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E.g., Jan 20 2020

Met you on Bus 240 (North Vancouver)

Asked if my sister and I were twins! Thanks for talking to us. You seem really nice and it would be nice to connect. Hope you see this!

When: Saturday, January, 11 2020

Where: Bus 240 to 15th Street

Coat Check into my heart

I saw you running the cloakroom at Donnellans Irish Pub on Granville. It was a rainy Friday night. You, Bleach blonde hair, you wore a cute tuque and a gorgeous smile. Your cheeks were as a red as ripe tomatoes. I wanted to go in but my buds wanted to press on to Republic on Granville. Reach out to your future (me) if you are looking for love this year

When: Friday, January, 10 2020

Where: Donnellans Irish Pub

Gregory Amber 60

That was so fun! You helped me find a last minute pack (although I ended up going with your last minute suggestion of the Maven- thanks for the price check!), and you described the colours of my fleece in woodland animals. You seemed like such a cool human! Would absolutely love to see you again, outside of your work. My names starts with an M, yours with a C. Would love to hear from you!

When: Thursday, January, 09 2020

Where: Broadway and Manitoba

Canada Line vibe

Canada Line 9pm twds Waterfront. You picked up someone's coffee cup before you got off. Im not one to bother cute women so this might be the only way to say hello and meet for a drink. I like your style. I'll gladly share a seat w you again sometime. K.

When: Wednesday, January, 08 2020

Where: Skytrain

Green Line Sweet Face

Your gaze and your adorable face melted my heart. You were standing a few feet in front of me. I was sitting down on the Green Line to Coquitlam. I can't stop thinking about your sweet face.

When: Tuesday, January, 07 2020

Where: Skytrain Green Line to Coquitlam

A thirsty moment

We briefly exchanged words at a gas station in Coquitlam. I am haunted by your smile.

When: Monday, December, 30 2019

Where: Petrocan Coquitlam

R5 beauty

We both got on the R5 at the Kootenay Loop just past 10 pm. We ended up sitting near each other. So as not to seem like the weirdo I am, I started playing games on my phone. When I stopped, I looked up, and we made eye contact. That happened a few times before you got off at Granville. I went on to Burrard. And to work. Coffee, drinks, or dinner if you read this?

When: Monday, January, 06 2020

Where: R5 to Burrard Station

Earls Yaletown

You gave me your number on a piece of paper before you left.

When: Saturday, January, 04 2020

Where: Earls Yaletown

Paul @ Lonsdale Blenz, 4 comfy chairs for 2

Paul, In early December we shared 4 comfy chairs between the two of us and chatted about your recent return from Educador, travels in Ethiopia, PR forest canoe route, my time in Peru and job training nd so much more. I keep looking in at Blenz, hoping to casually bump into you again. Would you be up for meeting again? Happy 2020! Carrie

When: Friday, December, 06 2019

Where: Blenz Lonsdale

Barber shop on Davie St

We chatted each other up while you were waiting for your friend to get his hair cut. Your friend was visiting from Nashville, TN. Your originally from Penticton but recently moved here from Abbotsford. You were a Mormon and a former school teacher. You work for a furniture store. I should have given you my number, it sounded like you needed a local friend.

When: Tuesday, December, 31 2019

Where: Celebrities Barber Shop on Davie St Vancouver


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