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E.g., Jul 8 2020

Eye Contact at Shoppers Drug Mart

I was standing near the front of the store when I looked up and noticed you looking right into my eyes. Looking back, I feel like I know you from my past, like a childhood friend/lost love.

When: Friday, June, 26 2020

Where: Langley, BC, Canada

Masked Man Wearing Blue Pants in London Drugs on Hastings Street

Noticed you Iooking over at me a few times at me as I passed you in the aisles while shopping. You: mask, tall, blue eyes (I think), white shirt, blue pants, and a very nice ass btw. Me: black jeans, black tank top, long blond'ish hair. I should have said hi. So hi ;) ...

When: Friday, June, 19 2020

Where: London Drugs (Hastings)

Mitsubishi Blond Seeks Sprinter Van surfer

BC ferries Wednesday afternoon, I parked behind you in the line up, then beside you on the boat. Our eyes must have met a dozen times or more. I wanted to give you my number but my son was with me which make it awkward. Definite chemistry and hope we connect again one day!

When: Wednesday, June, 17 2020

Where: BC ferries Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay

Tall Suited, Mask wearing Guy with Airpods

You were this gorgeous man with smile in your eyes, I couldn’t see your face because you were wearing a mask but we had a connection. You were listening to something on Airpods. I’m that brown guy with long hair. Tell me what you might’ve been wearing. I’d love to get coffee with you.

When: Tuesday, June, 16 2020

Where: Costco, Vancouver

Richmond IKEA last night

You and me. IKEA last night. Me black jacket, headphones, backpack and a mask with a face. You were short, blonde slicked back hair, and also wearing a mask. You and I were going through the store about the same pace. I am confident we checked each other out as we went through. I was waiting to get close enough to say something flirtatious but we lost each other in the boxed area.

When: Monday, June, 15 2020

Where: Richmond Ikea

Wearing a colourful striped skirt, black shirt, mask

I saw you in the dairy cooler at Costco downtown Vancouver. You were wearing a colourful striped skirt and a black shirt...and a mask. I was the tall guy wearing a red/blue track top. You took my breath away!

When: Saturday, June, 13 2020

Where: Costco Downtown Vancouver

China Creek Park

Poppies in the field. You, laying in the grass with your cute scruffy dog. Me, playing with my kid and some planes. Should I have said hello?

When: Saturday, June, 13 2020

Where: St Catherine’s St and 7th Ave

Seasons in the Park

You and your friend, both Chinese, were having lunch. I was having lunch with a couple, two friends of mine. You waved. I waved. You waved. I waved. You waved. I waved. Let's go for dimsum.

When: Saturday, June, 13 2020

Where: Seasons in the Park

Reading, Under a Tree

It was a beautiful windy day, and you were under a tree reading. When I walked by, you looked up. I stopped like a deer in headlights (startled by your beautiful eyes). I asked you what were you reading. I want to know more about G. Firmin, and you.

When: Thursday, June, 11 2020

Where: woodland park

Far West Spanish Banks

Saw you Bbq'in with your friends. You all had the same black shirt on. I was walking with 2 others. You made a comment about my ankles. I responded with a silly joke. I was wearing red high top Van's, with black hair. You were the burly guy with dark hair, and beard. I felt like we connected. Would like the opportunity to see you again.

When: Saturday, June, 06 2020

Where: West Spanish Banks/Rocks


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