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E.g., Nov 18 2019

Dispensary Dreaming

You worked at my dispensary until recently and now I haven't seen you there in a week or so. You have long brunette hair, glasses and you're incredibly friendly and very beautiful. Would really like to get to know you more. I'm a tall fella who wears glasses too. Hope to hear from you.

When: Sunday, October, 27 2019

Where: Kingsway

Camosun Bog woods + walking trails

I bumped into you yesterday while I was walking in the wood trails/hiking paths near Camosun Bog around 1:15-1:30pm. You were with a group of school children. We recognized each other. If you want to have tea and a walk let me know.

When: Wednesday, November, 06 2019

Where: Camosun bog walking trails

Beautiful Brunette in cozy coat

I saw you walk into Starbucks on West Broadway early on Monday, just before 0630, wrapped up in a full length TNF puffy. I wanted to curl up next to you inside that coat and go back to sleep for 20 minutes.

When: Monday, November, 04 2019

Where: Starbucks Broadway and Burrard


Was returning from Waterfront to Bridgeport and saw a beautiful lady get o Skytrain - am sure we looked at each other several times and tried to catch your eye when I got off at Brideport but you stayed on the Skytrain. Would like to see you again and make contact

When: Sunday, November, 03 2019


Backpack with RKV initials

We both got off the yvr train at Broadway City Hall this afternoon. I noticed you right away and wanted to say something. I was wearing a hat and a blue coat. As you walked by me I noticed your backpack had initials on it.

When: Wednesday, November, 06 2019

Where: Broadway Canada Line Station- getting off southbound train

Yoga Girl

I was standing on the corner of Main and 16th. You asked me if I do yoga often. You do yoga at Open Door Yoga. We chatted and you asked if I could join you for coffee; I replied no (because I was hot and sweaty). I wish I had given you my number!

When: Sunday, November, 03 2019

Where: Main and West 16th Avenue

Canada line - we got really close

Canada line southbound. Got in on a packed train. you were next to me and noticed me checking you out and you did the same. You tried to get closer, in fact you did, turned around with your hand in the back pocket. You came so close I swear you were about to grab my... we didn't have time as my stop came. we locked eyes when I was out. Would love to chat and possible get closer this time. Tell me something about what you were wearing.

When: Monday, November, 04 2019

Where: Canada line Yaletown

Stunning Philipina girl with blue toque and braids on 16 bus

This is for the beautiful Filipina girl I saw this morning on the 16 bus, blue toque and braids that got off near Norte dame. Stunning person, cool personality. I was going to say hi but people got in the way :/ I was the dude who couldn’t help myself from looking, with the braids, beard, and grey sweater. If anyone knows this girl please hit me up.. insta or whatever. She’s like 5’3 really bubbly personality and might be my soulmate

When: Monday, November, 04 2019

Where: Near Notre Dame

White Spot, Dunsmuir - Time: stopped

It looked like you were celebrating with friends or work colleagues and family? You had a red leather purse. You noticed me noticing you - Sorry, I really couldn’t stop looking! For 45 minutes time stopped.

When: Friday, November, 01 2019

Where: White Spot, Dunsmuir

Anna who used to work at Whole Foods on Robson

I think your name is Anna (?) but it's been a couple years. You used to work at the Whole Foods on Robson street. I think I saw you again on Friday and meant to say something but you darted off somewhere... You're cute with short black hair and I think you mentioned once you are into metal and I got a good vibe from you. I always hoped I'd get your checkout line when you were working, but on the few occasions that happened I was too scared or felt inappropriate to ask you out. I was wearing a toque and have long hair and a beard (pic attached). I would totally ask you out if you see this or next time I see you in Whole Foods.

When: Friday, November, 01 2019

Where: Whole Foods on Robson Street

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