love your smile.

You work at Terra Bread and you’ve helped with my order several times (sometimes I pretend I’m still thinking of what to get when other waiters ask). You’re tall and handsome and has dirty blonde hair. I’m very shy and will probably never say hi. If you see this, I hope it put a smile on your face, it always makes my day :)

When: Wednesday, October, 17 2018

Where: Terra Bread Olympic Village

Helped me rescue an injured pigeon

You have dark hair, a tattoo of a cross on your neck and were wearing a green top and green shoes. I have short blonde hair and was walking a little dog. You helped me rescue an injured pigeon from the road on Robson and Thurlow. In all the commotion I didnt really get to say thank you. Perhaps we can meet for a coffee at that starbucks?

When: Tuesday, October, 16 2018

Where: Robson and Thurlow, Downtown Vancouver

Cute Bookworm with Goodnight Moon Bag

Nose deep in McCarthy, long brown hair, bright coral lipstick, with an unmistakable Goodnight Moon bag. You were adorable and fascinating and got off at City Centre before I could say something. I would love to talk books with you over coffee sometime.

When: Monday, October, 15 2018

Where: Canada Line -

Brown Haired Boy on Bus

You caught my eye from the back of the bus. I walked toward you and we stole a couple glances. You were sitting right before the exit in the back and stood up at 16th St. I thought you were going to get off so I decided to as well, I live on 18th. Just kicking myself for not saying hello.

When: Tuesday, October, 16 2018

Where: Main St. 3 Bus Broadway-16th

Nicest Guy In The Lime Green Helmet

I was lifting my bike onto an EVO near Main & Terminal after bending my wheel frame. You rode by in your lime green helmet, turned around, and rode back to offer to help me put my bike on the roof. I already had it on there, but thought you were just the nicest, cutest guy around to offer to help. Let's go for a bike ride! I promise to have my bike fixed by then.

When: Monday, October, 15 2018

Where: Western Street

Caffe Mira Main St.

I was sitting behind you on the couch.....you were on your laptop drinking tea. Think I heard an Irish accent. I was going to say hello but I didn't!

When: Sunday, October, 14 2018

Where: Caffe Mira

Shah DJ's Dance Partner

You: Short, dark hair, glasses Me: Beard, dark pants, pink shirt You and I danced close to each other for most of the night, I thought you were the best dancer at the show and in moments it seemed like we were vibing. I didn't want to ruin your flow (or be a creep) so I didn't approach you on the floor, hoping to catch you at a break between sets - but it didn't happen. Let's go dancing again sometime?

When: Sunday, October, 14 2018

Blonde at the Michale Graves show

You had blonde hair, a white tank top and a black backpack on. I thought you were incredibly beautiful and really wanted to talk to you but in-between band's when I had the chance I was just too star struck like I got ran over by a train. Maybe we can grab a beer or coffee sometime?

When: Friday, October, 12 2018

Where: Pub 340

Teahouse Stanley Park close to Third Beach

I saw you in front of the Teahouse in Stanley Park. You asked me where was third Beach. We chatted briefly. I am originally from Montreal and also you lived in Montreal in Longeuil. You worked at a shipment company. I went to Beaver Lake and you continue on to Third Beach.

When: Saturday, October, 13 2018

Where: Teahouse Stanley Park close to Third Beach


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