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E.g., Mar 28 2020

Chocolate cafe guy

I saw you at a particular chocolate cafe today. I was unble to say hi as I was meeting with some people to sign paperwork. You: looks like Dave Grohl, rocking an amazing pair of headphones and sitting alone. You looked at me a few times and I'm hoping it's mutual. Would love to grab a hot chocolate with you some time!

When: Friday, March, 13 2020

Where: Thomas Haas, Kitsilano

Listening to music on the 100 bus

I was waiting on the 100 22nd Ave bus at Marine Drive station listening to music on my headphones. You got on the bus and we made eye contact briefly. You sat next to me and were on your phone and then listening to music. You smiled when I got up to leave. I regret not saying hi when you sat beside me. Let me know if you somehow see this!

When: Thursday, March, 12 2020

Where: Marine Drive Station

You punched me, then smooched me

at the Ty Segall concert. in the pit, you accidentally punched me and then picked me up, kissed me and said sorry. best night of my life.

When: Sunday, October, 07 2018

Where: The Rickshaw

Working near Burrard

I was working in front of a hotel, when you came from the street and asked for directions to the train. I asked where you were heading expecting you to say airport. You said Port something, so I showed you where Burrard Station was. As I was walking to the sidewalk I heard, “You’re hot, so I’ll follow you.” I couldn’t believe someone as gorgeous as you thought I was hot! Your name started with a J. You were (presumably still are) Caucasian, brown hair, black shoes, black jacket, blue jeans. I doubt you’ll see this, but if you do, could I maybe get a mulligan on meeting you so I can ask you for your number?

When: Thursday, February, 20 2020

Where: Near Burrard Skytrain Station

Conversation at Second Beach

Its Mary from the beach. I asked you for a conversation, and I really liked that you were up for going deep without any awkwardness. I got the sense that you are happily and intentionally single, or perhaps in a monogamous relationship. Without overstepping any of those boundaries, or the boundaries of your introversion, I would love to have another conversation. Unlike you, I am easy to find online. Just google my name, my profession, and my city.

When: Sunday, March, 08 2020

Where: Second Beach/English Bay Vancouver


You're a server and we've briefly spoken before about a libra night last year. I like the vibe between us, just curious if you'd be down to get a coffee/drink sometime? Probably should've asked in person...but hey, who does that nowadays!

When: Saturday, March, 07 2020

Where: Brewhall

Vintage Dream

I saw you walking down Main Street this morning I would guess you are in your late 40's. I guess you were going to work. What a pleasure it was to witness your fabulous vintage look.

When: Friday, March, 06 2020

Where: East Van


I was obnoxiously drunk and kept asking you how I knew you. I just want to apologize, I was very rude and wasn’t respecting your boundaries.

When: Wednesday, March, 04 2020

Salted Caramel

You liked Salted Caramel at the freezer in Whole Foods. I said I liked Strawberry Rhubarb. Wanna get together and share flavours with your wife(?) Still curious about your flavour . . . sure felt like Christmas when we met. ;)

When: Wednesday, December, 25 2019

Where: Whole Foods freezer door

Puppet show

Wow! You actually replied on "I saw you" I was thrilled but my email to you keeps bouncing back. Please try again Duke.

When: Wednesday, February, 26 2020

Where: Cultch on main


This is difficult

The same night I watched my mother die is also the same night I found out my cousin committed...


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