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E.g., Feb 24 2021

Wanna race?

I was biking south bound down arbutus and you were tailing me. Was happy to chat for the brief moment before you turned off, but you left too quickly before I could ask for your number. Jacqueline wanna be bike buddies?

When: Saturday, January, 23 2021

Where: Arbutus Greenway

Eyes at the intersection

You had blonde hair and bright eyes, and we crossed paths a dusk today. Perhaps we can get a coffee or a drink sometime?

When: Saturday, January, 23 2021

Where: Blue Mountain Rd & Austin

White TACOma truck - black ice and rubber ducks on the dash

We were both driving North on the Kensignton overpass, you were driving a white 4 door king cab Tacoma, me a silver Mazda b3000. I saw on your dash you had rubber ducks lined up above your radio (the kind with different costumes) and above that, you had several Black Ice car freshener trees stacked hanging from the rearview. You seemed cute and funny whoever you are and then you advanced past me to reveal you had painted in black the letters T-A-C-O of the imprinted 'Tacoma' on the tailgate - I laughed pretty hard because on the back of my truck I've scratched out 'Coquitlam Langley, Port Moody' to read 'Le Mood'. (yours is funnier though) I was hoping we'd hit a red light for me to wave hi but I turned onto hwy 1 going west and only had time to honk and blow you a kiss. You were mid-yawn so I got on the highway wondering if you saw me at all. Wanna be truck friends?

When: Thursday, January, 14 2021

Where: Kensington overpass - Burnaby

Books and beers

I saw you while walking by Faculty Brewing on Wednesday night, you were reading at the window counter. What are you reading? You are a very handsome man. I was heading home from a walk in the cold to pick up a book for some evening reading. Maybe I’ll run into you at Faculty and will have the guts to say hi!

When: Wednesday, January, 27 2021

Where: Faculty Brewing

Granville to Commercial

We caught each others eyes when you walked onto the sky train and we kept making eye contact until you got off the sky train at Commercial-Broadway station we both turned to look at each other when you were on the platform, I waved and you waved back!

When: Friday, January, 22 2021

Where: Granville Station

Skytrain brunette, at Edmonds station this morning

You: Brunette, white pants, brown sweater and a black down coat (that you removed for the ride). You got on, somewhere downtown Vancouver; sat directly across from... Me: Very tall, dark hair, black wool toque, glasses, black jacket and pants with grey nike runners. You got off at Edmonds station. Say hi. I'd love to get to know you. :-) M.

When: Thursday, January, 21 2021

Where: Skytrain, downtown Van to Bby.

You told me I looked cute after the farmers market

We both left the Hastings Park Farmers Market at the same time today, and were walking down the street for a few blocks before you stopped me on Pandora and Kamloops to tell me I looked cute. You had very beautiful blue eyes and I was completely caught off guard, but now I wish I had asked your name (and maybe your number). Coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, January, 17 2021

Where: Pandora and Kamloops

Winners downtown - Friday Jan 8th - Lacoste jacket guy

We met briefly at Winners. You commented on my Lacoste jacket and said I got it on sale in Richmond. I followed you down the escalator, we looked at each other outside but I was too shy. You were wearing brown boots, denim jacket with grey hoodie. Care to meet up for coffee or drinks? I'm interested to be friends.

When: Friday, January, 08 2021

Where: Winners downtown


Saw you cycling along Beach Ave toward Burrard from English Bay this afternoon. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark bike. Hair long and worn up. No helmet. Probably on your way back to Kits; have seen you cycling in the area before - late summer night cycling opposite directions across Burrard bridge, and a recent drive by on 4th on a Sunday around prime brunch time. Our eyes always seem to meet. You’ve got impressively big legs and a sweltering gaze. I’m often wearing a hat. Long ish dirty blonde hair. Pretty sure I’ve seen you on an app in the past...attached but open if I recall, but it’s been a few years. If this sounds like you, hmu. The universe works in mysterious ways.

When: Friday, January, 15 2021

Where: Beach Ave near Sunset Beach

Whole Foods North Van

Ran into you a few times in a few different aisles tonight ... wish my cashier was a little quicker and that we’d both wrap at the same time :) or that we’d made some small talk at the very least. Hope to see you again

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2021

Where: North Vancouver


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