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I Saw Yous

VAG girl

I was checking out the VAG with a female friend. You were checking it out solo. Your name was Alex. Not sure why I didn’t press for more info. Anyway, I just thought you should know that you are seriously gorgeous!

When: Thursday, July, 28 2022

Where: VAG

Sala from Marpole with beard at Fireworks July 28

I was with my kiddo and we sat with you and watched the Canadian fireworks display on beach road. I had such a sweet interaction with you. Would you be interested in getting together?

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2022

Where: fireworks - Beach avenue and cardero on the bike path section

Spoon Concert Tall Guy

You let me in front of you at a concert bc I’m a foot shorter than you. You said I was fun to be around and had a pretty face. I think. I was too flustered to respond, you were really pretty. I’m not usually so shy. Meetup and maybe see if the height difference affects anything else? **I’m non binary, not male or female**

When: Tuesday, July, 26 2022

Where: Commodore Ballroom

Chatty fellow from Dixon and Islington Road

We chatted in the parkade at the Tap and Barrel on Wednesday July 27 at lunchtime and had to end our conversation because your car was holding up the traffic. All I could say was “Have a nice life!” We discovered we are both from Ontario and grew up near the same intersection at Dixon and Islington. Let’s continue the conversation!

When: Wednesday, July, 27 2022

Where: Tap and Barrel

Beautiful smile and conversation at Beere

I couldn't take my eyes off you from the moment you walked by and sat down with your flight of Beere with your friend. We talked briefly when I unfolded by bicycle before heading home, and we found out that we both live in the neighborhood. I didn't want to interrupt your time with your friend. Tatiana (sp), it would be great to connect with you and go for coffee or another beer(e)...I hope you see this.

When: Monday, July, 25 2022

Where: Beere Brewing, North Vancouver

Scooter guy in Downtown Vancouver

My friend and I were spending time at my balcony and you parked your scooter right in front of my building. You took out breath away and you noticed it smiling at us as you walked in. When you left, you honked to call our attention and waved at me as I waved back. I am still amazed by your audacity and your beauty. Next time, take me on a ride with you? Let me know what is the street/address you parked on so that I know it's you.

When: Sunday, July, 24 2022

Where: Downtown Vancouver

Concussed at the Care Point

Naz, you were the first in queue at the City Centre Care Point with a coffee when I arrived. You were bright and lovely in spite of your concussion and throbbing finger. Forgot all about my torn shoulder. We had had a nice conversation as we leapfrogged through the waiting areas. I left the wait for radiology to open and reconciled that was the end of of encounter but when I returned you reappeared in radiology. We leapfrogged again to the final phase of the clinic when you were on your way out. I was flatfooted as said our goodbyes. Would love to see you again.

When: Friday, July, 15 2022

Where: City Centre Urgent Care Point

Passport Control at YVR

You were the 6’4” guy with legs up to my belly button. I was the girl who had to rebook her flight. Because of my flight change, I couldn’t meet you past passport control and had to see another agent.

When: Sunday, July, 17 2022

Where: Vancouver International Airport

Gorgeous Amazon Stomping on Drive

Commercial and Broadway, crossing the street near St. Augustine’s before you stopped at JJ Bean for a coffee on the patio. You were strikingly tall, well over six foot. Athletic, muscular build and tan. Short hair, bleached perhaps. Black tank top with dark shorts and a badass pair of combat boots. You. Are. So. Hot.

When: Wednesday, July, 13 2022

Where: JJ Bean on the Drive

Grouse Grinder ….

I was doing the Grouse Grind and you were wearing an “ I ❤️ Vancouver hat “ . You told me you were going to eat your chocolate bar at the halfway mark and you never did . I seen you at the bottom of the gondola and we talked for a couple minutes . You told me that you are here about 4 times a week . I’ve tried to cross paths with you again there but I have had no luck . Hopefully we will cross paths in the future . You were very sweet , innocent and I got lost in your eyes ….

When: Tuesday, June, 28 2022

Where: Grouse Grind , North Vancouver



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