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E.g., Feb 21 2018

Cactus at Tinseltown

I saw you at Tinseltown on cheap Tuesday. I was the girl with black round glasses, blonde hair, wide denim pants and was holding a tiny cactus which was the reason I noticed you, you did a double take at the plant. You were wearing a white baseball cap with a P on it, some cool red/black heathered adidas sneakers and a black rain shell. You met a girl with dark hair just out of the rain but I wish you were seeing the movie with me instead. If you’d like to, let me know! It’s a good season for films.

When: Tuesday, February, 06 2018

Where: Cineplex Tinseltown

What are the odds I would see you twice

I noticed you when I was getting on the Canada Line at YVR after Christmas. You gave me a big smile. I was timid to smile back but tried to catch your eye on the train and then you got off on Broadway. Then surprise! I saw you downtown 3 weeks later. You were waiting in line at a food truck in front of the Art Gallery on Robson. You gave me your smile again. I was amazed to see you I couldn't think of what to say. But your handsome face and smile keep coming back to me. Is 3x the charm?

When: Thursday, December, 28 2017

Where: Canada Line from YVR

Templeton Pool Tuesday

If instant chemistry exists I trust you felt something similar stirring within after we crossed paths. What is the meaning of it? I hope you find this so we can explore eachothers worlds. We sat next to eachother in meditative silence yet my mind raced.

When: Tuesday, February, 06 2018

Where: East Van Templeton Pool

Last Night Along Commercial Broadway

I'm posting this the morning after. You were the dark-eyed, dark-haired girl walking with a friend (you looked Italian or Spanish) heading north along commercial; I was the dark-haired guy wearing the black hoodie and peacoat, and carrying a small plastic shopping bag. I passed by on your right and just happened to look up, and we locked eyes. I was enchanted. Coffee if you actually see this?

When: Sunday, February, 04 2018

Where: Commercial Broadway, in front of entrance


Do these things ever work? Saw you at Apex trampoline park, you are a lovely Asian mom with two young boys, bouncing in the basketball area. As we were getting ready to leave we made eye contact and smiled at each other two or three times. I was too nervous to approach you in that setting with the kids around. Me - Caucasian, beard, think I was wearing black shorts and there with my 4 year-old. Didn't notice a ring, if you are not attached as well I'd love to hear from you.

When: Saturday, January, 27 2018

Where: Apex Adventure Park - Richmond

Sarah at the american

You helped me try to get a girls number, but you were in fact much prettier, cooler, smarter and more fun than the girl you helped me talk to. We found out we lived close to each other and I asked you for a coffee date. My phone was dead so you told me to type my number into yours and text myself. Upon arriving home I realised in my drunken stupor I must have typed my number wrong as I had no text. Still up for coffee?

When: Saturday, February, 03 2018

Where: The american

Not the first time...

We both enjoy good quality coffee. We have crossed paths during the early morning rush a number of times over the past 6 months and there has been the occasional exchange in eye contact. You have a commanding presence and I feel intimidated that I cannot step into your space...but I want to. You dress to impress and appear to be a man of mystery. Coffee sometime?

When: Friday, February, 02 2018

Where: Elysian Coffee

Lunch Time Smoothie

We were waiting for our smoothies at the Body Energy Club on Robson. We exchanged a brief smile as you left. You were dressed all in black, Arcteryx jacket. I was wearing a burgundy toque and have a nose ring. Let me know if you are interested in a meetup, we can go for a smoothie. ;-)

When: Tuesday, January, 30 2018

Where: Body Energy Club

Beautiful girl in a Res Toyota

Tuesday Jan 30th, around 3:30 pm on Oak and 70th I'm hoping to find the beautiful girl I just encountered, who made time stand still for those brief moments. I was sitting at my bus stop and you saw me jump up when I realized the bus was down the street. You were right in front of me, going the other direction in your little red Toyota. Your beautiful curly hair grabbed my attention while your smile made my heart melt. You smiled, I smiled, we were both just two goofy girls staring at each other, smiling. The light turned green, and my bus came. We waved goodbye and my heart sank. It truly felt like magic, I hope this isn't where our story ends

When: Tuesday, January, 30 2018

Where: Oak and 70th

Jan 27th on the 11pm # 620 Bus from Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal to Vancouver

Hi, I was sitting right behind you in the single seat section on the left side of the bus half way down. You long beautiful brown hair and a very gentle warm energy. I had a guitar case, and a black jacket. You sneezed and I lightly tapped you on your shoulder and said ' bless you ' I felt something ... some very good connected energies with you during that trip, but I was too shy to open up a conversation on a crowded and loud bus I felt the courage to talk with you after the trip, but that slipped away when the off loading became too chaotic. If you remember, please reply :)

When: Saturday, January, 27 2018

Where: On the 11pm # 620 Bus from Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal

I "taught" you how to dance

My friend and I made our way through the crowd, and stopped beside you after they had come on stage. I immediately started dancing. I saw you watching me, but you were just standing there. I asked you to show me your moves, and you said you didn't know how. My friend said that I would teach you how to dance. We danced the whole night. You didn't know the band, and I only knew a few songs. It didn't matter, as I still had a great time. At the encore, you were clapping your hands with your ice-filled glass and I said, "You're going to drop ice on my friend!" and grabbed the glass and slid it across the dance floor. You asked me to go for drinks, I agreed. But the line was long and you got a phone call, I went back to dance and didn't see you again.

