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E.g., Feb 25 2024

I Saw Yous

Lady In Red

I was with a friend getting some refreshments. I had a long olive green coat and grey toque. You were behind us and wore a red 3/4 coat and have red hair and were stunning, caught me off guard. Would love to be old fashioned and grab a coffee.

When: Thursday, January, 18 2024

Where: Fifth Avenue Cinemas

Denman Place Mall with Little Black dog on Snowy Thurs

I was walking up the stairs with my little black (very shy) dog in a plaid coat.. Me petite brown wavy long hair, wearing a tweed driving cap-black coat/snowboots-all bundled up! You, tall, all in black, business casual. You bent down to pet my dog and surprisingly she came right into you and almost leaned in..just as I was saying she's not normally that friendly! Definitely not her usual with men she doesn't know. You must have some good vibes according to her..care to walk and talk sometime? Maybe you can tell me what you said after that? :)

When: Thursday, January, 18 2024

Where: Denman place Mall-North entrance-on steps

Hillcrest Aquatic Fast Lane

You: a graceful, fast female swimmer. black swimsuit with flourescent yellow trim. You turned and said hello at the poolside, while chatting to someone about their new swimsuit purchase. Me: handsome male swimmer with fins and kickboard.

When: Saturday, January, 13 2024

Where: Hillcrest Aquatic Centre Pool

Fox with the foxy collar (Kits)

A delight whispering in my ear at Sally-Anne. You are very attractive and I’d like to see you again.

When: Friday, January, 12 2024

Where: Kits Sally-Anne

New Year’s Day Whistler

You’re a tall guy, 30-40s, salt and pepper beard, friendly face, white robe…caught your eye a couple times around the spa and then you came to rest by the fire where I was reading. I was the one in the white robe…(with a tote). Wish I had talked to you, would have been worth the glares and getting shushed!

When: Tuesday, January, 02 2024

Where: Scandinave Spa

Back door of Tesla, you smiled and laughed.

I was sitting in my old grey car, in the parking lot at WalMart, where I waited for a friend. You were fussing with the back door window of a white Tesla. Then you walked by me and smiled and laughed and flirted. I was so surprised that I froze. I am not frozen now.

When: Thursday, December, 28 2023

Where: Walmart Parking Lot

Writing woman in black, at the IV clinic

Today, there was a young woman, about 30, dressed in black jeans and a black sweater, but not mysteriously, or ostentatiously. She is a white woman. We are, for all intents and purposes, immobilized in a chair, during the infusion. She had on her lap, a bound hardcover notebook, of light blue coloured cover, with lined pages. I would guess, about 7” x 10”, or less. For about ½ hour, she wrote quickly, continuously and effortlessly, line after line, page after page. She stopped only once, as if to think, and then resumed her uninterrupted writing. She wrote quickly, as if from memory. From where I sat, it appeared that her handwriting, was uniform and legible. I have no idea what she was writing. She wrote in sentences, so it wasn’t a list. It did not have the appearance of a letter. I wanted to ask her about her writing, but it seemed like such an atrocious invasion of her privacy, that I did not.

When: Wednesday, December, 27 2023

Where: Richmond IV Clinic

Jerry’s Dad

We spoke in Dude Chillin’ park last week. I’m the short haired blonde (under a toque) that was asking a lot of questions about your dog. In school to become a counsellor. We both live in the neighbourhood. Are you single? If so, wanna go for a dog walk?

When: Wednesday, December, 13 2023

Where: Dude chillin Park

A Shared Smile that Made My Day

It had been a doozie of a day, so when I noticed that you were mirroring my sort of something-suppressing smile — in response maybe to the whole bus environment, but I think especially to the couple standing between us, blessing us with some good ol’ PDA — we made eye contact that gave me some pleasure of my own. You’d stood out to me since the wait at the bus stop, and your gracefulness while standing, and light load, in contrast to my squished-into-a-seat, piled-with-stuff role, was an honour and delight to view. I got off at Cypress, thinking that I wished I’d had a chance to talk to you. You'd moved to take a seat further back. I’d love to intersect with you again, and I’d love to present my lighter side, communing over a cup of life. Who wouldn't? But The Straight’s giving me a chance to state it. Thank you, TGS. And thank You Whom I Saw for that experience.

When: Thursday, December, 14 2023

Where: Granville and Nelson Bus Stop, 16 Bus



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