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E.g., Jul 16 2018

New Neighbour Dave

You introduced yourself in the elevator. I thought you were cute, got flustered, and made an awkward joke about living on opposite sides of the building (so make as much noise as you want- party time!). What I should have said was "Welcome to the neighbourhood. If you need any recommendations I'd be happy to share." and opened the door to have an actual conversation. Since I missed that opportunity, I took to the "I Saw Yous" to see if maybe you would be interested in a real conversation. Surprisingly, it seemed like a less embarrassing way to find this out than in person.

When: Wednesday, July, 04 2018

Where: Burnaby

White Pine Beach McHottie with yellow rim sunglasses

This is a total ridiculous long shot but years ago I got a shout out this way and it got back to me through friends... so here we go... I was the tanned long hair brunette with a striped bikini top lying in front of you and your 2 friends for 3 hours.. I thought you might be checking me out, but wasn't sure through your yellow rim sunglasses and didn't want to intrude on your bro-time..we ended up packing up at the same time, you were behind me on the stairs up to the parking lot and when I turned and smiled at you, you commented on my high tops.. I told you I ride a motorbike... you said "I figured as much".. one more quick comment and we parted ways.. I should have given you my number! Your smile is gorgeous, your body is banging and I feel your swag.. let's go to the beach just you and I?

When: Thursday, July, 05 2018

Where: White Pine Beach Port Moody

Lunchtime dog walk in Coal Harbour.

Lunchtime in Coal Harbour. You wore a floral dress and walked an adorable pup. I was in green stripes, and just about walked into traffic as we made eye contact! The two of you must have run around the block pretty quick, because we just about ran into each other again on the next corner! I should have taken out my ear buds and said hello. Maybe tomorrow?

When: Thursday, July, 05 2018

Where: Pender @ Thurlow

At the bus stop, Davie & Granville

I saw you briefly this morning at the bus stop at Davie and Granville, northwest corner. It was about 6:30am, and you were wearing a tight green shirt and a white or grey mini skirt. You were absolutely stunning, and I was tempted to get off the bus and run to the stop to introduce myself. Just looking to get together for a drink to see if we have any chemistry, nothing more.

When: Thursday, July, 05 2018

Where: Davie & Granville bus stop

Jazz Festival Sat David Lam Park

I sat next to you near the stage as we listened to Cory Reeds play "Let's Groove". Good Conversation followed. Would like to meet again for further conversation and such.

When: Saturday, June, 30 2018

Where: David Lam Park

Closest Approach...

The Fringe is my local, and yours too, but somehow we've never been there at the same time. You knew my coworker, and he introduced us. I was quite taken with you, and paid you some attention, but at the end of the evening, somehow we missed each other. You spilled a glass of water across the table, and it rattled me. It was late, and I was tired and hungry. I got up and got a cloth from the bartender, but when I turned around, you were gone. Is this our closest approach?

When: Saturday, June, 30 2018

Where: Fringe Cafe

Potato Tornado

We met at Kits Beach; you were biking with your parents, and bought water at the Potato Tornado food cart. I was on my bike too, and was a bit peckish. But after meeting you and your mom, I was torn between ordering a Potato Tornado, and asking your dad for your hand in marriage! You're beautiful, and affable, and engaging. I like your folks already...so maybe we could go for a bike ride sometime and see if we connect...?

When: Wednesday, July, 04 2018

Where: Kits Beach

Bearded "Bikers for Autism" Babe

You: gorgeous man with brown eyes and a magnificent beard, wearing a toque and a "Bikers for Autism" tee. Me: brunette woman wearing a yellow cutout shirt, jean cutoffs, colorful tattoos, and something between a suntan and a sunburn. You looked me hard in the eyes, a few times, and it threw me right off, every time. I tried to smile at you, but was suddenly feeling shy. Found my nerve, so looked for you on the ferry ride, but to no avail. Tell me a defining detail, and let's share some bourbon and good conversation?

When: Wednesday, July, 04 2018

Where: Departure Bay Ferry Terminal

Make-up School Girl

Bumped into you in the washroom; you still had make up on from make up school apparently. Very cool airbrush over left eye and a cross on the right cheek. I was in my bike get-up and you asked if I was doing a marathon. I haven't dated in a bit and I was at a loss for words. You are. So. Gorgeous. And of course I stupidly didn't get a name. Moop. If you see this etc. I'll be accompanying the BCIT float in the Vancouver pride parade. Say hi? :)

When: Wednesday, July, 04 2018

Where: City Square Washroom

Elegant lady from North Van

You came into my work to donate a bicycle. You are caucasian, blonde, of a mature age, vibrant, elegant, classy... I could go on. I was in awe, and I suspect you caught on to that. We locked eyes when you originally walked in, I stopped in my tracks... We shook hands before you left and we could not stop looking at each other and smile. I wanted to find a way to have a conversation, but I was at work and I did not want to cross any boundaries (I really wanted to). You drove an SUV that was parked out front... This is a very long shot, but who knows! I'd like to meet again. Drinks?

