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E.g., Jun 21 2019

So much for that.

We were both patiently waiting outside the same building. We had some small talk and realized we were both into the same stuff. I gave you my number. You texted me an hour later. And we spent a few hours walking and talking together before going separate ways, with a promise I would meet you. But after a long night of partying,I ended up sleeping the day away. Can I cash in my raincheck?

When: Sunday, May, 12 2019

Where: Colonial on water Street.

Natures Fare Market, White Rock...May 12 at 4:15pm

Hi... Me: Hooded sweatshirt, hair up..I was coming into the store with two bags of tortillas...You: tall, shaved head... were paying for your groceries. We made eye contact and I think I may have briefly smiled, I couldn't help myself. Did we have a connection? I went outside to return the tortillas (changed my mind haha) but was too shy to make eye contact again as we passed each other when you were leaving the store. I did watch you walk away however, and wish I would have been a bit braver to smile again and maybe say hi when you were leaving. If I'm right and you felt a connection I would love to maybe meet up for coffee? I'm not interested in the online dating world, I believe more in face to face connections and I definitely felt something. Let me know...

When: Sunday, May, 12 2019

Where: Natures Fare Market, White Rock, BC

SoyBoi saw the gorgeous JJ Bean dirtbag

I never post these I came in on the morning of Sunday the 12th of May. You charged me 8.77 for a latte and muffin which seemed a bit low but you had forgotten to charge me for soy. Throughout the interaction I couldnt help but think that you may have been the most beautiful person I've ever seen. I watched you as the Girl from Ipanema by Frank Sinatra soundtracked my thoughts from the store speakers. Anyway, if you see this, let me buy you a soy latte sometime. they're good. And maybe one day ill serenade you with my version of the Girl from Ipanema. -SoyBoi

When: Sunday, May, 12 2019

Where: Commercial Drive

Guilt & Co., I helped you with the credit card machine

Saturday night at Guilt & co. I (white, blonde) was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans, you (white, brunette) had bangs and a pony tail wearing a black top. I was at the bar with a beer and you were having trouble with the card reader. I helped you figure it out and we smiled and cheersed. I walked by you a while later and we smiled at each other.

When: Saturday, May, 11 2019

Where: Guilt & co.

Chau Veggie Express

You were in line at Chau Veggie in Granville Island with your mom who I think was named Sally. You were wearing white pants and a dark blue shirt.

When: Saturday, May, 11 2019

Where: Granville Island

Cute dog

You- hockey mullet, tattoos for days, killer smile, and adorable dog with a treat in her mouth. Me-blonde bombshell, about 1 inch taller than you. Its a long shot, but it’s all that I got. Wanna grab a Nütrl sometime?

When: Wednesday, May, 01 2019

Where: West Blvd

Manny! You remembered my name

I was speechless that you remembered me and forked out for a minute (according to my friend). I had a big crush on you when I was in school. Would you want to go out sometime? Tell me something about tonight if you do

When: Friday, May, 10 2019

Where: UBC

April 24th red-eye to YYZ

We drank wine at the Airport waiting for our flight to Toronto. We connected on some similar experiences and I meant to grab your number after the flight to get you back for the drink but we didn't cross paths afterwards. Hope you made it to your connecting flight to the bachelor party!

When: Wednesday, April, 24 2019

Where: YVR

Paws'ed in tiniest meadow

You: cutie with a furry patootie who refused to move while I continued down the path towards you. Me: horribly confused at the obscene amount of cuteness in front of me. We were on a path amidst many little red flowers and the birds were very chatty. Thank you for sharing humour with me and the pupper, the brief meeting delighted my day. I've some more humour to share back if you'll indulge me with a cup of tea.

When: Wednesday, May, 08 2019

Where: False Creek under Cambie st bridge



I never wanted to do this but I had to go buy some laxatives. My stomach felt sick and bloated...

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