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E.g., Dec 9 2022

I Saw Yous

Red Dress at IDS West

You were wearing a beautiful red sun dress, tall with blonde hair. We kept locking eyes and you smiled back at me. I wish I'd come up and said hello, but lost you in the crowd. I don't know if these things ever work - but if this gets back to you I'd love to talk design over cocktails.

When: Thursday, September, 22 2022

Where: IDS Vancouver Opening Night Party

London Drugs

You work at the Robson Street London Drugs some of the time. I am a fairly regular customer, last week we chatted for the first time in a while as you hadn't been there. Have wanted to see if you would like to go for coffee sometime but haven't had the nerve. So, I am trying it this way.

When: Tuesday, September, 13 2022

Where: London Drugs Robson Street

After the Cult Concert, Hard Rock Casino

You Said your name was Sara / Sarah? I took your number but left a number out by accident. We met and had a sweet connection right away. You sat at my table at the bar in the Casino. I hope we can reconnect. I enjoyed talking to you and can't get you out of my mind now.

When: Thursday, September, 15 2022

Where: Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

You Held the Elevator

I ran to the elevator, but my hands were full of flowers, and I couldn’t push the button. You rushed to hold the door open for me. It was only the two of us on the elevator. I thought you were cute, but I was nervous, so I looked away. I wish I said hey.

When: Thursday, September, 08 2022

Where: Burnaby Whole Foods

Daithi at Bass coast

We met in the Toronto airport, and then again at Bass Coast. Kicking myself for not getting your number. Want to hang again?

When: Saturday, July, 09 2022

Where: Toronto, Merritt

New guy in the building

Tall, handsome guy with a small dog, both of us were waiting for the elevator. I asked you what your dog’s name is because I didn’t have the guts to ask for your name. And I said you must be new here and you said you just moved in one day ago. I would like to get to know you more if you’re interested. Next time I will look better. I didn’t even wash my face this morning when I went downstairs. So embarrassing but I still had to act confident.

When: Sunday, September, 04 2022

Where: downtown vancouver

Second Beach Sunset: Orange-red bikini, Malibu rum.

I saw you initially with a friend. Then it was just you for the rest of the sunset. You were wearing an orange-reddish bikini, with a black kimono. Choice of liquor was Malibu rum. At least to cap off the night. At times you walked to the water, and I did too. We’d exchange glimpses throughout the evening as I was on the log behind you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and through our mutual peeks, I felt we’d established a bond. You’re tall, with darker features and long brown hair. I would say Mediterranean-esque. You have a lethal smile and I am kicking myself for not approaching you. If you somehow read this, I’d love to catch another sunset with you.

When: Friday, September, 02 2022

Where: Second Beach, Vancouver

Matching Doc Martens Moment

We were both wearing lowtop Doc Martens on the 16 bus today. I got on in South Granville sat at the back across from you. You: white tee and trousers. Me: lowkey summer goth in a mini skirt. You have beautiful eyes and I loved your tattoos. We exchanged a few glances, but I'm shy and public transit is a weird venue for conversation. Grab a drink sometime?

When: Friday, September, 02 2022

Where: 16 Bus

Greta Angel

You - a cute short blonde dressed in an all white 70s-esque outfit and you came up to me asking if I was also waiting for an uber. I asked if you were coming from a concert and you looked confused cause you thought I had come from there as well. I’d love to grab a drink and talk music sometime!

When: Tuesday, August, 30 2022

Where: Abbott and Keefer

Beer Babe @Main Street Brewing

Brunette fox with gorgeous smile. Very pleasant demeanour, would marry your dog to get into the family. You work at MSB, friend came in w a dog…you have some tats, piercings. Can’t get your smile outta my brain, coffee? Beer? Walk? Marriage? In no particular order.

When: Sunday, August, 28 2022

Where: Main Street Brewery


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