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E.g., Nov 27 2020

Park Royal Lulumen - you were with your dog, wearing a hat, in line

When: Sunday Nov 1, late afternoon. Where: Lululemon, Park Royal You - Woman wearing a beige/white hat, hanging out with her dog at the front of the lineup at Lululmon. Me - I walked up to you in the line and told you that you had an amazing smile. Then your smile got bigger... I'd like to ask you out:)

When: Sunday, November, 01 2020

Where: Park Royal Lululemon

99 B line, just now (Thursday 6:30ish)

Never done one of these or ever thought I would but hey, why not. You were talking on the phone about an original theatre show that involved parody songs and I was super curious. We made eye contact a number of times, and I had just worked up some nerve and made the decision to go over and say hi before you started talking on the phone again. Would love to hear more about the show if you see this, I'm all about that stuff and have a good skillset to help.

When: Thursday, November, 05 2020

Where: 99 bline, granville - commercial,

Alicia of McGill

Late Sept or Early October. Your a dark haired young lady, white spotted dog on Garden, you signed said you hoped to see me again, If you see this and still do, contact me. This may make it easier on you.

When: Thursday, October, 01 2020

Where: Garden, North of Dundas/Powell. Late Sept or Earlier October.

Friday at the tailor shop

When: Friday October 30. You: health-care worker, tattooed arms, having dress altered. Me: picking up order behind you. We chatted briefly, but had to run because it was 3 pm and we had to move our cars so we didn't get towed. You were intriguing - would you have a safe cup of coffee with me?

When: Friday, October, 30 2020

Where: Oakridge tailor

Lynn Loop Trail - French Bulldog

You have red hair, beautiful eyes, and had a French bulldog with you and your friend. You remarked on my dog, would have loved to chat more but had to go chase my little one down the hill as you were coming up. Reply with something you remember about my dog/our encounter - would looove to have a drink.

When: Sunday, November, 01 2020

Where: Lynn Canyon Loop

Blundstone Boy on Broadway

Broadway boy, you were wearing a bluish/grey plaid shirt with rolled up pants and blundstones. You were listening to some tunes and walking like you had nowhere to be. I liked your vibes. I was the girl with bangs, green sweater and black corduroy skirt and blundstones. Are you free?

When: Monday, November, 02 2020

Where: Broadway and Cambie/Ash

Sunny halloween on Thurlow

You: leaning against a hydro box on Thurlow, chatting with a friend. Me: black leather jacket, green pants and blue toque. We exchanged a smile, and it gave me lift. I'd like to meet you.

When: Saturday, October, 31 2020

Where: Thurlow, a couple of blocks north of Davie

I am Blood!

Me: it’s Halloween man I’m wearing all red with a red face - you asked what the but was I told you I was blood! You: red plaid, back tracked to ask me about my costume You’re cute! You talked to me! I was stunned because I look like a tomato. Hit me up!

When: Friday, October, 30 2020

Where: Outside the Havana on Commercial

Where'd you get them Carhartts?

I was marching down Granville St on a work mission and passed you in the street. You- tall, handsome and fully dipped out in genuine workwear - not for fashion - plus hand tattoos. Me - masked up, painter pants, Northface trench - hand tattoos. You checked my kicks. Haven't seen a person who I've thought "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU" in a long time. So who are you? Shall we get a beer and drink about it?

When: Thursday, October, 29 2020

Where: Granville St

All smiles at the petro canada pump

I stole your spot at the pump accidentally, then we chatted and both smiled a bunch. The conversation was headed somewhere but all that traffic made it difficult to make out your words. Your smiles and that cute pink toque made me wish I came closer and asked for your name..

When: Monday, October, 26 2020

Where: Petro Canada Capilano road North van


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