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E.g., Jul 22 2019


I was by Trader Joe's you were in a black Porsche wearing glasses and blue eyes and you stopped to get my attention to let me know that my coat was hanging outside my car door. Leila

When: Wednesday, July, 10 2019

Where: Bellingham

Smile and knowing nod.

Waiting at the light I first noticed the nice car then I caught you checking yourself in the mirror. Eventually you looked my way and smiled. When you left the light turning left another smile and a nod. Made my trip... Oddly I was going to go the same way but changed my mind. Drinks and some car talk?

When: Friday, July, 12 2019

Where: 152 and 176th.

Tall brunette + tall brunette @ Bird + Beets

I see you at bird and the beets and at di beppe eating lunch alone. I want to say hi but I am shy and you are not an object. Instead, I keep walking and look at the ground.

When: Thursday, July, 11 2019

Where: Birds + Beets / Di Beppe

Ken at Surrey Pride

My husband and I were at Surrey Pride with our dog. You stopped and chatted with us for a bit. We would love to continue the conversation. If you would too, reply and tell us what you were doing there.

When: Saturday, June, 29 2019

Where: Surrey Pride

Still on my mind

We met at a party five years ago through Forbidden City. I fell for you hard. I've regretted ever since, leaving without asking for your number. I'm obviously not good at finding people and our mutual friend is taking a long time to re-introduce us. Your name is Iman. Perchance you remember me. . . I would really love to meet you again. After five years I still think of you and feel the same. I was the guy with the goatee and the funny little green hat.

When: Saturday, June, 25 2016

Where: Penthouse apartment on English Bay

Lonely Man

We have crossed paths many a times, both being too shy to approach one another. How I wish we would, as I've been waiting for that special moment. I hope you see this and take a chance and write me back. Let's go from there take it step by step.

When: Wednesday, July, 10 2019

Where: Balaclava Park

The Clock exhibition

We got talking in line for the exhibition at Polygon Gallery. Turns out we’re both artists with an interest in film, time and the awkwardness of Vancouverites. But then the fun police shhh’d us just as we were about to go in. I turned and you were held back, separated by time and space. I like your wit, lets talk again without the fuzz on our case.

When: Friday, July, 05 2019

Where: The Polygon Gallery

You jogged along side me on Sunday

You were wearing lime-yellow shorts and jogging. I was cruising along on my bicycle. You lapped me. I lapped you. You lapped me. And then we travelled together alongside each other for a little while. You admired my bicycle. I admire your, well everything. We travel at about the same speed. How about next Saturday or Sunday followed by a big breakfast in Steveston?

When: Sunday, July, 07 2019

Where: The Railway Greenway Trail

Hey Ocean Concert khatsahlano street party

You: tall, wearing a blue and white hat and bright runners, standing near the edge of the Hey Ocean concert on the Burrard Stage. Me: dancing beside you in a yellow jumpsuit, trying not to be overly obvious that I was glancing at you. I was too shy to say hello, but wish I had. If you felt the same drop me a line. :)

When: Saturday, July, 06 2019

Where: Kits

Did you ave a pet Rat In High School?

Unless I lack total sense of awareness I think we enjoyed looking at each other. At the same time figured you were with who you're with. You were asked by your friend if you had a pet rat in high school. Given what I had just said , loosing my virginity to a owner of a pet rat back in grade 12, kind of strange to say, no? What a face you have so sweet! Around dinner time we both had a dog

When: Thursday, July, 04 2019

Where: Crab Park


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