When: Friday, January, 26 2018

Where: Passion Pit @ The Commodore Ballroom

Compliments at The Flying Pig

You, in an orange sweater, stopped me as I was leaving and complimented me saying that you are your friend thought I was 'very stylish'. Thank-you. You made my day. You caught me off-guard and I should have introduced myself. Maybe we will see each other at the bar for dinner again.

When: Friday, January, 26 2018

Where: The Flying Pig, Yaletown

Blond woman at the Matt Mayes concert

You are the blond woman I was speaking with outside the Commodore. I told you "I was my own child". We kept looking at each other as you walked away. Should have given you a business card or SOMETHING. I liked your vibe. Perhaps we could meet again?

When: Sunday, January, 28 2018

Where: Outside the Commodor Ballroom

VSO New Music concert Rachel Barton Pine

In the Orpheum lobby before the concert we smiled in recognition that we'd seen each other before. You have a beard and dark blonde/grey hair. I'm petite with short dark hair and glasses. I couldn't remember where we might have met and was too shy to approach and ask. We're both in the over 60's crowd . I'd like to meet for coffee and start the conversation.

When: Monday, January, 22 2018

Where: Orpheum lobby

YYoga Blue Eyes in Kits

I saw you right when i got into the lineup for the class: you had red long shorts and a blue tank top, blond hair and amazing deep blue eyes - drinking tea. I offered you to walk in the studio first but, you told me "After you". I felt I knew you and couldn't remember from where... and you disappeared right after the class - so I couldn't start any conversation. Not Sure I would of been game to anyways... BUT, maybe you'll see that amazing cheezy "I saw you" post ... and next time you see me, you can say "Hi"! (Or just answer that post and let's go for tea? ;)

When: Friday, January, 26 2018

Where: YYOGA Kitsilano

Gorgeous Lotus

You were so beautiful up there on the wall, feet pinched together on a single hold, knees out, back strong, hands rotated into the vertical slit above your head. I couldn't help but watch you; the electricity pulsing through taught muscles, ready to leap. We smiled at each other on the mats. It was my first time bouldering and I was with coworkers. I would have talked to you if I had been alone. What colour were the holds you were using?

When: Thursday, January, 25 2018

Where: North Shore

Brunette with enchanting smile!

I saw a beautiful brunette with an enchanting smile, I missed the commercial Expo line train with you. I got off at Stadium and we smiled again, I wished you a merry Christmas! I should have stayed on to the end of the line??? So what's it going to take for you to use that enchanting smile on me again. Me, tall, Stubble, dressed in excersize gear.

When: Friday, January, 12 2018

Where: Expo line SkyTrain Commercial

You were waiting @ King Edward Or Broadway Station; my train was full; we had a long eye contact. 8:45AM

I was on a full train heading into downtown. You were about to get on, we had a longer than normal eye contact. I looked down because I didn’t want to seem creepy. I looked back up as the train was moving and we looked at each other until our view was no more. I hope you find this so we could meet. I think you were wearing a scarf, to lost in your eyes. I was in my work uniform.

When: Wednesday, January, 24 2018

Where: King Edward or Broadway Station Downtown Bound

Yes pls

You had your headphones on, and dirty blonde hair. You were all by yourself, and seemed so lonely. I loved your long hair, and heavy metal swagger, and big brown beard. I just wanted to say something but I was just too shy.

When: Friday, January, 19 2018

Where: On the train at yaletown station

Rainy Tuesday in China

Rainy Tuesday during the lunch hour. You were at the Ramen Butcher in Chinatown eating lunch with co-workers and I was also there with some co -workers. You have blue eyes, great smile, and had on a grey hoodie. I was the blonde girl with the grey crew neck sweater. We exchanged a quick smile. I would like to meet over a drink or a coffee

When: Tuesday, January, 23 2018

Where: Ramen Butcher, Chinatown

Blonde Pale Chick Ushering at Comedy Club

You referenced Richard Pryor while ushering my friend and I to another line up at a comedy club downtown.. So adorable! Can I buy you a coffee?

When: Saturday, January, 20 2018

Where: downtown burrard

Whole Foods

I was buying some oranges, wandering the aisles with a good friend, as you went buzzing through. You are tall, slender, and seem to know the folks working there pretty well. ? How about a conversation !

When: Monday, January, 22 2018

Where: West End

Laura from Frog Hollow

At the "Art of Observation" workshop, you welcomed me to your table with a smile. I loved your thoughts on and passion for childcare. Didn't hurt that your style was fresh and you were so elegantly poised. I'd love to see/hear more of you! - Alex

When: Thursday, January, 18 2018

Where: Frog Hollow Community Center

Movie theatre ¿meet cute?

While we were waiting in the theatre lobby, I remember thinking 'I need to find a way to talk to this cute pink-haired girl,' just before you approached me and asked about where I got my tights. We talked and you seemed really kind, but I was a bit distracted because I was waiting for a friend who was late to the movie. Would love to talk to you again sometime!

When: Sunday, January, 21 2018

Where: Scotiabank Theatre

Walking on Northbound Main and 5th

We both walked past each other near the bus stop and smile at each other. You had blond ponytail, glasses, jacket and carrying a back back. After a few steps I looked back just as you looked back as well and we smiled at each other again. I had a grey headband. I would love to see that smile again :)

When: Wednesday, January, 17 2018

Where: Main and 5th


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