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Q & A: Loretta Seto

The playwright’s new work, The Ones We Leave Behind, focuses on an investigator trying to find relatives of an elderly woman who has died alone.

Music Features

Did You Die keeps shoegazing alive

For Richie Felix Alexander and Katherine Marie Kovna, the choice to pull up stakes and cross the Strait of Georgia was an easy one. As with most decisions that involve leaving Vancouver, rental rates played a major role.


Rob McDowell: Representation matters

An independent council candidate says that the apparent flirtations by some candidates with anti-SOGI electorate groups are a stark and sad reminder of why we must remain vigilant and on guard in this election.


the real end

I had a beautiful relationship with someone recently, but we had to end it (even though neither...


Helped me rescue an injured pigeon

You have dark hair, a tattoo of a cross on your neck and were wearing a green top and green shoes...