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Sing Sing under a Balloon

I was sitting at the upper counter. You were sitting with friends, one could’ve been your boyfriend so didn’t approach. Left my number discretely on a folded coaster hoping you would see. Staff told me you didn’t. Bummer. Hope to see you again.

When: Monday, February, 06 2023

Where: Sing Sing

Sylvie - we shopped for Muji notebooks - drop me a line?

Which one of us started a conversation about notebooks for writing in, then little travel bottles, working in Yaletown, and your plans to visit a southern place? I wished I'd spoken up, given you my card, asked you to write me a line. I felt appreciated by you, and I was so surprised to feel that, that I "lost track of my toes" so to speak, such that I missed the little leap needed to make better contact right then. Thank you for those little moments when we exchanged an idea nor two, and shared a knowing smile. I would think you're partnered but still it seems important to be in touch, drawing indication from the light and the look in your eyes and mine. I hope somehow the right connections are made, and that you might write. Ciao and I wish all readers a fine day!

When: Tuesday, February, 07 2023

Where: Muji shop, Robson Street

Handsome Man with dark cap / florescent green/yellow speckles who blew me a kiss

You were sitting on the right side of the bus just in front of the back door - we saw each other as I was getting off near waterfront station with my two friends. I was wearing all purple and a sparkling sequin jacket with a patched vest ~ long brown braids up in a pony tail.. You are SO CUTE and have a BEAUTIFUL SMILE! We kept checking each other out and when you blew me a kiss, I blew a kiss back! Wished I got your number- I haven't noticed you on the bus in that area before (Princess and Hastings) I was I heading to an recovery meeting and realized that I should have been on the bus an hour earlier - which means that if you catch the Sunday morning bus often, i might not run into next time - whi knows maybe you were 9n your way somewhere after partying all night lol! Anyways, if you're into connecting- hope you see this and reply back

When: Sunday, February, 05 2023

Where: #16 Hastings to Downtown

Girl in the green jacket at Indigo Robson

I instantly saw you when I walked into the Indigo on Robson Street. Your green jacket and beautiful light brown curly hair caught my eye. My path coincidentally followed yours in the store. At one point we were very close and you bumped in to me. You apologized and I blushed saying it was okay. I was instantly drawn to you. Our paths kept crossing. I wanted to give you my number and ask you out. I was too scared as you were also with your friend. I regret it and have been thinking about the encounter all week. I hope we meet again one day.

When: Wednesday, January, 25 2023

Where: Indigo on Robson Steet

Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like heels. You had beautiful dark hair. I wasn’t sure if you caught me checking you out…

When: Saturday, January, 21 2023

Where: inside the public market

We both had infusions at the same time

We were both having infusions in Richmond, at the same time. We chatted and I admired your Doc Martens. I said they made you look taller and you said I knew your secret. Not all of them. We talked about Chinese New Year, and I showed you a red envelope in my pocket. May I see you again, not when we are being infused?

When: Wednesday, January, 18 2023

Where: At the infusion place in Richmond

Earls Blonde Bombshell

I was having dinner, celebrating my birthday you weren’t my waitress but came over to talk with me a few times checking on me and complementing my tattoos. When I left I saw you at the door and got nervous missing my chance to possibly connect with you. I would love to have coffee sometime and get to know you!

When: Saturday, January, 14 2023

Where: On Lougheed in Burnaby

Last Summer

You: Cute sun dress, green eyes, red hair, margarita in hand. Me: Tall, dark, handsome and Totally Smitten!! Your smile, your laugh … we talked for hours travel, and politics, food, and so much more. The world seemed to disappear and it was just you and I. Hoping this is forever

When: Friday, July, 01 2022

Curvy Brunette Babe @ Gorgamish Saturday Night

You were a totally stunning, super curvy brunette Babe! I was the older guy with the hat on. You were there with 2 friends and I couldn’t take my eyes off You! I complimented You on Your beautiful cashmere crop sweater and You said You liked my red turtle glass necklace. I absolutely apologize but I didn’t quite catch Your name! The music was bumping loud! But I remember it sounds beautiful, and possibly middle eastern!?! I’m shattered and beating myself up over the fact I didn’t ask for Your digits… but I’m hoping fate intertwines once again and gives me another chance!

When: Sunday, January, 15 2023

Where: Gorgamish After Hours Club


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