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E.g., Sep 16 2019

you take my breathe away....

two years ago you came too my aid - you were a paramadic that assisted me in my former home when i was in a medical emergency your name was SHANE you looked at me and said i like u right in front of your colleages and then our eyes locked and we looked at each other and time stood still for a momeent in time and u took my breath away and i was smitten and my heart skipped a beat faster...and i was taken aback not only by your handsome looks but also by your gentleness and your quiet deameanour and kindness towards me..ill never forget u shane .. im i would like too meet u for coffee if u see this note ...u came too storeys around sept 3rd around 2pm asking for me can we go for coffee ? im single now....thank you... (H).

When: Tuesday, September, 03 2019


Cute strawberry blonde on the SkyTrain

It was about 7pm and I got on the fogged up train Metrotown on this dreary Thursday evening and sat in a seat facing the opposite way from you and pulled out my green and orange book. Your were wearing black leggings and Blundstone-like boots, only classier. I looked up and you were looking at me, or my book, hard to say. I switched to the seat behind you and could see that you were looking up wines on your phone. I could swear our reflections made eye contact in the glass in front of you. I got off at Commercial. Will I see you again?

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: SkyTrain between Metrotown and Commercial

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

You were ahead of me in line at Bean Around the World. I wanted to say hi but a research sponsor was with me and it would've been unprofessional in front of her.

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Garden Genie on the bus in the morning

I know you likely won't see this, but I just want you to know that I think you're super cute. I used to see you every morning, but now it's only once in a while. One of these days I'll have the courage to give you my number.

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: 33 Bus

Burrito place

You have a platinum bob and were wearing light jeans. I was in all black with my hands (and face) full of burrito. I thought you looked nice! Burritos?

When: Sunday, September, 08 2019

Where: Budgies

Kanaka Barista

Sunday Sept 8 - You were extremely complimentary about my appearance - is that your usual level of customer service, or was that an exception? If you're as interested as you appeared, then I'm available to meet somewhere non-coffee-related ;)

When: Sunday, September, 08 2019

Where: Maple Ridge

McDonald's Cafe, Broadway & Cambie - reconnected

Saturday, July 27th it was the 1st night of the Fire Works, and you came in late eve for a Burger, and came and sat to reconnect and talk. I hadn't seen you for a long time, and remembered, that you said you drove a Tourist Buss? You remembered my name,Bill and shook my hand and reintroduced yourself. Ken. I remember you saying you had been going through a difficult time. I suggested that on the happy side, you are now SWINGLE? You agreed. I didn't give you my contact info, but would like to meet for coffee again and talk. I keep going to that McDonald's hoping to see you. Hopefully, Bill

When: Saturday, July, 27 2019

Where: McDonald's Caffe, Broadway and Cambie st.

Plur Pool Party

Hi R, it's M. You were very sweet and attractive and I want to believe you gave me the wrong number by mistake... I wish I had stayed to swim with you after all.

When: Tuesday, September, 10 2019

Where: Plur Pool Party

Emily with the Americano Misto

We made eye contact while I was waiting for my drink, and I'm kicking myself for not talking to you. You're tall, reddish-blonde, and have great style. Cream top, denim skirt, and a beautiful tote with a dachsund that I wanted to compliment you on. I'll be honest, I'm captivated. I didn't know what an americano misto was, so I looked it up and I decided you must have great taste. I'd love to get coffee sometime and see if we have anything in common! I was the tall guy with brown hair, a black shirt, and a black jacket waiting for his drink.

When: Tuesday, September, 10 2019

Where: Starbucks on Granville (downtown)

**Indica Guy**

You: born in May 92', so god damn cute, baseball hat. Me: white t-shirt & jeans. I've helped you pick out Indica strains a few times at my work. I just left to go back to school, so the chances are low I will run into you again. Apparently, you don't have facebook or insta.. so you said I will just have to call you? Sadly, I do not have your number.

When: Saturday, August, 31 2019

Where: Main St.


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