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I Saw Yous

Remember me?

You were gorgeous looking and we flirted. You were with someone, not sure if it was your bf or husband? Would love to see you again and do drinks or a coffee?

When: Saturday, August, 05 2023

Where: Downtown Vancouver

Long haired guy at Safeway new westminster

You are so handsome. You had long hair pinned behind your ears brown and a baseball hat on at Safeway in New Westminster. I got through the checkout before you but I hated to leave without saying hey. But I did :( However you came up and got on the same train as me but got off at Columbia Station. Maybe going to production way. You're gorgeous and I love your energy. :)

When: Thursday, August, 24 2023

Where: Safeway new westminster

Joan Jett 2014 PNE

I saw you & made eye contact for a few seconds, as you passed me promoting a health drink at KitsFest. Our initial meeting was when your original 1+ didn't workout. I was your new 1+ as you posted the Joan Jett ticket on meetup (Aug 2014, PNE). I kick myself for not getting your contact info after the concert. M with the long brown hair & camera phone, second chances?

When: Saturday, August, 12 2023

Where: KitsFest2023

Fixing my dryer

T, dryer repair person extraordinaire. You fixed my dryer...what more can a gal ask for? Maybe...coffee?

When: Friday, June, 23 2023

Where: East van near garden park

I helped unjam your chain one evening on Powell St.

I was cycling home from work along the cycle path on Powell Street, you were on the sidewalk with the chain of your bike jammed. I offered to help, as working on bikes is what I do. You are from Newfoundland, and I have an accent. We chatted while I had your bike upside down, and I may be wrong, but I think there might have been a bit of an attraction between us. There was for me. And then a few weeks later we passed in the opposite direction, and you waved. It was morning, and I was half asleep. I thought " Why is this woman waving at me?" until it clicked. I think I rang my bell though. I thought it best just to help and go, but I've been thinking about you since. If you read this, maybe say hello.

When: Tuesday, June, 27 2023

Where: Powell Street.

Kits Beach

Kits beach in the trees on a Thursday afternoon. You're from India and in Vancouver since January as a student. You were with two friends - male and female. You wanted to say hello to my dog and so we chatted briefly. Your eyes stunned me so much I couldn't bring myself to ask to share numbers. Would love to see you again and see where it goes.

When: Thursday, August, 17 2023

Where: Kits Beach

Gorgeous woman walking southbound in front of the Gas station on Burrard @ Davie

I saw you from my vehicle, a gray SUV, I was driving my friend's son to the MacMillan Space center, you were the beautiful woman, Latina in appearance, wearing heels and a nicely fitted dress, dark shoulder length hair, petite in stature, very well put together, you noticed me notice you, I'd have stopped for a chat if it was possible. I actually sped back after dropping him off, but it was too late.. Me: Black man, medium complexion (partly European) shaved head, sunglasses... I'm still hoping to run into you again.

When: Monday, August, 14 2023

Where: Walking on west side of Burrard , southbound @ Davie.

Campbell Bay, Goats, Art Therapy

We had a really wonderful conversation, each with a goat on our laps. And I remember really wishing I had given you my number. I live on Vancouver Island right now, and I visit Vancouver every couple weeks. I would be so excited to meet up and keep having really wonderful conversation. And goats on our laps. Or at least do some art together. PS. Unfortunately, this web form is not letting me choose something other than Female/Male. I am sitting here not assuming, in my own almost female flesh-suit.

When: Saturday, June, 24 2023

Where: Campbell Bay

YYoga 4th Ave.

I was sitting on the stairs talking on the phone - short haircut, aviator sunglasses, tanktop. You passed me twice on your way back and forth to grab dinner - a health food bowl of some kind. Seems to me you were checking me out. You are a very beautiful brunette, a yoga instructor perhaps? I'd love to get to know you better.

When: Tuesday, August, 15 2023

Where: 4th Ave. and Cypress

Spanish Banks Blonde

You were alone by the log and I was nearby. Really wanted to strike up a conversation but got the vibe that you wanted to be left alone. If I was wrong hit me up with something you remember. You’re lovely, would love to chat.

When: Sunday, August, 13 2023

Where: Spanish Banks Beach


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