When: Tuesday, July, 03 2018

Where: Ride On

Maple Ridge Hotness

We were driving side by side just last Haney Bypass... you... beautiful petite blonde... we pulled over and I got your number... but programmed it wrong... what were the first words you said to me when we pulled over and where did we pull over

When: Tuesday, July, 03 2018

Where: Maple Ridge

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

You were with two friends at a bus stop in Queensboro. You had a black t-shirt with Last Door logo. Muscles for days. Your arms are so incredible, makes me wonder what is under the rest of the shirt. All the best on your journey and keep doing what you are doing. You look amazing.

When: Tuesday, July, 03 2018

Where: Bus stop

New Zealand girl on Republic club

You were dancing beside me and my girl, then after a while we started dancing together over the dancehall area, close to the dj. My gal wanted to kiss you but she wasn't sure, we went to buy a drink for you but unfortunately I got kicked out of the club cuz I got into a fight. I hope you can read this we are the Latino couple and we still open for a 3sm ;)

When: Sunday, July, 01 2018

Where: Republic club

Cameron Rec Center - Squash

You were playing squash at around 6pm. I said bye to you on the way out in the change room.

When: Monday, July, 02 2018

Where: Cameron Rec Center

Snail Rescue

I would never have imagined that a woman as elegant and beautiful as yourself would have picked up a snail and moved it to safety! On behalf of the snail....Thank You! I regret not having formally met!

When: Saturday, June, 30 2018

Where: Barnes Harley

Duffle bag ferry twins

We were both on the Swartz Bay to Twassen 6pm sailing July 2nd. I sat beside you in the waiting area and you were writing in a note book. You have long brown hair and a wolf tattoo on your right leg, me - tattooed, brown hair, black hat and glasses. When you stood up I made a comment (a lame one) about our matching duffle bags. I saw you once more on the ferry and completely regret not chatting with you! Saw you in the bus line but was too shy to say hi.

When: Monday, July, 02 2018

Where: Swartz Bay ferry terminal

Evening art class student

We were stood across from each other the whole time. You: attractive Trans student wearing a white T-shirt with artwork. I said "I liked your t-shirt, Is that a Matisse?" You answered "no it's from a local artist". I kept it profession, with occasional glances at you. I wanted to say I really liked your persona. Coffee, tea, talk?

When: Monday, June, 11 2018

Where: Local College Evening Class

So Many Lesbians

I saw you there, in your cut off hoodie, in the booth at the band show in East Van. We had the same 'ears' and I'm not sure why I didn't get your #! Lets go somewhere quiet? I know the way. -D

When: Saturday, June, 30 2018

Where: East Van

I liked heart. You smiled.

Pho Thai Hang 2 - you were at a table with a man. I was at the register, with a woman friend. I asked what meat was in my meal. The waiter said, "heart". I told him it was good. You overheard and gave me a wonderful smile.

When: Saturday, June, 30 2018

Where: Pho Thai Hang 2 - Burnaby

Stong's on Dunbar

Either you thought I was someone else or you and I just had a nice impromptu encounter. After a couple of smiles, I asked what was up for the night? You were 'partially making' dinner. I was on 'cracker duty'. Would you be interested in making dinner with me?

When: Friday, June, 29 2018

Where: Stong's Market on Dunbar

Straight man met me, young lesbian outside club in gastown

We were talking outside a bar in Gastown, I forget the name. Talked about how I had never dated men but was curious. You answered many of my questions. You were wearing a blue cap and it was really dark and late. Had been partying so things are a bit blurry but I remember having a really honest conversation and feeling so excited. Don't have clear memory of your name or face but about 30yrs old, white, brown hair, mid-height, mid-weight. Would love to have another chat over beers.

When: Thursday, June, 28 2018

Where: Gastown

Know your out there somewhere

We have crossed paths many a times both being too shy to approach one another how I wish we would as I been waiting for that special moment to happen between us and stop this Friday being alone b.s to come to an end I hope you see this and take a chance and write me back let's go from there take it step by step ......

When: Friday, June, 29 2018


Running at Iona Beach

We had a brief chat before getting into our cars, but you actually caught my eye when we cross paths while running. You drove a silver porche and had a great smile. Instead of saying "see you again here sometime!" I should have exchanged numbers.

When: Wednesday, June, 27 2018

Where: Iona Beach, Richmond


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