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E.g., Aug 21 2017

Blonde at B-Bin sushi

It was Friday night and I was enjoying some food with a couple of friends at B-Bin. I watched you cross Oak Street and come to the restaurant. You sat at the bar and ate your dinner. When you left, you looked over, we exchanged glances and then you were on your way down Oak Street. It was a tough position to be in, as far as speaking to you was concerned, so here is a chance to make up for it. If you see this and are interested, let me know where I was sitting or something about me or the people I was with and let's meet!

When: Friday, August, 18 2017

Where: B Bin Sushi, Oak and 15th

skytrain flirting

i was sitting on the canada line skytrain when you sat next to me we glanced at each other and watched as the couple in front of us had a curious little child ,we kept looking at eachother. I was lost for words and the best thing i could come up with is asking you if you had any kids you shook your head and after a few more minutes you got off at the broadway stop. this was earlier in the month and i wish i got your number or name. If you read this i would love to take you on a date!!

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: canada line skytrain

Glimpses of Humanity

You: great brown mane of hair, white cardigan, sharp eyes I caught just the once exiting at Edmonds. Me: red earbuds against a turquoise button-down, brownbeard, tired eyes averted out the window and over the streetlights. We stood braced across one another for a decent stretch of track, fencing with eye contact. Something in the way you held yourself made me want to reach into the life of a perfect stranger and read a bit of their story, learn where your dreams and travels had taken you to wind you up on that train. It's a long gap to breach on a train at night; perhaps throwing a line out like this is just a little less improbable.

When: Sunday, August, 20 2017

Where: Expo Line Eastbound

Sea to Sky Summit Trail

You: Tall, dark skin tone, long sleeved blue shirt, earbuds hiking with a guy Me: Tall, blonde, hat, light top green shorts, hiking with a male friend and small blonde dog You're super hot and I like your pace. Wanted to say hey but lost you halfway up, think you got stuck behind one of the big groups. What time did you finish?

When: Sunday, August, 20 2017

Where: Sea to Sky Summit Trail

Tall, blonde at Jokes Please comedy show

You were with three friends, you were the tallest, wearing a light blue dress and were laughing so hard it was contagious! I was the guy who held the door for you on the way out and said "Ladies first". I really just meant to say hi or ask if you guys wanted to get a drink. I don't know if I've ever said that before. Oh well! Want to get a drink sometime?

When: Thursday, August, 17 2017

Where: Little Mountain Gallery

Miguel Calabash Sat Aug 19

I met you and your roommate, Maya, at the Calabash Bistro. We danced together until closing and then you walked my friend and I to catch a cab (gentleman). I gave you my phone number but I believe I must have entered a wrong digit :-( The reason I think this is because you sent me a text so I would have your number too, but I never received it. ANYWAYS, I would like to go on that date with you and hopefully there'd be more dancing. Michelle

When: Saturday, August, 19 2017

Where: 428 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6A 0A7

I told you my hopes and dreams on the Skytrain

We met after you asked me how many stops to take to get to Yaletown on the Canada Line. I think I started blushing immediately when we started talking on the train, we talked about my life goals for some reason and you encouraged me, making time for what you love, and made a cute joke about always dating ballerinas (I had just come from Ballet). I kicked myself afterwards for not asking for your number or something after you got off.

When: Monday, July, 03 2017

Where: Vancouver City Centre Station

Protester at City Hall

This is really weird but I figured why not try? I saw you at the alt right protest at city hall. You had a sign that said "it's not too late to stop living a life of hate". When I commented on it, you laughed and showed me the 'less compassionate' other side. You have a really nice smile. It would be nice to meet up some time :)

When: Saturday, August, 19 2017

Where: Vancouver City Hall

Cute lady playing Life at Brickhouse

I was waiting in line for a drink for a while and we made eye contact on multiple occasions. You had short dark hair and a dress on. I wanna spend time with ya

When: Saturday, August, 19 2017

Where: Brickhouse

#3 Main Bus - London

I feel like a total weirdo/creep doing this kinda thing, but here goes. We were sitting beside each other on the #3 main bus heading south. A disturbance started by some class acts that boarded at main/Hastings, instigated a conversation between us. Like a total moron, I asked you if you were from Vancouver - even though you clearly had a heavy UK accent. It was a dumb question, but I get flustered talking to pretty people. I got off just before main/broadway. If I wasn't such a coward, I probably would have asked you out for coffee/tea/drink. I wonder if people read these.

