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E.g., Jan 24 2019

Kind-faced man on the bus tonight

We got on and off the bus at the same stops. You were wearing dark blue suede shoes, and I a red scarf. We shared a few glances. I don't know why, but I'd like to know more about you. Respond with the bus number and a brief description of me, if you feel the same way.

When: Monday, January, 14 2019

Bowie Ball Bartender

You were the bartender wearing a touque and hoodie at the Bowie Ball Saturday night. I'm 99% sure you were just being a friendly bartender because I was giving decent tips. But on the slim chance you weren't and the even slimmer chance you see this - I was the short chubby blonde buying too many Hey Y'alls (embarrassing for a 27 year old). I had asked for a regular and a peach but you ran out of peach. The next time I came by you made sure to tell me you found more peach and asked how I was enjoying the show. I was pretty sauced by then but still didn't have the balls to elaborate any more on something along the lines of "it's amazing! I'll definitely be coming every year!" I'd love to have a more coherent conversation while you're not working!

When: Saturday, January, 12 2019

Where: The Rickshaw

Classical Pianist

I'm guessing you were the only classical pianist at the Sumac show at the Astoria on Friday night! I'm the foreigner whose accent you identified. Thought you were just moving during the set, but didn't see you once it ended. Would love to get to know you better.

When: Friday, January, 11 2019

Where: Sumac @ Astoria

Mindy- Thornton Park

Sunday around 10 am in Thornton- you were walking your dog- I was working, and we had an amazing conversation about how the City is failing its citizens, the collapse of civilization, etc. I think we were also flirting but I'm nit able to ask you out when I'm working. Care to go for a walk in a NICE park, and see what's what?

When: Sunday, January, 13 2019

Where: Thornton Park


I was standing at kits beach with my American bulldog and you walked up commenting on the dog and how her breed are warriors. I just wanted to say I think you’re so beautiful and I hope I run into you again some day

When: Saturday, January, 12 2019

Where: Kitsilano Beach

Martini's restaurant - with coworkers

You were sitting with some of your coworkers at the table next to ours. We exchanged several glances. We were both with coworkers and there was no opportunity to introduce myself. You are a brunette and if you read this you'll know who I am. Are you single? Let's meet! Let me know something about this so I know it's you.

When: Thursday, January, 10 2019

Where: Martini's restaurant, West Broadway

Hand-kissing at show's end

Chatting at the end of the show, my heart was pumping and my skin was bursting ....left suddenly and I wanted to turn back so badly ....hope to see you next shows around east downtown clubs ....

When: Thursday, January, 17 2019

Where: Astoria Hasting

mixed filipina hugger

we saw bands together at the toast in early september. you were with a friend, i was with a friend, we all got along together drinking our beers. you just moved into town recently, you're not on social media (or so i was told), but you asked for my full name which i typed into your phones' notes and invited you to come to my show the week after (which u didn't, which is ok.) we hugged and parted ways! u told me u were part filipina (i am filipinx also). if u remember me and ever wanna hang sometime hmu. that would be cool! have a nice day.

When: Thursday, September, 06 2018

Where: The Toast Collective

Presumptuous Asian

I came in and saw you sitting waiting for your take out order. I nervously grabbed a Straight to read, making eye contact. You were wearing Grey overcoat, brunette very nice smile. I'm gonna presume by the size of your take out, you ordered for one. I'm also gonna presume you're uncomfortable eating in a restaurant alone. Well I would love to meet again to offer a dinner for two.

When: Thursday, January, 10 2019

Where: Tentatsu on Hastings


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