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E.g., Jan 28 2022

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Muse on Granville street Dec 27

Was standing behind you in line muse on Granville. You had dark hair, Nike high tops and looked like a hockey player and were also wearing a mask with flowers? Haha I was tall and blonde. You were so cute and what I had talked to you.

When: Monday, December, 27 2021

Where: Muse on Granville, can’t remember exact time

Sharing smiles at Steed Cycles

The entire time I was in the store I was enjoying sharing so many smiles with you, and am very interested to learn more. I was looking at merino cycle jerseys and enjoyed spending a brief time talking with you before I left with the store manager there. You mentioned you work another job that's going to make NYE a bit tricky. I hope you see this. Interested in a drink sometime? perhaps a bike ride on a nice day?

When: Tuesday, December, 28 2021

Where: Steed Cycles - Marine Dr, North Van

shared a smile at lougheed mall

I saw you before we talked. I must have been smiling as I saw you because you stopped and turned around to say I have a beautiful smile. I replied I wish I could see yours, then you took off your mask and smiled. You are gorgeous and your confidence and energy took me by surprise. We wished each other and went our way ( you went into Purdy's) . On my way I saw you leaving the mall as I was and wish I had the courage to run up to you and ask you if you wanted to exchange number, but I got shy. I hope we meet again! If anyone recognises his description please let him know about this I saw you. Me: 5'6 dark curly hair, olive skin tone wearing a brown long skirt with a grey Carhart jacket. You: Tall, dark and sturdy build a smile that made me melt and you drive a tesla.

When: Wednesday, December, 22 2021

Where: lougheed mall

Wonderful girl at bosa

I have seen you a couple times at bosa foods. You’ve been nothing but kind. Complimented my outfit, always shared amazing eye contact. I’m to shy to bother you in person so thought I’d hope that you see this. If your not interested, still want to say thanks for always being sweet

When: Wednesday, December, 22 2021

Where: Bosa foods

Wild Birds

You commented on one the cards I was buying...I was wearing a bright green raincoat. All I know so far is that your name begins with M, and I thought you attractive, even with the mask. Is there more?

When: Sunday, December, 19 2021

Where: west broadway

Social Worker at Dublin Calling

You were at a table with your two friends, sisters who both worked for a development company. Your name was D….. You had a beautiful smile and told me you worked as a social worker. We talked for a while as a table of 6, with my two other friends after our evening at the Canuck’s game. Me, I was the guy in the the long grey coat who focused his attention on you during our conversation. I left abruptly, without explanation although I do expect you know why. I missed my chance to say goodbye, but would appreciate a chance to grab a coffee sometime.

When: Friday, December, 10 2021

Where: Dublin Calling Granville

sexy sommelier

you work at Carlino. I was serenading the couple having a proposal dinner there. You're very cute. I'd serenade you sometime.

When: Sunday, December, 12 2021

Where: Carlino

Anytime fitness Asian girl 5:30am

You used to go to the gym st the same time as me 5:30am. I went to visit my fam in Mexico for a month after I came back never saw you again. Used to make my day only to see you at the gym every morning

When: Monday, November, 01 2021

Where: Anytime fitness Burnaby

We saw some carolers sing

We stood next to each other and watched some carolers sing at Jonathan Rogers Park. You said you were in a band. It's too bad you left immediately after. We should've gone for a drink.

When: Sunday, December, 05 2021

Where: Jonathan Rogers Park

Fabulous Fluevog boots

Fabulous Fluevog boots! We met on Bus 9 and chatted. I know your name Br……. I’m Pe….

When: Friday, December, 03 2021

Where: Bus Number 9


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