When: Tuesday, August, 15 2017

Where: #3 Main Bus

Tattoo girl with blue spacers at tim hortons on main station

I see you almost Every morning at the tim Horton at main sky train station. You have a back tattoo looks like just the outline. Right half sleeve (black) and blue spacers. Grab a coffee some time?!

When: Wednesday, August, 16 2017

Where: Every morning at tims-main sky train station

McDonald's - Granville & Smithe

I doubt you'll see this, but here goes. You work at McDonalds (usually early mornings) at the above mentioned intersection; are Asian and might have a bit of red in your hair. I always see you in the mornings, but never have the courage to spark up a convo outside my regular coffee order. You honestly have the most beautiful face I have ever seen; I wish I had the guts to ask you out.

When: Tuesday, August, 15 2017

Where: McDonald's

blonde girl on the 20

you were wearing all black and white shoes your hair was blonde and with a face like an angel it seemed like you were going to walk into me so i backed up i dont know if you said sorry but i just wanted to say that you are the prettiest girl I've seen in a long time you are completely gorgeous

When: Sunday, August, 13 2017

Where: Hastings and Commercial

Richmond Home Depot-Light Bulbs 101

You: in the light bulb section, confused over wattages and colour temperatures, lovely hazel eyes, sensibly casual, smelling wonderful. Me: Canucks hat, painting work clothes and a tad embarrassed by appearance. I tried to explain the equivalencies in light bulb wattages, colour temperatures. You said (jokingly) that you had my name and number but I (sadly) didn't offer it. Regretting that oversight now. I thought I saw a little beam of light (pun intended) and wondering if it could shine a little brighter?

When: Saturday, August, 12 2017

Where: Richmond Home Depot

Forebidden crushes, aren't sexy

There was a large window stretching across an entire wall, most of the time, but the rooms kept moving about. I sat next to the sky usually, silently exploring rooftops, and trying to respect the privacy of others in the room. At first, you were a stranger among many in a lifetime of attending, until you weren't. I didn't expect the change, it's never come about before. There aren't many settings, I find myself in, that are less arousing. I noticed the intensity in your eyes first, your furrowed thinking brow. Later on, I was fascinated by how turned on I felt sitting next to you. I wonder if you felt anything of the sort, early on. Can chemistry be one sided? Was that really a double-take in the hallway? Regardless, eventually the intermittent smile that crept across your face weeks later offered evidence of a shared spark. You seemed to light up when I spoke, with that small grin of yours reacting to my words. I hope you didn't invalidate those sparks in the manner your profession dictates. I don't fit the profile in that dated narrative, do I? If you think so, there must be a hell of a lot of assumptions distorting your image of me. I'm just attracted to you, and consider you a person I would like to get to know. Who knows if anything "more" would come of it - frankly I don't care. Fun and lust are worth pursuing for their own sake. Sparks don't fly everyday. So, if this cryptic description resonates...you're probably a tall white guy with broad shoulders and glasses... Clark Kent, basically. Give me a shout, I respect your work, and I promise I'll protect your identity.

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: Robson


You were sitting behind me at the Orpheum and we hadn't seen each other in years. I am the blind girl with purple and pink hair. I overheard you telling someone about the fact that if you had contacted me 3 weeks earlier all those years ago that you would be the one sitting with me, not my current bf. I was in tears and wanted to talk to you, but you never got up the nerve to say hi either did I. I have never forgotten you nor forgiven myself for choosing him over you. I have any way of contacting you, so I hope that you read this and contact me. I am sorry, please forgive me.

When: Friday, July, 14 2017

Where: Orpheum

Kits London Drugs

I was picking up a photo at London Drugs. You were waiting in the Canada Post section and you had a 4-band tattoo on your right arm. I noticed you. I think you looked up to see me during my transaction. I was too nervous to do or say anything. Maybe you'll read this.

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: London Drugs on Kits

Skytrain from Granville!

