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E.g., Sep 17 2021

I Saw Yous

Good-looking guy on Drake + Seymour

I was looking awful coming back from the gym and you looked amazing in a navy shirt and grey (I guess?) pants. You and your friend passed by me while crossing Drake + Seymour, close to Shoppers. You aknowleged me and said a discreet "hi" as we passed by each other. You two were heading towards Yaletown. I'd love to get to know you. Your perfume was so good too!

When: Saturday, August, 28 2021

Where: Drake + Seymour

Handsome mountain biker from Prince George in Coquitlam Park

Today, around 4 pm, my girl friend and I were on an Evo car at Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, in Coquitlam. You spotted us as we drove by you while looking for a place to park, then you rode by us, put on the most beautiful and mesmerizing smile and said "Good afternoon" All I could think of doing was reply and ask you if the park entrance was to the left or right, then you answered you didn't know either cause you were from Prince George. I should have introduced myself and asked for your number, but I just got speechless instead. If you see this, I'd love to see you again, maybe for a walk/hike.

When: Saturday, August, 28 2021

Where: Pinecone Burke Provincial Park

Beautiful 99 Bus Driver

We both stopped at the light on Broadway at Abbott. I caught you singing along to my radio. You blushed and gave me a beautiful smile. You had pretty orange nails, glasses and gorgeous curly hair. I was driving the blue F250. Would love to get together for drinks and see what's behind that beautiful smile of yours!

When: Saturday, August, 28 2021

Where: 99 B line

Shawarma after Drum Circle

This is a long shot, but... you were waiting on your friends (I first noticed you standing by yourself and we exchanged glances), and I was waiting for my food, also with my buddies. We got to talking about drumming and work. Then you and your girlfriends had to go and I realized that I missed my chance to exchange contacts. See you at the next Drum Circle? Or maybe just grab a coffee sometime?

When: Tuesday, August, 24 2021

Where: Denman and Davie

False Creek - Pirate Ship nearby

You (slim, perhaps 50ish) were walking along the Seawall (towards Granville Island) in conversation with another woman. I was walking the same direction, and passed you two about the time the Pirate Ship was circling around, spraying water. Wanted to say Hello, but did not want to intrude. Me, tall, slender, 60ish, hat & sunglasses, walking at a decent clip. Would enjoy meeting outdoors for a chat.

When: Wednesday, August, 25 2021

Where: False Creek Seawall near Granville Island

on earth we're briefly gorgeous

you were reading this in the back of the Horseshoe bay town bus. you have those kind of eyes that can flip ones stomach into knots, and you radiated a lovey calm beneath that mask . Delight comes in the most incongruous locations, and it it was a delight. I am both 2 old and 2 bruised to seriously consider anything other than to say the pass of a transient moment such as this, can feel bitter sweet, It amazing how beauty, in all its forms, can delight a lift a dull moment to something that lingers way beyond the existence of the moment its self

When: Wednesday, August, 25 2021

A smoker in a parking lot

It sucks when, at a barber shop, shy you meets a man whose smile you didn’t know till then was the one you’ve been dreaming waking up next to; but then you learn he’s next in line for his cut; with this impediments, this road block, mister with the smile you’ve dreamt about, manages to orchestrate an opportunity for you two to chat. Folks, here’s where you learn you are not just shy you are also slow on the uptake — you walked past him with a hi nod and a bye wave. If you see this confession, handsome smiler, know this shy one felt the connection and thought of you that whole day. Shy and slow me will try not to fuck up a next opportunity and will be happy to hear from you.

When: Monday, August, 23 2021

Where: Mt Pleasant

Trout Lake Cyclists

You were sitting on the bleachers around Trout Lake near the bike path. You were wearing a blue shirt and had an orange bike near by. Around 3:45 today, I biked past, and you smiled and nodded your head. Would be interested in chatting. Cheers.

When: Monday, August, 23 2021

Where: Trout Lake

Blue and black

A friend and I were grabbing a beer on a patio near Main Street. You were practicing at the picnic table across from me, and we locked eyes several times. We shared a brief smile as you left, and I would have said hi, but you seemed to be in a rush. I'd love another chance! Interested in grabbing a drink sometime?

When: Thursday, August, 19 2021

Where: Mount Pleasant area


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