Duke Dumont to perform at the Malkin Bowl

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      Duke Dumont—better known on his government ID as Adam George Dyment—will soon be hitting the stage at Vancouver’s Malkin Bowl.

      The prolific London-born DJ has pioneered UK deep house with his hits “Need U 100%” and the Whitney Houston-inspired “I Got U” since 2007, releasing seven EPs and one studio album along the way.

      “I did 150 DJ shows last year,” Dumont says in a release. “That’s three per week, and 110 of them were overseas.”

      Despite that, he was still able to complete his debut album, Blasé Boys Club, which he is now touring in support of.

      And—for all of the DJs chart-topping success (with many of his songs going platinum and spending weeks on the charts), Dumont seems to remain firmly in the underground music scene.

      So—if you have the chance to catch the globe-trotting producer live, you certainly should.

      “When you are performing music at a live level, things can get very competitive,” he says. “Is the act before you going to be more aggressive, louder, are their lights going to be bigger and better? The thing a lot of people lose in that respect is that music should have a lot of emotion to it. It should be heartfelt. It should trigger something.”

      Duke Dumont in Vancouver 2024

      May 24

      Where: Malkin Bowl (610 Pipeline Road, Vancouver)

      Tickets: $49.50, on sale April 5 at 10am here