I have never done this before, and every time I read someone post, I wonder does it ever work? I mean what is the possibility of two random strangers checking these out! But I would like to give it a shot! You: A gorgeous blonde, wearing a black dress with a denim jacket. Me: Just another guy. I saw you first on Granville station waiting for the skytrain. We happened to get in the same car and as it was very busy we were standing quite close. I was pretty annoyed by the call that I was on, and the reason was that I was distracted by you. I couldn't stop looking at your every few seconds. Pretty sure you noticed and you looked a few times too. But i think it was because you were probably just thinking, "why is this weirdo looking at me" lol. I did put my phone down, so I could start a conversation but then gave up- where do i stand a chance! Later i got off at the same station, but you went the other way. I have been kicking myself since. Honestly speaking, I have never been into blondes but you were simple beautiful! I am sure a girl like you can't be single. Well, if you read this, coffee? I work near Granville station, may be you work around there too? Please reply with where we got off?

When: Thursday, August, 10 2017

Where: Skytrain

Roxy Sunday

Met at Roxy Sunday. Exchanged glances in the queue. You bought me yam fries, and told me I scared you because of my honesty. I took off a bit too early in the morning like a true 21st century woman. Let me make it up to you and buy you coffee sometime. Signed, the midnight drifter.

When: Monday, August, 07 2017

Where: Roxy Cabaret

on ferry Victoria-Vancouver

You had the gentle eyes, a tattoo on the neck, and a blue flower dress. Our eyes met in the bus, and I was behind you at the arrival of the ferry in Tsawwassen.

When: Friday, July, 21 2017

Where: in bus Vancouver-Swartz Bay, and on ferry Victoria-Vancouver on arrival in Tsawwassen

Transit from the south terminal

You struck up a conversation about my shoes and how you had a pair and were catching flack from your friends. We talked until you had to get off after one stop on the skytrain. Wish I had given you my number but for some reason it didn't occur to me in the moment.

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: South Terminal


Saw you on the bus this morning. There's a nice person behind your eyes and I think in your head too. I like your glasses.

When: Wednesday, August, 09 2017

Where: #19 to stanley park

I tried to let you cross

I've never posted anything like this but I couldn't believe how cute you were. I feel like such a freaking desperate idiot but here goes nothing. Saw you in Superstore as I was B-lining it for the bagged salad section in a black and white dotted dress. I thought, oh that guy was cute ... But then I saw a sale on spiralized beets and forgot to turn around to see if I was just imagining you. BUT then I was driving out of the parking lot and saw you about to cross, I tried to let you cross even though I had the right of way but like the dumb idiot that I am, I just blocked the road. You let me drive off as you should have. If you aren't completely freaked out by my seemingly desperate post...tell me what colour or type of car was i driving?

When: Tuesday, August, 08 2017

Where: Superstore Grandview east can

Standing by the Hellevator, we were both Hella-scared

It was July 28, the last night of the Adults-Only Playland Nights. I was the 5'9" Asian guy standing by the Hellevator, waiting outside the lines. You were the girl with the dark-ish blonde hair, about 5'2" to 5'5". You materialized from out of nowhere and we ended up chatting for what must have been 30 minutes while we waited for our respective friend groups to get through the ride. We were both too scared to ride the Hellevator. You told me you were doing an arts major at UVic, visiting home in Abbotsford for the summer. You work part-time as a freelance graphics design artist. Your latest design was used in the product packaging of a condom company. You were really proud to have your design seen by so many people. I told you I work at an insurance company. After the ride, you and your friends went to The Beast, and you hoped to see me there as well. My friend group ended up going a different direction and we didn't end up at The Beast. In retrospect, I should have gone to find you by myself. I think it's awesome that you're in an artistic field. Looking back, I can't help but feel you were sending me signals and I was too clueless to recognize them. I hope you see this post somehow, and if you want, we can get together for coffee or a movie, or even Playland again.

When: Friday, July, 28 2017

Where: Playland, Vancouver

Boundary Bay Beach - near Secret Garden BC Day

I noticed you in neon...green bottom pink top...or visa versa? No I remember clearly...green bottom pink top. You walked in with a fedora..brunette.....lithe.We swam with in meters of each other. I was with my friend and you were with a friend? Brother? I would have said hi....was unsure if he was your bf....did not want to be unseemly. We checked each other out for a good lil while. Anyhow I noticed you. Perhaps this is the first time you were the subject of an ISY....my first post here ever. At the worst it's complementary...best case we meet up and talk. What say ye?

When: Tuesday, August, 08 2017

Where: Boundary Bay Beach near Secret Garden


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